7 Tips for Working with a Recruiter to Get a Job

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Are you engaged in a full-blown job search and wonder whether or not you should work with a recruiter? I would recommend engaging recruiter’s services if you want to be thorough in your job search.

Additionally, they have all the industry tips in which you want to work for, so definitely you will have to consider recruiters. This article guides you on how to get a job through recruiters hustle free.

1. Understand That Recruiters Don’t Work For You

Professional recruiters strive to please the hiring company. They don’t work for the employees they are recruiting, but they are keen to satisfy their clients by selecting the best candidates.

Recruiters charge hiring companies a flat fee or a percentage of the new hire’s hourly rate or first-year base salary. But some recruiters offer additional services like resume review and coaching at a fee.

Recruiters are not only interested in getting job seekers placed in roles and receiving their commissions in return, but they are more concerned about whether each role is a good long-term fit. The best recruiters understand that good long-term relationship with their client companies are only possible if they make good matches.

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When a recruiter makes a placement that lasts, they impress the hirer and then the job seeker at the same time.

2. Make Sure The Recruiter You Select Is A Good Fit For Your Career Needs

You can easily find the names of recruiters within your industry with a quick online search. It’s important to find a recruiter that specializes in the type of role you’re seeking.

If you are a software engineer, for example, look for industry-specific recruiters who have place people in the same category. They recruiters with expertise in your field have lots of advice concerning the job market.

Additionally, you can ask for recommendations from your colleague before you settle on a recruiter. A professional recruiter will not only listen to your skills and experience but will want to know your career goals and the type of companies you should work with. Ensure you filter the recruiters to get those who seem fit your career dreams.

3. Be Prepared To Answer The Recruiter Interview Questions

One of the reasons employers hire recruiters is to save time and money during the hiring process. That’s why recruiters will always examine your resumes and schedule interviews, just as if they are the ones hiring.

That’s why you should face an interview with a recruiter the same way you would with a hiring manager. They represent the interests of their clients- the hiring company. When being interviewed by a recruiter, be sure to share your resume and demonstrate why you are a good fit for the vacancy.

That’s why you should take time and research thoroughly how to answer interview questions and show that you are knowledgeable about the vacancy and your industry. A good way to hack this is to practice delivering your responses with confidence before your meeting. Don’t forget to create an impression through a professional outfit, with some cool cologne.

4. Stay Personable And Get To Know Your Recruiter

As recruiters major on maintaining best relationships with the hiring managers, you have to establish a friendly connection with recruiters in your field.

When this relation is right, you can easily learn about important information about employers like their culture and working environment.

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One of the best ways to make use of recruiters is to ask for job openings before they are even advertised. If your recruiter is impressed with you, you could rise to their top list as their best candidate.

This means your chances of getting considered for a job are high. But remember to relate well with them which starts with likeability and respect.

6. Accept Constructive Criticism

Recruiters will from time to time provide their candidates with advice in an effort to find the best candidates. They advise on how to make CV and resumes attractive to the hiring manager etc.

Others will give you easy to use resume templates. The Vida template, with its two even columns and color customization options, is an excellent resume for stylishly showcase your skills and experience way.

This advice helps you avoid some mistakes which could make you get in stuck in the job search for long. So you need to take their criticism positively and use their advice to refine your pitch.

After all, they see firsthand what is effective in getting candidates hired, and they know what the employer want, listen to their suggestions carefully and use it to your best advantage.

7. Update Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the most powerful platform employers are using to get the right candidates. So, ensure that your profile is up to date and it best showcases your skills in the most professional way possible. You can use LinkedIn to highlight your special abilities and skills such as language skills, software training, and industry certifications.

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This is your right spot to brag about successes, to ask your colleagues for skills votes, and to connect with as many people in your immediate field as possible. Recruiters use LinkedIn to access your skills, and connections as well, so ensure you update it regularly.

Click on the following link for more career advice.

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