Top 33 Driving Apps to Make Money on Your Own Schedule

Start using your car to earn some extra cash on the side and pay down expenses. Download these driving apps to make money.

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We often associate our cars with expenses, from maintenance costs and insurance to registration. What if there was a way to earn money with your car instead? 

There are businesses out there willing to pay you to drive your car. You can use these driving apps to make money to support your full-time income, save up, or establish a lucrative side hustle. 

After all, the ridesharing market is expected to be worth over $185 billion in just a few years. With so many driving apps to make money, you’ve got more choices than ever to put more money back into your bank account with your car. 

Interested in learning more about driving apps to make money? Let’s get started! 

How to Make Money with Your Car

You’re probably familiar with ways to cut down on car expenses, from how to save money on car insurance to cash-back apps for gas that you can download to pay less at the pump. However, there are ways you can connect free food apps, for example, to a source of side hustle income. 

Here are the main ways you can make money with your car: 

  • Deliver food
  • Advertise on your vehicle
  • Deliver packages
  • Chauffeur people around
  • Deliver groceries and home goods
  • Rent your vehicle out 
  • Safe driving

Most of these cash-earning opportunities work with a car that’s leased, paid for, or that you owe on. Check out our car lease guide to see what you might not be able to do with a car you technically do not own. 

33 Best Driving Apps to Make Money

If you’re looking for part-time weekend jobs or just a side hustle you can use to make an extra $1,000 a month, these driving apps can help you make ends meet. Which one(s) will you download to earn some side money? 


Available in most cities and partnered with several chain and independent restaurants, DoorDash offers drivers the chance to earn money delivering food in their neighborhood. Drivers get to choose when they want to work and which orders they’ll accept. 

To drive for DoorDash, you’ll need to have some sort of transportation method, a valid driver’s license (if you drive), be able to pass a background check, and have already celebrated your 18th birthday. DoorDash drivers always keep 100% of their tips.

DoorDash Driver

Earn extra money for your short-term or long-term dreams with DoorDash. As a Dasher, you can be your own boss and enjoy the flexibility of choosing when, where, and how much you earn. All you need is a mode of transportation and a smartphone to start making money. It’s that simple.

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For some people, shopping is a hassle they’d be happy to pay other people to do for them. That’s why Instacart shoppers make bank with this driving app. 

Customers place a grocery order in the app, which you use to gather items on their list and deliver them. You can connect with customers through the app to ask questions or offer substitutions. 

Instacart requires you to be 18 years old and have a reliable, insured car to earn money shopping for others. You’ll also need to be able to lift over 50 pounds in case customers purchase large objects. 

Instacart shoppers keep 100% of their tips and can decide which shopping jobs they want to accept.

Instacart Shoppers – Get Paid to Shop

Shop and deliver groceries and everyday essentials with Instacart. Set your own schedule, be a household hero, and earn money quickly. Get started with just entering in your zipcode!

Get Paid to Shop →


Uber is one of the best gig apps you can download to earn money, especially if you like driving and talking to people as they go about their day. Plus, you get to keep 100% of your tips. 

Driving for Uber requires one year of legal driving experience if you’ve already turned 25, or three years if you haven’t. You’ll also need a valid driver’s license and a vehicle that has four doors. 

As long as you pass the driving record screening, you can set up an account and start accepting jobs to make some cash. You’ll be paid a flat fee but you can also earn more during challenges or certain times of the year when more drivers are needed. 

  • Drive when you want, make what you need
  • Cash out up to 5X per day
  • Drive and make money
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Uber Eats

Uber Eats pays you to bring food from tons of restaurants to hungry folks in your area. As long as you have a valid driver’s license, reliable transportation, a smartphone, can pass a background check, and are 19 years old, you can earn money with Uber Eats. 

Once you complete these requirements, you can start earning money instantly. Uber Eats pays out weekly or instantly if you pay a small fee. 

If just thinking about food delivery makes you hungry, use this Uber Eats promo code to pay less for your next meal.


Lyft gained popularity as the alternative to Uber, another driving app you can use to make money. With both Uber and Lyft, you get paid to taxi people in your area around to their destinations. 

Driving for Lyft requires downloading the app and passing a background check. You’ll need a valid driver’s license to start working. 

Lyft pays weekly and gives you the opportunity for an instant payout if you pay a small fee. Plus, you can work for both Lyft and Uber to maximize your earning potential with both companies. 


Earning money for helping people with roadside assistance is one of those odd jobs that Urgently will pay you for. If you’re mechanically inclined and like helping people, Urgently is the driving app that could help you earn some extra cash. 

Sign up for an account with Urgently and review jobs as they pop up on your dashboard. Accept them to provide help and get paid immediately. 


Dolly takes one of the best online business ideas and turns it into a cash-earning opportunity. If you have a truck and a lot of people ask you to borrow it to move large objects, you could be earning money for lending it out. 

With Dolly, you can advertise your big rig to earn $40 per hour. Or, you can earn up to $25 per hour if you have an SUV or car that you want to use to move items for your customers. 

Like most of the other driving apps on our list, you can pick and choose gigs as well as establish your own schedule. Dolly does run promotions for certain days of the week but pays out every two weeks. 


Parents know that sometimes getting to their children’s activities can be a hassle. With HopSkipDrive, carpooling couldn’t be easier. 

Drivers on HopSkipDrive are parents themselves. These CareDrivers, as they’re called, make up to $40 per hour driving children other than their own to various after-school and weekend activities. 

To become a CareDriver with HopSkipDrive, you’ll need to be at least 23 years old, pass a background and driving record check, and have a car that’s no more than 10 years old. HopSkipDrive also requires you to have at least five years of caregiving experience. 

Once you meet these requirements, you’ll earn cash for driving kids around. HopSkipDrive pays instantly via Cash App once you’ve completed a run. 


You can play card games for money so why not earn rewards for driving around? Miles pays you to track the miles you’ve driven, biked, or walked. 

While you won’t earn cash directly, you can redeem your points for rewards in the rewards store. All you have to do is go about your day to earn more for what you do. 


The cost of a cross-country road trip could stop you from sightseeing, but what if you could pay for that trip by delivering packages across the nation? With CitizenShipper, you can get paid to deliver packages along your intended route. 

CitizenShipper features a marketplace you can use to ship items with those who are going that way anyway or get paid for doing the driving. You place a bid on each job post and get paid if the client accepts and you complete the work. 

This driving app has successfully coordinated over 175,000 shipments in the last few years. Plus, most drivers earn about $6,000 to $10,000 per month driving across the great United States. 


Doing a favor for your spouse, friends, or family is something you typically do out of the kindness of your heart. With Favor, however, you can earn money for doing favors for strangers. 

Favor employs Runners to run to the pharmacy, pick up dry cleaning, or complete other tasks we all seem to put off. Runners must be 18 years old, have reliable transportation, and pass a background check to work. 

Favor pays a flat fee for each errand, but Runners get to keep 100% of their tips. If you like completing miscellaneous tasks, download Favor to see how you can get paid. 


Like CitizenShipper, Roadie pays travelers to add one or more shipments to their cargo. Roadie is owned by UPS and pays drivers a flat fee to transport items to their destination. 

You can earn anywhere from $10 to $650 with Roadie, depending on the size of the package and its destination. You decide which jobs you want to accept and receive step-by-step instructions once you do. 

You’ll need to be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license to earn money with Roadie. However, you can use whatever type of vehicle you like to complete the work. 

Roadie pays weekly via direct deposit. You can also cash out instantly for a small fee.

This App Saves Lives

We’ve all seen signs telling us to put our phones down when we drive. Distracted driving is a dangerous habit to get into, which is why This App Saves Lives pays you to put it down. 

Every mile you drive without unlocking your phone earns you points you can redeem for rewards from your favorite stores and restaurants. Simply download and activate the app before you set out on your driving journey. 


Yes, it’s possible to drive for FedEx and not have to become a full-time employee. Instead, you can become a contract driver who delivers packages for about $17-$20 per hour. 

FedEx employs drivers that have some experience delivering packages. However, as long as you can pick up packages and deliver them on time, you shouldn’t have any issues earning money with this driving app. 


One of the best passive income ideas is what drives Drivertise. With this app, you can get paid for putting stickers on your vehicle to advertise various companies and services. 

Drivertise requires you to choose the ad size you want (from a small decal to a full car wrap) and keep it on your vehicle for the length of the ad campaign. Most campaigns last between two weeks and three months. 

Drivertise handles installation and removal but pays you an average of $300 per month. You can cash out as soon as you earn $50, making this a lucrative side hustle driving app if you don’t care about advertising on your car. 


UPS, like FedEx, employs contract delivery drivers as well. You’ll need to be 21 years old to apply and be available for eight-hour shifts that may include holidays and weekends. 

Most UPS contract delivery drivers earn up to $25 per hour plus 62.5 cents per mile they drive. If you want to deliver packages on your own terms, UPS could be the driving app for you. 


This driving app is only available in California but will soon be coming to Michigan. With Eaze, you get paid for delivering medical marijuana to customers who place an order in the app. 

Eaze requires you to be 21 years old, have a valid driver’s license, and have an insured and reliable car. You get to keep 100% of your tips with Eaze, which pays about $18 per hour for this type of delivery service. 


If you enjoy picking up packages and delivering them, GoPuff will pay you for your trouble. It’s a service similar to Amazon Flex that’s expanding into more cities as it gains popularity. 

With GoPuff, you get paid to pick up packages from warehouses and deliver them. You’ll get paid up to $15 per hour and gain some delivery experience.


Did you know that you can earn up to $300 per month on average with Carvertise? Like Drivertise, this driving app pays you to keep decals on your vehicle for a particular ad campaign. 

The best part is that Carvertise will remove the decals for free after the campaign is over. Then you can have another one installed to earn more with this driving app. 

Amazon Flex

It’s hard to drive down the road and not see an Amazon vehicle. With Amazon Flex, you can use your vehicle to pick up packages from the Amazon fulfillment center and deliver them. 

Most Amazon Flex drivers work in areas where there aren’t a lot of full-time-employed Amazon drivers already. Flex drivers can earn between $18 and $25 per hour and work whenever shifts are available. 

Sticker Ride

Stick your ride with decals to earn an average of $50 per month with Sticker Ride. This easy passive income driving app lets you get paid for putting decals of ad campaigns on your vehicle and driving around. 


Shop for other people in your area with Shipt, a driving app that earns you around $22 per hour plus tips. You get to pick which hours and gigs you work to deliver groceries and home goods. 

To work for Shipt, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old with a valid driver’s license and a smartphone. Your car has to be a 1997 model or newer and have current insurance on it. 

Free Car Media

Are you jotting down companies that will pay you to wrap your car in stickers? Include Free Car Media on your list because you could earn up to $50 a month with a single decal or up to $400 a month with a full wrap. 

You have to apply with Free Car Media to be chosen to advertise. Once you’re accepted, you’ll be matched with an advertiser who will pay you to drive around town with their stickers on your vehicle. 


If you’re 21, have a smartphone and reliable transportation, and can pass a background check, you can deliver liquor in Dallas, Chicago, New York, and certain California cities with Saucey. This app pays you to deliver alcoholic goods as long as you can legally drink. 


If an entire car wrap sounds like a lot, check out Nickelytics. This driving app pays you to advertise on your car with decals only. 

Most drivers who cover an average of 30 miles per day can earn an extra $250 per month with Nickelytics. Plus, you don’t have to change your entire paint job either. 


This food delivery app is owned by Groupon and is only available in certain states. If you’re hungry and looking for “food delivery near me” or “how to get free food,” OrderUp could be the ticket. 

It’s also a great driving app to get paid for food delivery. You’ll earn a flat fee plus any tips you receive. 


Wrapify makes it easy to earn money by advertising on your vehicle. You don’t have to install the wrap yourself, but you’ll earn money for every mile you drive. 

Drivers who sit behind the wheel for extended periods can earn more with Wrapify. Download and activate the app once you start driving and stop it when you do. 

The best part is that Wrapify lets you choose which ad campaigns you want to work with. 


Most people are familiar with Grubhub and Uber Eats, but Caviar is a high-end food delivery service that will pay you to deliver expensive food to the most sophisticated of palates. It’s also owned by DoorDash.

Caviar is available in more than a dozen cities and pays you $10-$20 per hour depending on delivery time. If you’re looking for higher tips and keeping 100% of them, check out this driving app. 

Drivers should be at least 18 with two years of driving experience to qualify to work for Caviar. You’ll also need a smartphone and be able to pass a background check. 


If you’re someone who drives a lot and takes that expense as a deduction come tax time, the Hurdlr driving app can help you track those miles for a more accurate report. While it’s not a driving app you can use specifically to earn money, it can help you save more in the spring. 


GrubHub is a food delivery app that partners with over 100,000 restaurants. Pick a delivery zone to earn an average of $12 per hour plus tips. 

To drive with GrubHub, you’ll need to have a valid driver’s license, be at least 19 years old, and pass a background check. GrubHub pays weekly or you can choose instant payment for a small fee. 


Keeping your cell phone away from you as you drive can help you earn some extra cash. With OnMyWay, you can earn rewards for each mile you drive without unlocking your smartphone. 

Download the app and activate your GPS to track your driving any time you go over 10 miles an hour. You can also earn rewards by referring friends to OnMyWay. 


If your car sits in the garage for long periods, you could be missing out on earning extra money with driving apps like Getaround. With this app, you can rent out your vehicle to earn money passively each month. 

Getaround sets rates you can charge based on what car you’re renting, what area you live in, and what the demand for that vehicle is. Create a listing for your vehicle as long as it’s newer than 2007, has less than 200,000 miles, and is in good condition to start earning today. 


Like Getaround, Turo lets you earn money for renting your car out. Turo prescreens the drivers they allow on their app, so you don’t have to worry about losing your vehicle or renting it out to someone who intends to do it damage. 

With Turo, you can list when your vehicle is available and how much you charge daily. Your car will be listed on a marketplace that drivers can search based on specific keywords, such as location, features, color, brand, etc. 


How can you make money driving? 

You can make money driving by advertising on your vehicle, driving people to their appointments, delivering food, home goods, and liquor, and renting out your vehicle. You can also make money by driving safely. 

How much can you make with driving apps? 

The amount you can make with driving apps depends on which app you download and how much you work. Some entrepreneurs can earn enough money to replace their full-time job while others use driving apps to make some side money. 

How old do you have to be to get work on driving apps?

You have to be at least 18 years old to get work on most driving apps. However, some apps may require you to be at least 19 or 21, depending on what that app pays you to do. 

Get Behind the Wheel and Earn with Driving Apps 

Driving our vehicles every day can give us a sense of independence. As much as you spend on your vehicle with upkeep and gas, there are driving apps you can use to make money instead of spending it. 

We hope this article has helped you to see that you can use driving apps to make money on your terms. Even if you only use the driving apps once a month, it’s an opportunity to make money in a new and exciting way. 

How can you enrich your life with a driving app that pays you? Download any of these apps to find out! 

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