AviaGames Apps for Android & iOS That Pay Real Money [Full List]

Want to get paid to play? Check out our guide on Avia Games for Android and iOS that pay real money to see how you can get paid for playing games in your spare time.

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Did you know that the first cell phone game to come out was Tetris in 1994? Since then, gaming companies have spent years and billions of dollars trying to figure out how to get people like me and you to play their games. 

Most gamers play to have fun, destress, or even just hang out with friends. The savviest of players, however, know that there are ways you can earn money for your gaming time. 

Our guide includes several Avia Games for Android and iOS that pay real money. We’ll show you what you can do to check out from daily life and check into an opportunity that pays you real cash for your time and effort. 

Are you ready to learn more about Avia Games for Android and iOS that pay real money? Let’s get started! 

10 AviaGames for Android and iOS That Pay Real Money

AviaGames develops both Android and iOS games for money that you can play.

Like PayPal games that pay real money and other games that pay instantly to Cash App, Avia Games reward you for the time you spend beating your own records and defeating the competition.

1. Bingo Clash: Best AviaGame

bingo clash

If you’re looking for free bingo games and bingo apps that pay real money, look no further than Bingo Clash. This game allows you to take the classic game of bingo to the next level. 

Bingo Clash matches you up with players of the same skill level to see who gets more points as you both race to yell, “BINGO!” However, you’ll have to be 17 years old to download the game and at least 18 years old to enter cash tournaments, which are not available in all states. 

Playing against yourself is free and lets you earn tickets for your time. You can then use these tickets to enter cash tournaments, though you will need quite a few to make the cut. 

If you’d rather skip ahead to cash tournaments, you can add cash to potentially win cash prizes. These cash tournaments often have bigger prize pools so you can win more if you’re among the top three. 

Bingo Clash also has a referral program you can use to earn rewards. Withdrawals must be done through PayPal and you’ll need at least $2 to make a withdrawal. 

However, if you do have less than $10 to withdraw, you’ll pay a $1 processing fee. If you like bingo and want to get paid for your time, check out Bingo Clash

Best AviaGame
Bingo Clash

Love Bingo? You can test your skills in Bingo Clash to compete against other players in classic, fast-paced Bingo matches and win great prizes! Get a free bonus for new players and join over 64 million players.

Play Your First Bingo Game →

2. Solitaire Clash

Did you know that you can get paid to play games like solitaire? Solitaire Clash lets you compete against the clock to earn gems and cash rewards. 

Like other win-real-money apps, Solitaire Clash lets you play against yourself for free. You can also play multiplayer games to win cash prizes if you’re in the top three ranking players. 

Solitaire Clash also includes mini-games you can use to earn extra money or even bonus prizes. If you like playing solitaire and want to earn more for your skills, check out Solitaire Clash. 

iOS only
Solitaire Clash

Whether you're traveling or lounging at home, solitaire is always at your fingertips. Dive into classic, rapid-fire games and vie for incredible rewards – even real cash when you make a deposit. Download today to join thrilling tournaments, showcase your prowess, and seize your chance to win big.

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3. Bingo Tour: Win Real Cash

bingo tour

Earn more for playing classic bingo with Bingo Tour. This game elevates the rules you already know to help you get closer to a bingo. 

For example, as you’re daubing squares and attempting to make a pattern, Bingo Tour awards you with power-ups such as “Daub It,” “Earn Double,” and “Gimme More.” 

The top three winners earn prizes in cash tournaments. You’ll need to add money to enter these tournaments, which are played against 5-10 players at a time. 

4. Pocket7Games

Many gamers pick Pocket7Games to play card games for money because it includes 10 games you can choose from to earn rewards. Each game lasts about three to five minutes, so you don’t have to set aside a huge amount of time if you want to earn extra money. 

Here’s a list of the 10 games you can choose from with Pocket7Games:

  • Solitaire! 
  • Bingo Clash
  • Dominoes
  • Fruit Frenzy
  • 21 Gold
  • Tile Blitz
  • Bubble Shot
  • 2048 Blitz
  • Explodocube
  • Dunk Shot

As you can see, you can play card games, bingo, dominoes, or even bubble shooter games to earn prizes. Play free games to earn tickets, which you can use to enter cash tournaments, or add cash to your account to challenge anyone from around the world.  

5. Match ‘n Flip

Matching is the name of this puzzle game, where you can play against yourself to beat the clock or challenge other players to win prizes. You can withdraw your rewards via PayPal or even redeem them for prizes. 

Match ‘n Flip requires you to match immediate cards by color or number to reveal those beneath them. Once you clear all the piles, you’ll win the game. 

You can also increase your chances of winning by finding more pairs as you play. Play with coins for free or use them to compete against five to 10 players in cash tournaments. 

6. Blockolot: Win Real Cash

Instead of using numbers, Blockolot uses blocks to clear rows and columns in this sudoku-like game. As you clear blocks and create combinations, you’ll earn points that can trigger a Frenzy Multiplier that allows you to earn more rewards. 

Blockolot is easy to play once you’ve got the concept down. You can practice for free to earn gems or put some skin in the game to earn prizes. 

7. Bubble Buzz: Win Real Cash

Fans of the best bubble shooter games will enjoy Bubble Buzz, which allows you to earn rewards for matching three or more bubbles with your bubble shooter. Earn the highest score to potentially win a cash prize. 

Play for free to rack up enough gems to enter cash tournaments, or add cash to your account to do the same. Win a cash tournament to put money back in your pocket. 

8. Bubble Flow: Win Real Cash

You can also play Bubble Flow with the same concepts to win real money. As long as you can match three or more bubbles of the same color before time is up, you can win tickets to use for cash tournaments without paying a single penny. 

Bubble Flow awards you with power-ups along the way to boost your gameplay. You can also deposit money if you want to enter high-stakes tournaments that pay real cash. 

9. 8 Ball Strike: Win Real Cash

Are you a fan of pool? Check out 8 Ball Strike, a skill-based game you can play to cash out for real money. You’ll earn points for playing the game as you would in real life, with trick shots, extra time, and clearing the table earning you bonuses as you go.

8 Ball Strike lets you play against yourself to earn diamonds, which you can then use to pay the entry fees for cash tournaments. Pay to play against up to 10 people at a time to win the cash prize. 

10. Wordcash Search 

If you love to do word searches, Wordcash Search should be at the top of your download list. This Avia Games app lets you find words and unlock parts of the game as you go. 

You can play as long as you like against yourself for free, or compete with others in multiplayer contests for real cash. This recently launched app pays if you know how to quickly find a word. 

Alternative Games for Android and iOS That Pay Real Money

Tired of searching “how to earn money online” or “how to make money in one hour”?

Get paid today with these alternative gaming apps that pay real money. 

Blackout Bingo

Developed by Skillz, Blackout Bingo is a legitimate game you can play to earn extra cash. You can play different modes to practice, compete against other players, or even participate in special events. 

Blackout Bingo matches the skill levels of its players to give you a fair chance of potentially earning a cash prize. For example, you can participate in Big Money Mondays to earn as much as $3,000 if you win. 

There are entry fees that you’ll have to pay either with Ticketz (the in-game currency) or real cash that you deposit. You’ll need at least 20,000 Ticketz to redeem for $1 cash. 

Blackout Bingo lets you withdraw via PayPal or to the credit card you used to make your initial cash deposit. There is a $1.50 processing fee if you withdraw under $10. 

You can also choose to cash out via gift cards. If you make a referral to Blackout Bingo, you can earn up to $20 if your referral makes a deposit. 

Want to learn more about this app? Check out our Blackout Bingo review to see how you can get paid for playing bingo in your spare time.  

Blackout Bingo

You can make money playing bingo for free with this brand-new bingo-style game. With over 86K positive reviews in the App Store, it's a legit way to make money.

Download Now → Blackout Bingo Review

Solitaire Cash

From Papaya Gaming comes Solitaire Cash, not to be confused with Solitaire Clash. This gaming app pays you for playing the classic klondike solitaire game, though cash tournaments are not available in all states.  

You can play Solitaire Cash for free to earn gems. You’ll need at least 1,200 gems if you want to enter cash tournaments with $7 of prize money. 

You can also deposit cash to enter these tournaments and earn a raffle ticket that could net you a $100 prize. Withdraw your rewards via PayPal once you have a $5 minimum award. 

Learn more about Solitaire Cash with our in-depth Solitaire Cash review

‎Solitaire Cash

Earn cash by playing solitaire against others from your mobile phone. Solitaire Cash is one of the best games to play to make money. It's that simple.

Play Solitaire Cash → Solitaire Cash Review

Bingo Cash

We’ve reviewed Bingo Cash before as a fun bingo gaming app you can download from Papaya Gaming to earn more from daubing squares. This app lets you play free practice games and gives you the chance to enter cash tournaments if you put up some money. 

Cash tournament entry fees can be as low as $1. If you win a cash tournament, you’ll share the top prize with the two other players who ranked with you. 

If you add $10 to your account, you’ll also get a $10 bonus. You can cash out via PayPal after accruing $5 in rewards to receive your money within 14-16 days. 

‎Bingo Cash

In Bingo Cash, you're paired to play in head-to-head games against real people and whoever plays the fastest, wins real cash. You won't get rich, but earning up to $83 per win can add up quickly. Win cash for free or deposit $5 to multiply your winnings.

Play Your First Bingo Game → Bingo Cash Review

Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube is another Skillz game you can play to win real money. You’ll need to know the basics of klondike solitaire to get ahead with this app, which pays you real money if you win a cash tournament. 

After you play so many games, you’ll have a chance to join a league. You can also play alone to practice, compete head-to-head, or even participate in events. 

Withdraw less than $10 via PayPal or the card you used to fund your account and you’ll pay a $1.50 processing fee. If you don’t want to put any money into the game, you’ll need to rack up 20,000 tickets just to get $1 in cash. 

However, prize pools for Solitaire Cube can be up to $200 depending on the tournament. If you like solitaire and want to compete against others for cash prizes, Solitaire Cube is your gaming app. 

Solitaire Cube

Earn cash by playing solitaire against others from your mobile phone. Solitaire Cube is one of the best card games to play to make money. If you're fond of engaging in fast-paced card games that challenge your intellect and offer the opportunity to win cash prizes, consider trying out Solitaire Cube.

Deposit Money and Play → Solitaire Cube Review

Pool Payday

If you’re a fan of pool, Pool Payday can help you earn rewards for pocketing balls around the table. You’ll play against other players to try and score the most points for a win and a cash prize. 

The best part is that you don’t have to have any knowledge about how to play pool. All you have to do is avoid losing your cue balls by scratching or failing to pocket a ball. 

Pool Payday is not available in all states. You can cash out via PayPal or the credit card you use to fund your account. 

Pool Payday

You a fan of billiards? Compete for 1-on-1 in live real-time games for fun, for profit, or both! The cash prizes are redeemable via PayPal, Apple Pay, and more.

Play Now → Pool Payday Review

Rewarded Play

Looking for a gaming app bonus offer you can take advantage of? Check out Rewarded Play, which offers you several point-earning opportunities if you sign up for an account. 

For example, you can earn 5,000 free points for signing up and 10,000 more points for opening three games. Complete a total of six activities to earn 25,000 more points, and use three apps in two days to earn 5,000 more. 

Games include Wheel of Fortune, Mahjong, Solitaire TriPeaks, Yahtzee, Dice Dreams, Scrabble Go, and more. Cash out for gift cards valued between $5 and $25 or choose in-game rewards. 

You’ll need at least $5 in rewards (or 45,000 coins) to cash out with Rewarded Play. Learn more about this gaming app in our Rewarded Play review.  

Rewarded Play (Android Only)

Rewarded Play lets you earn free gift cards and other prizes for downloading and playing new mobile games. Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards and more await!

Download on Google Play → Rewarded Play Review

Dominoes Gold

From Grey Square Games comes Dominoes Gold, a classic dominoes game with a twist. You can earn real cash prizes for matching the ends of dominoes or creating multiples of five. 

Play against a computer to see if your score stands up against your competitor (who also plays the computer). Win real cash prizes by entering cash tournaments and placing. 

Payouts come via PayPal or check. You’ll be charged a $1.50 processing fee if you withdraw less than $10. 


Like Pocket7Games, Mistplay rewards you for playing the games listed within the app. You’ll have to navigate to those games from the app to earn rewards. 

With Mistplay, games are easy to play at first but get harder as you move up in levels. Check out our Mistplay review to learn more about how to make some side money with Mistplay. 

100% free, no deposits required
Mistplay (Android Only)

Earning money by playing games on your phone sounds like a dream. But Mistplay really pays you for playing new games with free gift cards. It is 100% free to play and you never have to deposit any money.

Start Playing Mistplay Review


What AviaGames can you play that pay real money? 

You can play tons of AviaGames for real money, including Bubble Flow, 8 Ball Strike, Bingo Tour, Solitaire Clash, and more. AviaGames also came out with Wordcash Search recently.  

Are AviaGames that pay real money legit?

Yes, AviaGames that pay real money are legitimate. While they may not be able to replace your full-time income, they can pay you more for your gameplay when you have a few minutes of downtime. 

What game apps can you download to earn real money?

There are many game apps you can download to earn real money, including Solitaire Clash, Pocket7Games, Blockolot, Bubble Flow, Blackout Bingo, Pool Payday, and Rewarded Play. Mistplay is also another great app to download to earn money for playing games.  

MMG Rating:
MMG Rating:
MMG Rating:
  • Unlock $100 rewards by exploring new apps!
  • App Store: 87K reviews
  • App Store: 234K reviews
MMG Rating:
  • Unlock $100 rewards by exploring new apps!
MMG Rating:
  • App Store: 87K reviews
MMG Rating:
  • App Store: 234K reviews

Put Your Free Time to Work with AviaGames

Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid for passing the time? With AviaGames for Android and iOS that pay real money, you can earn more for the time you spend commuting, waiting for appointments, or even just relaxing. 

We hope this article has helped you to see what you can do with legitimate gaming apps like Avia Games. Even if you can’t live off of gaming, you can still earn more to treat yourself once in a while. 

Which gaming apps will you download and play to earn money? Share your favorites below! 

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