Why a Side Hustle Is Your Biggest Student Loan Secret Weapon

Side Hustle Pay Off Student Loans

Ever feel like it’s going to take a lifetime to repay your student loan?

…Well, you’re not the only one

The average person takes 21 years to repay their student loan. And with monthly payments of around $280, pockets can get a little tight.

But don’t give up hope just yet!

…Because now it’s easier than ever to boost your income online. Below you’ll discover 3 smart side hustles to pay off your student loan.

They’re quick, free and they’ll turn your spare time into cash!

So let’s get started…

#1. Hustle On Fiverr.

Fiverr is one of the world’s biggest online service marketplaces – with around a million purchases every month.

And I’d personally say it’s one of the best ways to start your own side hustle…

In fact, set-up a gig today and you could earn your first sale within 24 hours.

From asking someone to ‘scream loudly for 20 seconds’ to hiring a secret admirer,

it’s fun, quirky and brilliantly simple to use!

Here’s a few tips to get you started:

  • Sell something you can deliver FAST – e.g. a PowerPoint template, a guide you’ve written, a voice-over.
  • The more unique, the better – don’t copy everyone else! Pick a gig that really stands out from the crowd.
  • Extras/packages will increase your profits – up sell relevant extra services to make more money.
  • Optimize your gig – want more sales? Then add a magnetic headline, description and profile pic to win more customers.

Need some more help? Check out my complete guide to Fiverr here and you can sign up for a free Fiverr account here.

#2. Become A Kindlepreneur.

Ever fancied writing a book?

…Being an author isn’t a big deal anymore – anyone can do it!

You see, it’s easier than ever to publish your own ebook via Amazon Kindle. It’s free, simple and you can sign up instantly online.

Your book doesn’t even have to be long – most of mine are just a few thousand words. That’s something you could write over a couple of weekends.

And once you’ve set up the book, your income is pretty much passive.

Simply write the ebook, publish it and as the sales come in, you can start repaying your student loan!

Ready to get started? There’s a great guide to Kindle publishing here.

#3. Freelance On UpWork.

Freelancing on UpWork is the perfect way to land high paying clients…

And whatever your skills are, there’s a job for you!

Accountancy, copywriting, design, translating – you name it. Simply sign up, search for jobs and send a few proposals out.

This is the perfect side hustle because you have clients pretty much on demand.

If you want to land some high paying gigs, here’s a few tips:

  • Nail your job proposals – don’t bulk send proposals! Instead, take your time to fill out your proposals and really focus on demonstrating that you understand your client’s needs.
  • Niche downas a freelancer, you have to show clients that you’re the expert in your field – so don’t pick a skill that’s too broad! Choose a niche and stick to it e.g. sales video designer, resume specialist, sports journalist.
  • Get the price right – most UpWork freelancers try to outprice their competitors – but that’s a HUGE mistake. Find clients that value your services and are willing to pay top dollar instead.
  • Optimise your UpWork profile – high paying clients want professional freelancers – prove you’re one of them! Upload a professional hi-res photo, writer a compelling description and add plenty of examples of your portfolio.

If you want to kickstart your UpWork success, there’s a ton of client winning tutorials here.

Start Your Side Hustle Like A Boss…

Now that you know my top 3 side hustles for repaying your student loan, it’s time to get cracking!

But remember:

If you want a profitable side hustle, you need to be consistent. Most people give up at the first hurdle.

…So please don’t do that!

Instead, stick with your side hustle, be persistent and never give up! It might take a while to earn a decent income but it’s 100% worth it.

Need some more tips on getting started? Drop a comment below and let us know.

Julian Goldie

Julian Goldie

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