How to Get Cheap WiFi Plans in 2023 (6 Affordable Plans Under $)

Get the lowest price possible for fast and reliable Wi-Fi.

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Looking for the best cheap WiFi plans? One thing we can all agree on is that high-speed internet can cost a pretty penny.

According to, the average person in 2022 is now paying about $64 a month for an internet connection.

Did you know that 10 years ago that it was only ten bucks?

If you are keen on finding ways to save money, then you might be interested in learning ways to save money on your monthly internet bill or completely eliminating it.

Believe it or not, there are actually a few hacks we’ve found that can get you free internet.

And, they’re all 100% legal ways to do it. Here are the best deals and providers so you can get cheap WiFi plans:

The Best Cheap Internet Service Providers of 2023

  • Verizon Fios – $39.99 and best for bonuses
  • AT&T – $55/mo for fast, affordable internet
  • Frontier Internet – $49.99/mo and free WiFi router included
  • Xfinity Connect – $29.00/mo for cheap internet cable
  • CenturyLink $50.00/mo with price for life guarantee
  • FreedomPop – Free Internet (no longer available)

What Internet Speed Do You Need?

While it is easy to set up WiFi service in just a few minutes, it all be for nothing if the speeds are too slow for what you need to get done. Here's a table showing what type of internet speed works best for users:

If you want …You'll need about…
General web surfing, email, social media1 Mbps
Online gaming1-3 Mbps
Video conferencing1-4 Mbps
Standard-definition video streaming3-4 Mbps
High-definition video streaming5-8 Mbps
Frequent large file downloading50 Mbps and up

Cheap High-Speed Internet Plans (2023)

These are the cheap WiFi plans to consider in 2023 when buying internet service. These plans and best deals are all under $60 per month.

Please note that the pricing is subject to change for these cheap WiFi plans.

1. Fios by Verizon – $39.99/mo

  • Price: $39.99/mos for 12 mos. plus taxes
  • Speed (Bandwidth): Speeds up to 300Mbps for shopping and browsing
  • Availability: You can check if your area is available here
  • Official Site:
  • Promotion: $50 Visa Reward Card for ordering
$39.99 per month
Verizon FIOS
Promotion: $50 Verizon Gift Card
  • No expiring promo pricing
  • No data caps
  • 300 Mbps upload and download speeds
  • The Disney Bundle free for 6 months
  • $50 Verizon Gift Card
  • Availability for Verizon Fios is solely in eight eastern states -- Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Virginia -- and Washington, DC.
Check Availability

2. AT&T – $55/mo

cheap wifi plans
  • Price: $55 and up/mos for 12 mos. plus taxes
  • Speed (Bandwidth): Speeds up to 100Mbps for shopping and browsing
  • Equipment: AT&T includes a Wi-Fi Gateway router with all plans.
  • Installation: Standard installation can add a $99 fee to your initial cost. However, you can divide the cost up over your first three payments if you choose. For self-installation, a $35 activation fee may apply.
  • Price increase: Standard rates apply after the 1-year introductory rate expires. Price increases vary by plan.
  • Availability: You can check if your area is available here
  • Official Site:

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3. Frontier Internet – $49.99/mo

frontier cheap wifi plans
  • Price: $49.99/mos for 24 mos. plus taxes
  • Speed (Bandwidth): Speeds may vary based on network configuration
  • Availability: You can check if your area is available here
  • Official Site:
  • Promotion: eero 6 Wi-Fi router included

4. Xfinity Connect – $25.99/mo

xfinity cheap wifi plans
  • Price: Starting at $29.99/mo with a month to month contract
  • Speed (Bandwidth): Cable with speeds up to 100Mbps for shopping and browsing
  • Equipment: Xfinity allows customers to use their own compatible equipment and save $14/mo. or more on fees.
  • Free Xfinity Flex device: All Xfinity internet plans come with a free Flex streaming device.
  • Lower pricing with term agreement: While not required on all Xfinity plans, signing a one or two-year term agreement will often get new customers the lowest internet price.
  • Availability: You can check if your area is available here
  • Official Site:

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5. CenturyLink – $50.00/mo

centurylink internet pricing page
  • Price: $45.00/mos (no contract required)
  • Speed (Bandwidth): Speeds up to 40Mbps for shopping and browsing
  • Availability: You can check if your area is available here
  • Official Site:
  • Promotion: Price for Life Guaranteed (Stays at $50/mo for life)

6. FreedomPop – Free (No longer available)

freedompop wifi
  • Price: Guaranteed 1GB free every month
  • Speed (Bandwidth): Enjoy speeds faster than basic DSL
  • Availability: You can check if your area is available here
  • Official Site:

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Ways to Save on Your Internet Monthly Bill

Don't overpay on your new internet bill. Let apps like Hiatus, Rocket Money, and BillTrim negotiate the best rate possible! Easily connect your bill either by logging in or by snapping a photo by using one of the services below.

The expert negotiators immediately get to work finding hidden discounts and promo rates available to you.

Here are our favorite services to use:

Our #1 Pick
  • Free version
  • 7-day trial
  • One-time fee versus a percentage or portion of savings each year
Our #1 Pick
  • One-time fee versus a percentage or portion of savings each year

How to Choose the Best Internet Service

Finding ways to spend less is an important part of paying off debt faster, saving more, and being able to invest for your retirement. One monthly expense that most of us share is paying for internet – so here are some tips on choosing the best and cheapest wireless internet plan to make sure you are getting the best possible deal.

Do your research

Do some research in order to discover whether your present broadband provider offers a newer or more state-of-the-art product. Doing so can be a great idea if you have used the same provider for a lengthy period, because it may well be that they have newer and better service options at better prices than in the past. You just need to take the time to ask. However, it may be necessary to sign a new contract in order to get better service or any available price breaks. Prior to entering into a new agreement, make certain you are not situated in a “notspot,” or an area where service is likely to be spotty no matter the internet technology involved.

Want Better Broadband? Unbundle the Local Loop

Should you be situated in a geographic region where local loop unbundled operators (LLUs) exist, it may be possible to change your service to a much faster one. If you have already upgraded to faster service, it makes sense to verify router support to ensure that you are realizing the top-line speeds possible.

Check Bundling and Promotions Available

Experts recommend that you look into whether the bundling of services makes sense for your situation. Blending internet, phone, and TV needs into a single provider contract may generate significant financial savings.

Check Your Current Speed

Do some speed testing at various points throughout your day by utilizing the tool from your own Internet service provider. The early morning hours have the least traffic, so speeds should be highest then. Doing this type of testing will help you know whether you should be searching for a better option high-speed internet plan.

Check Your Devices/Smart TVs

Should you experience recurrent connectivity issues, shut down some of your electronic devices to check if they may be the source of trouble. If you have an internet bandwidth of 10Mbps or less than it is possible that other devices make be using too much of it. You can also lower your typical bandwidth use by shutting any unnecessary applications that run in your computer's background. These could include music apps like Spotify, Skype, Streaming Video and the like.

Boost Your WiFi Signal Capability

Boost the WiFi signal capability by purchasing a high-quality system that integrates structured cabling. Using Ethernet cables is another option to be explored to achieve better signal strength.


To recap, your best option is to find ways to get free internet, if you truly wanted free internet in your house. Or you can also look at ways to get free WiFi near your area.

If you went through this list of cheap WiFi plans then you should have found at least one option that would work for you if you really wanted to save on your internet bill. Next, you can look into how to get free money (not kidding!).

Feel free to take the weekend off!

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