The 6 Best Investment Apps For Everyday Investors

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Wouldn't it be good to invest in the palm of your finger tips? Well, you can in the digital era and today we reviewed the best investment apps of 2021.

Do your coworkers or friends all talk about their investment portfolios? You’ve been meaning to get in the stock game, but how do you start if you don’t have a big wad of cash to invest?

We’ve got your answer. We put together our best investment apps of 2021, the best part is that you can start investing without risking big bucks.

The sooner you start investing, the sooner your money can start to grow toward your goals.

best investment apps

Here are the Best Investment Apps

  • Robinhood – Best for commission-free trades
  • Acorns – Best for worry-free savings
  • Stash – Best for beginners who desire automatic investing
  • M1 Finance – Best for expert-curated portfolios
  • Fundrise– Best for real estate investing
  • Wealthsimple – Best for low-fee funds

1. Robinhood: Best for Commission-Free Trades

Platforms: iOS, Android and desktop | Price: 100% | Free Apple App Store Rating: 4.8/5 | Google Play Store Rating: 4.5/5

Robinhood easily allows you to invest in companies you love, commission-free. And I really mean free, free to buy and sell stocks and no account minimums.

Robinhood allows users to make free stock trades with $0 transaction fees.

Robinhood is a top investing app since it offers an easy-to-use platform for beginners to start investing in the stock market.

The recent Gamestop craze has made investing popular and anyone with $100 to their name wants to get started investing.

Usually, it would be a long and tedious process to join a brokerage and figure out how to buy the latest popular stocks.

Using Robinhood makes it simple to purchase stocks, buy options, buy cryptocurrencies, get news and alerts, create a watchlist, and all commission-free.

The signup process is easy but you’ll likely want to sign up and claim a free stock.

Learn more: Robinhood Review

robinhood logo


2. Acorns: Best for Worryfree Savings

best micro investing app acorns
Platforms: iOS, Android and desktop | Price: $1-5 per month | Apple App Store Rating: 4.7/5 | Google Play Store Rating: 4.4/5

Acorns is a micro-savings app similar to Digit and Qapital, but with a kick.

This app saves you money but allows you to invest this money with a click of a button.

Your savings can actually make you money, and you can even get started with a $10 bonus through this link.

The Acorns app easily allows you to invest your spare change automatically.

Once you connect the app to a debit or credit card, it rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar and funnels your digital change into an investment account.

The Acorns investing app is just $1, $3, or $5 per month. No surprise fees, just surprise upgrades.

Or the app is free for college students or if you are under 24 years old. Join almost 4,000,000 people saving and investing every day in a portfolio based on personalized income and goals.

acorns logoGET $10 FREE AT ACORNS

3. Stash Invest: Best for Beginners Who Desire Automatic Investing Options

stash app
Platforms: iOS, Android and desktop | Price: $1-9 per month | Apple App Store Rating: 4.7/5 | Google Play Store Rating: 4.1/5

Stash is a personal finance app that simplifies investing, making it easy and affordable for everyday Americans to build wealth and achieve their financial goals.

Stash was built with a simple philosophy: everyone should have access to investing.

Thanks to fractional shares, anyone can invest in the stock market with $5 or less.

And along with other investing and saving tools, like the Stock-Back Card, Stash helps more than 5 million people reach their financial goals.

Stash offers three easy plans for long-term investing, starting at just $1/month.



4. M1 Finance: Best for Expert Curated Portfolios

best micro investing app m1 finance
Platforms: iOS, Android and desktop | Price: Free | Apple App Store Rating: 4.7/5 | Google Play Store Rating: 4.6/5

The M1 Finance app is very easy to use, and is a free way to invest.

Just pick your investments, and let M1’s Intelligent Automation do the rest. No fees or commissions, ever.

Combining the best of both worlds – traditional investment brokerage accounts with robo-advisors, M1 Finance is one of the best investment apps we’ve reviewed.

The only significant negatives are that it does not allow the option to invest in mutual funds or any tax-loss harvesting.

But the platform allows users to create and automate a custom portfolio so they can invest exactly how they want and build wealth with ease. 

M1 empowers users to save time, earn more, and invest with confidence.

Learn More: M1 Finance Review


6. Fundrise: Best Real Estate Investing App

fundrise real estate investing app
Platforms: iOS and desktop | Price: 0.15% in annual advisory fees | Apple App Store Rating: 4.8/5 | Google Play Store Rating: 4.6/5

Wouldn’t it be great if you could invest in commercial real estate and apartments without dealing with all the hassle of buying, improving, and re-selling real estate?

You don’t have to be a millionaire to invest in these types of properties. You can now invest in large-scale real estate for as little as $500 with Fundrise.

Through their real estate investment products, investors earned an average of 8.7 – 12.4 percent on their money last year, and all without painting a wall or dealing with unruly tenants.

There is a reason why they currently have over 200,000+ users, this investing app really pays you!

If you’re interested, I recommend you sign up for more information from Fundrise by clicking here.

Learn More: Fundrise Review



6. Wealthsimple: Best for Low-Fee Funds

wealthsimple investing app
Platforms: iOS, Android and desktop | Price: 0.5% | Apple App Store Rating: 4.5/5 | Google Play Store Rating: 4.1/5

Wealthsimple is the smart and simple way to invest in the future you. They use a Nobel Prize-winning approach to build you a diversified portfolio of low-fee funds in minutes.

Wealthsimple is an online professional investment app available in both the US and Canada, also referred to as a robo advisor.

They use low-cost index fees and smart technology to keep your investment costs low.

Instead of trying to beat the market, they invest in the market as a whole.

This diversification allows you to avoid putting all your eggs into one stock and can smooth out your returns and minimize your losses.

A lot of people try to time the market and end up losing a lot of money.

Wealthsimple makes investing easy. We are proud to recommend Wealthsimple as one of the best investment apps.

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What About Micro Investing Apps?

Micro investment platforms aim to assist everyday consumers with making a habit of saving money in a ‘painless’ way, also to attempt getting the best returns on investment in the open market.

To sum it up, they allow you to save and invest money in small amounts. These types of apps make it easier for some people to save money automatically then invest it.

They typically work by connecting a credit or debit card, then a micro investing app rounds up your purchase to the dollar or makes automatic transfers for you.

Typically, the platforms provide a combination of online savings tools and trackers, investment opportunities in financial and real estate markets with no or low minimum amount requirements, also investment education, support, and advice.

Micro investing apps allow you to invest that extra cash in stocks. Most either charge fees on trades or offer free trades until your account reaches a certain amount, like $5,000. Some examples of investing apps are platforms like Acorns, Qapital, M1 Finance and Webull, or you can just see the full list here.

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