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How to Write an eBook from Start to Finish

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Your easy guide on how to write an eBook and turn it into a $100/day money-maker with affiliate marketing. Yes, and you don’t even have to do the writing yourself.

how to write an ebookMany people use the internet to find ways to make money online and search for the best side business to start that will make their wallets happier!

You can actually find several good opportunities online that will make you a fortune. If you keep searching for earning opportunities and executive them correctly, you will begin to see income flowing right into your bank account. But since you’re here, chances are you want to know one of the best side business to start… well today I’ll teach you about the eBook hustle. Did you know you can turn a free eBook into a $100 a day money-maker with affiliate marketing? (and you don’t even have to do the writing yourself.)

How to Write an eBook

First, find 10 different subjects to create eBooks on… to get you started here are 42 easy and effortless eBook ideas for any niche or industry.

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The basic steps of creating an eBook are:

  1. Research your target audience and topic
  2. Ensure you have the right editing program
  3. Write, edit and proofread your eBook
  4. Add images, graphics and create the cover art
  5. Upload it to your blog or hosting platform for automatic delivery
  6. Promote it everywhere

Remember how I mentioned earlier that you don’t have to do the writing yourself?

You can find a freelancer on Fiverr (popular online freelance marketplace) to write the eBook for you if you were inclined to choose to hire one… just head over to Fiverr and hire a freelancer to do it for only $5.

One quick search and numerous sellers on Fiverr are offering this service, an example is below:


Get Your eBook for $5 on Fiverr

Affiliate Marketing

Once you have selected your topics, it is time to create your eBooks that can be between 15-30 pages in length for each topic. For each e-book, be sure to include your affiliate links. You can obtain affiliate links by signing up with a CPA Affiliate Network. The most popular ones right now are Flex Offers and MaxBounty. Once you’re signed up through an affiliate network, how can you add affiliate links? Simple.

  1. Find the affiliate links in Flex Offers and MaxBounty that are relevant to your eBook niche.
  2. Highlight the word or URL in your eBook you want to make active.
  3. Go to “Insert” on your Word Menu
  4. Choose “Hyperlink”.
  5. A window will open for you to enter the URL.
  6. Enter in the affiliate link that you obtained through Flex Offers and/or MaxBounty.
  7. Click Ok.
  8. Done.

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Get A Good eBook Cover

ebook covers

Once you finished writing all the eBooks, your next step is to create a cover for each eBook. You can do this by heading to Fiverr and hiring a freelancer to do it usually for $5.00. Be sure that your covers look nice with a nice and concise description so that they can drive people’s attention and shows people what they are getting into by reading your eBook. The cover will let people see what they are downloading, so it will increase your download rate.

Get A Cheap eBook Cover at Fiverr

Submit Your eBooks

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Now that your eBooks are all set to launch, it’s time to search for free eBook directories on the web and submit your eBooks to these directories. Here is a list of different eBook directories you should submit your eBook too!

When you keep on submitting your eBooks to more and more directories, more and more people will start downloading them and reading them. People who read your eBooks can see and click your affiliate links to buy a product that will earn your commission. The more people reading your eBooks, the better your chance of making more affiliate commission. You can sell your eBooks and make money that way. For example, here are 20 places to sell your eBook online.

Why are eBooks the Best Side Business to Start?

easy side hustles for college students

Because since an eBook should be earning you on average $10.00 a day… combine the earning of each of the 10 eBooks and you’ll get $100 a day!

If you’re not earning close to that, try adding different affiliate links in your eBooks. Take time to test your affiliate links until you are happy with the income you are making.

Your income will grow even more when you add more eBooks.

You don’t have to use this technique for earning affiliate commission only. This technique can also be applied to generate traffic to your website that you have inserted Google Adsense ads on. Instead of placing your affiliate links within the content of the eBooks, place your website that you have Google Adsense ads on. If you don’t have a website, you can use this free blog starter guide and you can get a website up in 10 minutes.

With some time and hard effort, you could possibly be earning $100 a day with this eBook marketing technique. If you can put more effort in, you will reap even more rewards from your eBook marketing business! If you want more side hustle ideas head on over to Make Money Portal for the best side hustle ideas on the net!

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Author: My name is Mark Clain. I support the effective adoption of new technologies or ways of working within writing by communicating complex information in an informative and inspiring way. My texts are varied – some of them are technical, requiring in-depth instruction, others are educational for I am fond of writing articles for students and helping with essays.

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