Top 5 Investors to Follow in 2024

One of the smartest ways to find the best investment opportunities is by following from some of Wall Street’s top performers.

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One of the smartest ways to find the best investment opportunities is by following from some of Wall Street’s top performers. If you follow the right investors, read the right blogs and books then you are definitely on the right track.

5 Best Investors to Follow

These investors to follow aren't like the masses or normal everyday traders that you find on blogs or trader meetups, they are full of wisdom and they know how the industry works.

From the charts and patterns to the volatilities and the market news, they have everything under control. They do not panic when the trends are going against them because they follow a set plan put in place before making any investments.

Many professional traders provide courses to traders to help in their career and it will help you to move forward. If you are stuck in your career, it will help you to overcome your day to day problems. If you do not have the money to take their courses, you can attend their seminars and read through their life stories. You will find they have different experiences that have helped them to make the decisions that have made them successful.

With that being said, here is a look at 5 investors to follow to help you make a fortune:

1. Warren Buffett

If you are reading this post, chances are you don’t need an introduction to the Oracle of Omaha. Buffett has managed to achieve a CAGR of 20% for over 50 years. This means an investment of $1,000 in 1960s would be worth a whopping $9 million today. That’s the power of compounding.

Buffett is an admirer of Graham’s principles and cherry picked his all his investments living by those principles. He claims to have read Graham’s Intelligent Investor over a dozen times and says the book provided him with a simple strategy – Look for good and simple businesses with a durable moat, run by sensible and honest management and available at sensible prices.

Buffett’s net worth stands at $84 Billion. He is among the world’s greatest Philanthropists with more than $30 billion in donations to charities.

2. Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes is well-known for making over $5 million by trading penny stocks. Sykes is the author of the book ‘An American Hedge Fund’, which details his story from rags to riches.

He runs an investing blog called and sells various courses including a stock picking service teaching beginners how to trade penny stocks safely. As stated in this review of Tim Sykes, he started with only a few thousand dollars and managed to grow it into $1.65 million by the age of 21.

With a net worth of over $20 million, Timothy has contributed a lot to the world of day trading. He not only makes the world of finance more interesting, he is genuinely interested in helping others succeed and now has thousands of students around the world.

3. George Soros

George Soros is a legendary Hungarian-American investor. Soros founded the Soros Investment Fund. With the success of his fund, he became one of the most successful investors of all time.

He also founded the Open Society Foundations which works to create tolerant democracies. Soros has contributed more than $32 billion to fund the Open Society Foundations which have a presence in over 100 countries. He is the best-selling author of 14 books including Soros on Soros, The Alchemy of Finance and The Crisis of Global Capitalism.

George Soros has a personal net worth of over $8 billion, after deducting the donations to the philanthropic foundations.

4. David Tepper

Tepper is one of the most successful hedge fund managers with more than $17 billion of assets under management. Tepper specializes in investing in debt and stock of distressed companies. Value of Tepper’s Appaloosa Management fund sunk 25% in the junk bond crash in 2002, but soon recovered with a 150% gain by investing in distressed debt of bankrupt companies like Worldcom and Enron.

Appaloosa fund has a CAGR of 30% since its inception in 1993. He earned an MBA from Carnegie Melon in 1982 whose business school is now named Tepper School of Business.

Tepper has a net worth of more than $10 Billion and is one of the world’s highest paid hedge fund managers.

5. Jim Rogers

Jim is the chairman of Rogers Holding and another one of the best investors to follow. He, along with George Soros, founded the Quantum fund in 1973 and bagged over 4200% returns during 1970 to 1980 whereas S&P gave returns of under 50% during the same period. After the success of his fund, Jim retired at the age of 37.

He is the best-selling author of several books including Street Smarts, Investment Biker, A Gift to My Children and Adventure Capitalist. He is also known for his travel adventures across the world, apart from successful investing.

Rogers moved to Singapore in 2007 believing that 21st century will be the age of Asian markets. Rogers is also known for being bearish on the US stock market since the 1980s.

Are These Investors Worthy of Following?

They are certainly worth following but you simply cannot follow a legend even if you want to. You need to be at the same level to follow their styles. If they are riding on Ferrari, you need a fast car that will allow you to follow their cars or you will be lost.

There are many traders who try to follow their styles but fail. They do not know their styles have been created by themselves and it has different applications on the trends. They have different trade setups and simply following their strategy will not make you reach. You can follow their habits and develop good trading plans. For example, if you are struggling to understand how volatility works, we suggest that you take their courses or educate yourself more in that field.

How To Invest With Limited Funds

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Taking little to no commissions and acting as a type of fund manager, these investing apps allow you to customize the level of risk you want to engage with. Essentially an investment piggy bank, they provide a way to literally turn your pocket shrapnel into sustainable investments, little by little.

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Investors to follow are the people who we look upon and think of themselves as our mentors. There are many things you can learn from successful investors. Try to understand how they invest in the stock market. Never think you will be making decent money from this market without knowing about how successful traders do it.

You have to study the proven methods of these successful traders to know more about what works in the investment world.

When you are trading, you need some inspiration to set against the market and these people have the perfect life stories to help you get inspired. There are many trading legends and some of them are well-known in the trader community. Sometimes, one of the best ways to learn to invest is to watch those investors who have enjoyed a high level of success.

I hope you learned from this list and watch out for these investors this year in order to make a fortune.

If you are just starting to invest, be sure to take a look at our beginner's guide to investing or check out the best stock brokers to use to start investing.

Do you think we missed someone? Or do you agree with our list of investors to follow? Leave a comment below!

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