12 Best Real Estate Investing Apps for 2024

Are you wondering what are the best real estate apps? Here are the best apps that can help anyone get involved in the real estate market.

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Have you ever dreamed of making money through real estate, like earning steady income from a rental property, without the hard work that usually comes with it?

Many of us want to enjoy the benefits of real estate investment – like passive income and dividends – but don't have the time or expertise to manage properties or deal with the complex details.

This is where technology comes to the rescue!

In this article, we'll introduce you to some of the best real estate investing apps. These apps make it easy for anyone, even beginners, to get involved in real estate investing without the traditional challenges.

Quick Look: Best Apps for Real Estate Investing

Best overall
Easily Invest in Rental Homes & Vacation Rentals
Arrived lets both accredited and non-accredited investors invest in single-family residents and vacation homes for only $100.
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Best Apps for Real Estate Investing of 2024

Let's explore more closely the top apps for real estate investing, focusing on their special features, fees, minimum investment required, and other important details.

Platform Category Fees Rate of Return Min. Investment
Arrived Best Overall Varies 6-12% $100
Fundrise Best for REITs 0.85% -3.21% and 23% $10
Ark7 Best for Ease of Use Varies 4–7% $20
Yieldstreet Best for Alternative Investing 1-4% 9.7% $10,000
Groundfloor Best for Fractional Investment 0% 10% $10
EquityMultiple Best for Accredited Investors 0.5% 17% $5,000
CrowdStreet Best for Vetted Projects 0%-2.5% 7.5%-19.7% $25,000
RealtyMogul Best for Public Nontraded REITs Varies 20.6% $5,000
DiversyFund Best for Long-Term Investors 2% 10-20% $500

These real estate investing apps below will make it easy for accredited investors and non-accredited investors to invest in real estate.

1. Best Overall: Arrived

  • Bottom line: Arrived lets you easily invest in rental homes and start collecting property dividends immediately. Best for those who want to build wealth through long-term passive income.
  • Minimum Investment: $100
  • Fees: 3.5% to 5% sourcing fee; 0.15% AUM, 5% gross rents fee
  • Average Annual Return: 6-12%
arrived best real estate investing app

Arrived is a great real estate investing platform to use if you want a low minimum investment threshold for real estate investing. You can get started with as little as $100.

It’s an especially useful tool to use if you want to diversify your portfolio and have someone else handle all the work that comes with being a landlord. All you need to do is sign up and collect your rental income each quarter.

The management fees are relatively high, but it’s worth it considering how easy it is to get started. You can sign up for free through here and view the different properties available to invest in. Buy shares of properties, earn rental income and appreciation — let Arrived take care of the rest.

Best for low minimum investment

Arrived is a very easy-to-use platform that allows individuals to invest in real properties for as little as $100. This option is best for users who want to make money consistently and let their money make them money.

Open Account Arrived Review

2. Best for Beginners: Fundrise

  • Bottom Line: With Fundrise, you can invest your money in a portfolio filled with real estate investments with a minimum investment of $10.
  • Minimum Investment: $10
  • Fees: 0.85% asset management fee per year
  • Average Annual Return: -3.21% and 23%
fundrise best real estate investing app

Fundrise is a crowdfunding platform suitable for new real estate investors because of its initial minimum investment of $10. Similar to other crowdfunding real estate apps, investors pool their money to buy residential and commercial properties.

After a quick signup and filling out your investor profile, you can access and monitor your Fundrise investment account’s performance, explore real estate investment options and be updated with the latest real estate developments in your newsfeed.

Fundrise's goal is to build the best real estate investing experience and offers a 90-day money back guarantee, making real estate a smart choice for any investor’s portfolio. There are a few Fundrise alternatives on the market, but nobody beats them.

Best for beginners

Fundrise is a very easy-to-use app that allows individuals to access crowd-funded real estate investing without spending a fortune. This option is best for users who want to make money consistently and let their money make them money. Open an account with a minimum investment of $10 and get quick access to real estate funds tailored to different investment goals.

Open Account Fundrise Review
We earn a commission for this endorsement of Fundrise.

3. Best for Ease of Use: Ark7

  • Bottom Line: Ark7 lets you invest in real estate online and buy shares in rental properties. Earn passive income through Ark7 with no hassle.
  • Minimum Investment: $20
  • Fees: One-time 3% sourcing fee; 8-15% monthly asset management fee
  • Average Annual Return: 4-7%
ark7 best real estate investing app

Ark7 is best for investors looking to have a greater say in their own real estate portfolios. It can also be a way for beginners to invest in real estate without breaking their investment budget. 

Investments are open to all investors, accredited or not, and individuals can buy shares in curated properties for as low as $20.

While there are low minimum investment thresholds, you can expect an average annual return rate of 5.04%. Some returns even peak at above 6%, rivaling any high-yield savings account rate of return numbers.  

However, Ark7 does require that you hold your shares for at least one year before you redeem them without penalty. 

Investors are free to sell their shares after a minimum holding period of 1 year, or shorter if specified, through the secondary market. It can be accessed directly from the marketplace.

Properties that have been fully funded during the initial offering will be introduced to the secondary market in phases.

Best for ease of use
Ark7 - Invest in Rental Homes

Ark7 helps you invest in real estate as easily as buying stocks. Browse vetted properties, diversify your portfolio, and earn passive income. Ark7 can offer you some of the best features in the marketplace for investing in rental real estate, especially when it comes to investing directly in a rental property.

Open Account Ark7 Review

4. Best for Alternative Investing: Yieldstreet

  • Bottom Line: Yieldstreet gets you access to real estate, commercial, marine, legal and art investments.
  • Minimum Investment: $10,000
  • Fees: 1% to 4% in management fees
  • Average Annual Return: 9.7% since 2015

Yieldstreet is an alternative investment marketplace that brings private investment opportunities to retail investors. These alternative investments have typically been dominated by hedge funds and the ultra-wealthy.

Yieldstreet provides a marketplace where individuals can invest in privately structured credit deals, which are typically inaccessible to retail investors. There is no other platform that lets you invest in real estate, art investments, legal finance, and more.

As of last year, $1.5 billion had been invested in the platform. Yieldstreet was placed 46th on the 2020 Inc. 5000, a list of the fastest-growing privately held businesses in the United States. However, most transactions are limited to accredited investors.

Best for alternative investing

Traditional investments that were reserved for the ultra-wealthy are now available to you. Wealth professionals recommend allocating 15-20% of your portfolio to alternatives. Diversify your portfolio and earn passive income with investments starting at $10,000.

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5. Best for Fractional Investment: Groundfloor

  • Summary: Groundfloor gets you access to short-term, high-yield real estate debt investments.
  • Minimum Investment: $10
  • Fees: No fees
  • Average Annual Return: 10%
groundfloor best real estate investing app

Groundfloor is a peer to peer real estate lending platform for fix-and-flip properties open to all investors. The low minimum investment of only $10 opens up direct access to private real estate deals to you — and allows you to spread your risk and make great returns.

Setting up your account is quick and easy. Choose the amount you’d like to invest and get started with a little as $10. Build your own portfolio of short term, high yield, real estate debt investments based on your own personal risk/reward profile. Or let the investment wizard guide you. That's all it takes to start earning passive income.

The great thing about Groundfloor is that — unlike most other platforms or eREITS — you can invest with as little as $10. This means that an initial $100 investment allows you to diversify into 10 different opportunities, and you can easily try out the platform if you’re new to real estate investing.

Debt products inherently carry less risk, which is why Groundfloor has been able to generate consistent 10%+ returns for its investors over the past six years, with repayments received in 6-9 months on average.

Best for fractional investment

Groundfloor offers short-term, high-yield real estate debt investments to the general public. You can get started with only $10.

Open Account Groundfloor Review

6. Best for Accredited Investors: EquityMultiple

  • Bottom Line: EquityMultiple is a real estate crowdfunding platform that gives you access to professionally managed commercial real estate.
  • Minimum Investment: $5,000 (minimums can also range between $10,000 and $30,000)
  • Fees: Varies; typically 0.5% (EquityMultiple also charges annual administrative expense fee of $30-$70)
  • Average Annual Return: 10%
equitymultiple best real estate investing app

EquityMultiple makes real estate investing simple for accredited investors . It is a blend of crowdfunding and a more traditional real estate investment approach which means higher returns for investors. The minimum amount required to open an account is $5,000, which is higher than Fundrise and Groundfloor, in comparison. However, you stand to make higher rates of returns (learn more here).

By opening an account you can get access to commercial real estate investments, an easy-to-use website, and likely high rates of return. EquityMultiple has returned $39.2 million to investors and stands out from other real estate investing apps by offering equity, preferred equity and senior debt investments.

Best for accredited investors

They make real estate investing simple, accessible, & transparent for accredited investors. Vetted high-yield projects. $5K minimum investment.

Open Account EquityMultiple Review

7. Best for Vetted Projects: CrowdStreet

  • Bottom Line: CrowdStreet gets you unparalleled access to institutional-quality real estate deals online. Register for a free account and start building your real estate portfolio.
  • Minimum Investment: $25,000 (up to $250,000 for some offerings)
  • Fees: 0% investors; 1% to 5% fee for sponsors; 0.25% to 2.5% tailored portfolios
  • Average Annual Return: 7.5-19.7%
crowdstreet best real estate investing app

CrowdStreet is a crowdfunding platform that lets regular folks invest in the real estate industry, which was once reserved for wealthy people. Through CrowdStreet's Marketplace, investors have access to dozens of deals across every asset class and risk profile, allowing them to choose the right investment opportunity for them and their portfolio.

CrowdStreet is an online marketplace where accredited investors can choose from available real estate investments.

CrowdStreet is an excellent platform for investors who want to diversify their portfolio with real estate assets. It offers valuable information to make real estate investments easy to understand.

Each deal undergoes a comprehensive review process for inclusion on the Marketplace and CrowdStreet shares much of the information they gather with investors so they can make more informed investing decisions.

CrowdStreet has some of the highest deal flow volume of any online platform, and it’s important that investors understand they do so while maintaining its commitment to only presenting them with institutional-quality deals.

Want to get unparalleled access to institutional-quality real estate deals online? Register for a free account and start building your real estate portfolio.

Best for vetted projects

Join the nation's largest online private equity real estate investing platform, ranked Best Overall Crowdfunding Site of 2023 by Investopedia. Get unparalleled access to institutional-quality real estate deals online. Register for a free account and start building your real estate portfolio today.

Open Account CrowdStreet Review

8. Best for Public Nontraded REITs: RealtyMogul

  • Bottom Line: With RealtyMogul, you can diversify with thoroughly vetted commercial real estate with the potential to generate income and grow in value.
  • Minimum Investment: $5,000
  • Fees: Varies by investment
  • Average Annual Return: 20.6%
realtymogul best real estate investing app

RealtyMogul offers real estate crowdfunding for nonaccredited and accredited investors. RealtyMogul offers you another way to access real estate deals that have more liquidity than other real estate investing apps. It has a higher than average account minimum of $5,000 and typical management fees of 1% to 1.25%. If you wanted to diversify and can meet the investment minimums, RealtyMogul can help you do just that.

It's innovative platform streamlines commercial real estate investing and offers a wide variety of options for investors. If you wanted to grow your portfolio then RealtyMogul is one of the most user-friendly Fintech platforms on the market.

Best for public nontraded REITs

Diversify with thoroughly vetted commercial real estate with the potential to generate income and grow in value.

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9. Best for Long Term Investors: DiversyFund

  • Bottom Line: DiversyFund lets you build your portfolio with tangible private market assets.
  • Minimum Investment: $500
  • Fees: Annual 2% asset management fee and a closing real estate transaction fee
  • Average Annual Return: 10-20%
diversyfund best real estate investing app

DiversyFund is a financial technology company specializing in alternative investments. They help everyday people achieve the American dream by giving them access to wealth-building opportunities that have previously been reserved for the 1%. They offer people the chance to invest in apartment complexes prime for improvement from only $500.

At DiversyFund, they make it easy to buy shares in a portfolio of fully vetted, multifamily real estate.  With the click of a button, you could own a piece of a real estate investment trust (REIT), across multiple properties.

DiversyFund provides only one type of investment: The Growth REIT. This real estate investment trust focuses on offering investors income by investing in residential apartment buildings.

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, DiversyFund invests in commercial properties and owns them outright. This saves the investor from hefty commission fees that come with other crowdfunding sites.

Investors don’t have the option of selling their investments and must wait until the company liquidates to make a profit. The investment term may be at least five years in duration. You can learn more here.

Best for long term investors

DiversyFund opens opportunities for the everyday investor to access high value private real estate investing through its non-traded REIT (real estate investment trust).

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Other Apps for Real Estate Investors

These are the best real estate apps for buyers and sellers that are key ingredients for making it in the real estate industry. Whether you want to as little as $10 or invest $10k in real estate — these apps can help.

10. Stessa

If you’re already into real estate investing, you need a tool to keep all your properties in check. Stessa is an online tool that lets you monitor and analyze all your real estate-related investments in one place. 

It also provides the latest news and valuable information to real estate investors. Among the different things that you can do with Stessa, here are the most important:

  • Monitor all your properties in one platform
  • Manage income and expenses of properties
  • Generate monthly reports
  • Organize and keep crucial real estate documents

Stessa can help real estate investors maximize profits through smart money management, automated income and expense tracking, personalized reporting and more.

Rental property finances made easy

Rental property finances made simple. Now real estate investors can easily maximize profits through smart money management, automated income and expense tracking, personalized reporting and more.

Sign Up Free

11. Millionacres: Real Estate Winners

Ready to build real wealth? If you’re ready to rack up returns like 13.4%, 14.1%, and 16.7% per year – Real Estate Winners can help. You can benefit from real estate’s supposedly unfair advantages like almost unbelievable tax breaks, government-mandated payouts, and limited supply without ever becoming a landlord and swinging a hammer!

Armed with investment alerts, you can create a real estate portfolio with just a few clicks and start building real wealth today. Priced at $149 per year, Real Estate Winners teaches subscribers how to build a real estate portfolio and develop real wealth.

Unlike the other Millionacres subscription service, Mogul ($3,000 per year), Real Estate Winners is an affordable way for investors to dip their toes into the space, learn more, and get started – even if they have limited or zero real estate investing experience.

Real Estate Winners can benefit from:

  • New stock recommendations each month.
  • Regular updates on recommended stocks following earnings and other events.
  • Top 10 Investment Alerts delivered each quarter.
  • Tons of great educational content and resources to make you a smarter real estate investor.
$100 off for new members
Millionacres Real Estate Winners

Real Estate Winners wants to supercharge your wealth, diversify your portfolio, AND provide consistent and predictable income!

Join Now

12. BiggerPockets

BiggerPockets brings together education, tools, and a community of more than 2+ million members—all in one place.

This online resource is suitable for new and experienced real estate investors. BiggerPockets aims to help regular folks build their wealth by investing in real estate and the following:

  • Learn about investment strategies
  • Analyze properties in minutes
  • Connect with investor-friendly agents

BiggerPocket's massive community and years of experience in real estate investing make it one of the largest online communities of real estate investors, ever.

Real Estate Investing Common Questions

Can I invest in property with 10k?

Popular ways to invest in property with $10,000 include methods like crowdfunding, REITs, and real estate partnerships. You can learn more about how to invest 10k in real estate if you wanted a detailed guide.

What are the best assets to buy with 10k?

Buying shares in income-generating real estate with companies like Fundrise is one of the best assets you can buy with 10k. But you can also invest in real estate stocks for free with platforms like M1 Finance to begin building wealth.

How to invest in real estate crowdfunding?

To invest in real estate crowdfunding, create an account with online crowdfunding websites like Groundfloor or Fundrise. You can then deposit funds from your bank account and begin investing in real estate, even if you don’t have experience with this asset class.

Can I buy land with 10k?

Platforms like AcreTrader let you invest in income-generating farmland, and some of the investment opportunities on the platform are $10,000 or less. You can also pool money together with partners to buy land with only 10k.

Where to invest 10k in 2024?

Investing $10,000 in 2024 is a wise move to begin growing your wealth. But you need to determine your investing timeframe, risk tolerance, and goals for returns. Stocks, cryptocurrency, bonds, and real estate are just a few examples of places you can invest $10k.

Invest in Real Estate Now

Investing in real estate or stocks is a very lucrative venture. Fortunately, the availability of real estate investing apps and tools makes it easier to diversify your portfolio of assets, whether you’re an experienced or new investor.

Best overall
Best for beginners
Best for ease of use
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