Pocket7Games Review 2024

What if you could play several games within a single app and still get paid? Check out our Pocket 7 Games review to learn more about how to earn real cash.

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Did you know that two-thirds of gamers play video games to relax? Since you can earn money from playing games, it’s not a bad way to decompress. 

To list the number of gaming apps available across the App Store and Google Play Store takes pages and pages. However, in this review, we’re talking solely about Pocket7Games. 

You can download Pocket7Games for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Create a free account, and you’re well on your way to earning handsome rewards for your time spent playing games. 

The best part is that you can play multiple games within this app. Our guide includes all the games you can play and how to cash out with this popular gaming app.

Are you ready to dive into our Pocket7Games review? Let’s get started!

What are Pocket7Games

If you want to get paid to play games, win-real-money apps like Pocket7Games reward you with real cash for your time playing games. This all-in-one gaming app features several games you can play within a single app to save space on your smartphone. 

The types of games included in Pocket7Games are arcade, strategy, adventure, and card. AviaGames created the app and continues to reward players for the time they spend gaming. 

Pocket7Games is free to download on the App Store and Samsung Galaxy Store. Unfortunately, it is not available to Android users other than those who own a Samsung Galaxy. 

The games on Pocket7Games are skill-based. However, you can quickly gain the necessary knowledge to succeed within a few games. 

Each game will pit you against a computer or one or more human players. Continue your learning and earn along the way with Pocket7Games.  

How Does it Work

If you like playing puzzle games for cash, Pocket7Games challenges your brain and rewards you when you win. All you have to do is participate in various games and test your skills. 

Pocket7Games will ask you if it can track you across other websites and apps. Choose the option that fits your preferences. 

Practice as many rounds of a game as you like for free. Then, when you feel confident enough to compete, you can use the tickets you earned in free games to enter paid competitions. 

You can also add money to your account to pay for competition entries. It’s up to you and what your budget allows. 

pocket7games review

Ultimately, Pocket7Games offers a fun environment that lets you earn a few bucks. You can cash out with PayPal and turn those winnings into whatever you like. 

pocket7games review

Pocket7Games You Can Play

While Pocket7Games are not the kind of games that pay instantly to Cash App, they are classified as PayPal games that pay real money.

Each features a four to five-minute timer and the chance to play for tickets or real cash. 

Once you create your account, you can choose between several games. However, you’ll need to play a few before all the Pocket7Games are revealed. 

pocket7games review

2048 Blitz

Playing 2048 Blitz requires a bit of math, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a simple matching game. All you have to do is add up blocks of the same number, which doubles them, and the game continues. 

The ultimate goal is to create 2048 blocks that then disappear. Fill the board with too many blocks and you’ll lose. 

If you like playing games that make you smarter, 2048 Blitz should be at the top of your playlist. Download Pocket7Games today to see how much you can win.  

21 Gold

If you pulled a card from a standard deck and had to make piles of 21, could you do it? That’s the question you have to answer with 21 Gold. 

In this game, you have limited spots to make stacks of cards that add up to 21. Once you reach this blackjack number, the spot will open and gameplay will continue. 

Remember, like every other gaming app on Pocket7Games, you’ll have limited time to complete your stacks and win. Beat the clock and you can take home quite the prize.  

Bingo Clash

Play bingo with a twist with Bingo Clash. This mobile game takes bingo to the next level with power-ups to help you fill in patterns to win big. 

As the balls drop, you’ll have limited time to daub them on your card. Use power-ups like Gimme More and Daub It to fill in squares and claim a large bingo bonus.  

Bubble Buzz

Bubble shooter games can make passing the time so much fun. All you have to do is match the same colors and rake in the earnings. 

However, there is a strategy for these types of games that can help you earn more. All you have to do is match as high up as possible to loosen the bubbles below and win points. 

Don’t take our word for it. Check out Bubble Buzz on Pocket7Games and see how much you can earn.  


Fans of Mexican train-style dominoes will love this game, which rewards you for matching tiles of the same number to one another. It sounds easy, but with a time limit, the pressure is on. 

You’ll compete against a computer in each game to win the most points. Match all the tiles in your hand, and earn your way to real cash. 

Dunk Shot

Yes, you can play virtual basketball and get paid for it. The money you earn won’t stack up against the fat stacks of the pros, but you can still have fun with this b-ball game. 

Dunk Shot is actually a new addition to Pocket7Games. See how many baskets you can make with Dunk Shot.  


Fans of Candy Crush will love Explodocube, which rewards you for matching tiles of the same color. All you need are two or more to match them together. 

In addition to clearing the board, Explodocube also gives you tasks to complete. You can see them at the top of the screen. 

Complete these challenges within the time limit to beat your opponent. You will also get power-ups during the game for even more chances to win.  

Match n Flip

Have you ever wondered what a mash-up between Solitaire and Uno would look like? Check out Match n Flip on Pocket7Games to find out! 

In this puzzle game, you must match cards with the same color or number. Clear the stacks before the time runs out, and you could earn a pretty penny. 


If the name of the game doesn’t say it all, we’re not sure we can add to the conversation. This Pocket7Games app lets you play the classic Klondike card game and win rewards. 

Solitaire! gives you five minutes to clear the board faster than your opponent. Earn more points than the competition, and you’ll walk away with the prize.   

Tile Blitz

Quick! Tiles are falling from the ceiling rapidly, and you must match them together in a line across the screen to clear them! 

Does that sound at all familiar? If you guessed that it sounds like Tetris, you’re correct. 

Tile Blitz is Pocket7Games’ take on the classic game. You can earn cash for the tiles you clear on each level.   

Word Search

Boggle fans may do well with Word Search, a game most of us are already familiar with. Find the most listed words within five minutes and take home real cash winnings. 

Word Search pits you against four other players. Bank words the fastest and find bonus words to win even more.  

Cashing out with Pocket7Games

How does free PayPal money sound? If you want to earn real PayPal cash you can use, Pocket7Games can help. 

In addition to earning enough points to cash out for various rewards, Pocket7Games requires that you cash out only through PayPal. You must also provide your location before cashing out. 

When you register, you’ll be prompted for these details. However, if you haven’t already input them, you must do so to turn those earnings into cold hard cash.  

Pocket7Games distributed PayPal deposits within three to five business days of requesting a payout. 

Pros and Cons of Pocket7Games

Like many game apps that make you happy, Pocket7Games incorporates a lot of good into their app. However, there are some drawbacks that require at least mentioning. 


  • Free to download  
  • Play multiple games in one app
  • Cash out your earnings to PayPal 
  • Free unlimited practice rounds
  • Compete against real players for cash 


  • Not available for the majority of Android users 
  • Low earning potential 
  • Requires sharing your location to cash out
  • Cash tournaments are not available in all states  
  • Requires real cash deposits if you run out of free tickets 
  • No other cash-out methods are available 

Pocket7Games Alternatives

Believe it or not, many other gaming apps let you play several games in one app for real cash. Here are a few of the most popular Pocket7Games alternatives:  

  • Mistplay: This Android-only app lets you play several games in one, just like Pocket7Games. You’ll earn rewards for each minute you play, so playing many games can help you stack up the cash. 
  • Rewarded Play: Though not as well-known as Mistplay, Rewarded Play offers similar ways to win cash tournaments. It’s also only available for Android devices. 
  • Swagbucks: This survey site and app deserves an entire article about how to earn money. However, you can play several games, watch videos, surf the web, and answer survey questions for cash. 
  • Cash Giraffe: Collect gems to redeem for cash prizes as you play games. Cash out for gift cards from your favorite retailers and have fun at the same time.  
  • Money Well: Like many previous apps on this list, Money Well requires you to share your screen to track your rewards. You can cash out for gift cards, PayPal, Steam vouchers, and more. 

You can also play iOS games for money. Visit the App Store to see which games offer you real cash for your gaming time.  


Do Pocket7Games really pay you to play?

Yes, Pocket7Games pay you to play. You can play various games, from bingo and solitaire to dominoes, blackjack, and more. 

How much can you earn with Pocket7Games?

You can earn quite a chunk of change with Pocket7Games. It all depends on how many cash tournaments you win and how much you spend on entry fees. 

Who can participate in Pocket7Games cash tournaments?

To participate in Pocket7Games cash tournaments, players must be 18 years or older. Cash tournaments are unavailable in Delaware, Tennessee, Vermont, Louisiana, Connecticut, Arizona, Arkansas, South Carolina, Montana, or South Dakota. 

Pocket More Money with Pocket7Games

Playing games and earning money while you have fun can sound like a daydream, but with Pocket7Games, it’s a reality. You can play several games in a single app and come out on top with cold hard cash winnings. 

We hope this article has helped you to see that Pocket7Games can be a great alternative if you’re sick of playing the same games all the time. Try something new and earn money as you compete against other players for real cash. 

If you don’t feel like Pocket7Games quite fit what you’re looking for, you can also try one of the many alternatives. Read the fine print about which devices are compatible with each gaming app. 

How much will you win with Pocket7Games? Download the app and start playing—and earning—today. 

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