Left vs. Right Hand Itching Palm Meaning in Male & Female

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Lottery luck has often been associated with an itchy palm. Knowing if you’ll have luck with the lotto requires knowing which palm brings money in and which one gives it away.

You’ve probably heard a tale or two about different signs that foretell luck with money, but itchy palms are one of the most common. While there’s no scientific evidence that points to lottery luck if you have an itchy palm, it could be more than just dry skin.

Do you think an itchy palm means you’ll win big? Or do you chalk this up to mere superstition?

Itchy palms actually have a few meanings, depending on who you ask. We’ll show you what those possible meanings are, as well as what they mean for both men and women. These meanings correspond to different traditions, which can be contradictory at times. But the next time your palm itches, you might think twice about what you do with your money that day. That is, if you believe the superstitions.

What does an itchy palm really mean? Let’s consider the possibilities.

Global Itchy Palm Meanings

The first trace of an itchy palm associated with luck comes from the Saxons. They believed that if you rubbed the silver coins they used for currency on your skin, it would cure ailments. While this doesn’t necessarily directly translate to luck, it does show that these coins were thought to bring on good fortune.

The addition of luck in terms of personal wealth could have come from the Celts and Romans. The Celtic tradition of touching wood to ward off evil has been cited by many as the source for “knocking on wood” or attempting to prevent negative forces from acting upon you. This is yet another superstition that may not have scientific proof, but it certainly helps to explain the capricious nature of luck.

Knowledge has been and always will be a source of income for many people as well. Historically speaking, those who wanted a bribe for the information they held would describe their “itchy palm” as a way to demand compensation. It’s kind of like the “if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” mentality, only specifically concerning money.

Alternatively, in Indian mythology, the Goddess Lakshmi is said to be coming your way if your right hand itches. If she is leaving you—presumably taking your riches away with her—it is said that your left palm will itch. This may be in part due to the Indian tradition of receiving money with the right hand and giving it away with the left.

Many cultures associate both hands itching with new internal energy moving through the hands, or a sign that money will both be given and received. Itchy palms have certainly always had a place in common superstition, no matter if it's in the lottery or everyday financial transactions.

Meaning Behind Itching Palm

If you find yourself with an itchy palm, what should you do? The answer lies in superstition.

Left Hand Itching

Generally speaking, the left hand itching is associated with money going out, based on the contrast between giving and receiving money with the left and right hands respectively. This typically translates to a need to avoid investing or unnecessary expenses.

While it might not mean a major loss or even necessarily a negative event, many people take a left hand itching to mean you should also take note of any outgoing deals. You could be missing a charge or pay more than you normally would.

Right Hand Itching

Alternatively, the right hand itching signifies unexpected money coming in. This income could be a large sum, or it could simply be a small stroke of luck.

Many people take an itchy right hand to mean that they’re sure to get more fruitful deals that day or even that week. Win money apps, gambling, bingo games, buying lottery tickets, or investing with an itchy right palm could bring you large dividends and/or winnings. You may even just find lost money, or have good luck in general.

While it’s not necessarily money-related, some superstitious people believe that an itchy right palm signals that you’ll meet someone new or make a difficult decision soon. Only the future holds the answer.

Right-Hand Itching: Male vs. Female

The right and left hands are often associated with similar meanings when comparing male and female. For example, the right hand is typically dominant in most people, so it’s often associated with active characteristics, such as receiving money. The right hand can also be a decisive element, as it’s associated with the active part of the body.

Alternatively, the left hand shares feminine characteristics, such as passivity and intuition. This translates to a loss or giving of money, which may depend on intuition or a gut feeling. These characteristics are often more vague in that an intuition could pan out, but it might just be a passive feeling that has little impact on the situation.


For males with an itchy right hand, the meaning is typically positive. This goes back to the active and decisiveness of the right hand, which could be generalized to a positive financial occurrence.

Alternatively, this means that the left hand is associated with negative finances. This isn’t necessarily negative in meaning, but could represent income that’s taken away for other purposes, such as a fix or an investment.

Many of these meanings come from Hindu tradition. It is said that the Goddess Lakshmi signifies which direction finances will flow, with the right and left symbolizing receiving and giving respectively when speaking of a male.


When it comes to females, however, the exact opposite is true. This major difference stems from the teachings of the Hindu religion, where the meaning reverses from man to woman. Where a man’s right hand itch is positive and means money coming in, a woman's right hand itching signifies a loss of money.

A New York woman certainly proved this point in her sensational story that swept the nation. Mary Shammas was riding the bus home one night and found her left palm was itchy. Struck with the urge to play her favorite lottery numbers (corresponding to the birthdays of her children), she bought a lottery ticket and won the Mega Millions jackpot. She claims the itchy palm spurred her to buy the ticket and pave the way forward for her and her family.

Location of Itchy Palm

The location of an itch can also be attributed to different things, depending on what you believe. Here are some common beliefs about where your palm itches and what meaning it corresponds to.

Base of Pinky Finger

Itching at the base of your pinky finger could signify happenings within your emotions, relationships, and/or romantic life.

For example, if your left pinky finger itches, someone new could be coming into your life. This could be a new romantic partner, or it could be a new friend you’ll make in the near future.

Right pinky fingers that itch can be a sign of the beginning or ending of a relationship. Again, this could be a good, bad, or neutral happening, depending on the circumstances.

Near Wrist

Itchiness near your wrist has a lot to do with control. This doesn’t necessarily correspond directly to control over finances, though it could be construed that way. For instance, a left palms that itches near the wrist would mean that you’ve got too much control over things. You might need to ease up a bit to let things happen.

On the other hand (literally), a right itchy palm near the wrist translates to a lack of boundaries. You might be getting pushed around too easily, which means you should take more control over your life and circumstances.

Center of Palm

The center of your palm can be one of the hardest spots to itch, especially if you’re sensitive. While it might feel good to itch your palm on the corner of a desk or table, pay attention to which hand it’s on to determine which superstition it corresponds with.

The center of right itchy palms designate that you should be more positive towards others and be a positive influence in their life. In contrast, a left palm that itches in the center means you should be more open to positive energy in your own life.

Near Thumb

We use our thumbs to give thumbs-ups and thumbs-downs, but what does an itchy thumb mean?

The belief is that a left itchy thumb corresponds to a lack of communication and/or receptiveness. Where your mouth might be open, your ears are not. Reticence is associated with the right thumb itching, meaning you might need to open your mouth more to get yourself heard.

Itches that aren’t listed in these locations may or may not mean anything. It’s up to you to decide.

The Science Behind an Itchy Palm

Science can’t explain the link between money flow and an itchy palm, if there is one. That’s the job of superstition. However, there are certain health conditions that may affect the skin and cause itching:

  • Allergies
  • Dryness
  • Eczema
  • Injuries
  • Infection
  • Dehydration
  • Diabetes

Some medications can also cause itchiness, or pruritus, which is itchy skin that results in frequent scratching. If you’re concerned about your itchy skin, it’s worth a trip to your primary care physician to check it out. The cause may be more than just simple irritation.

How to Cure Itchy Palms

If you’ve got itchy palms, there may be more to your condition than just a simple intuition towards money. Here are some common ways to cure itchy palms that may or may not influence your finances:

  • Wash your hands. Our skin typically itches if it’s come into contact with something that irritates it. Washing your hands can help remove that irritation and potentially solve your itchy issue.
  • Apply lotion. Dry hands can itch if the skin is flaking off. Apply lotion to moisturize the skin and help the new layer to stay healthy and soft.
  • Touch or knock on wood. This one is a bit of a superstition itself, but many claim that touching or knocking on wood will help get rid of the negative energy from the itchy palm associated with losing money. Just be careful of splinters.
  • Take an antihistamine. Itchy palms can also be a sign of an allergic reaction. If you suspect you might be having an allergic reaction to something you touched or came into contact with, you should take an antihistamine. See a physician immediately if the condition worsens.
  • Run your hands under cold water. When you wash your hands with soap, you can get a lot of the irritants off your skin. However, you can also shrink the pores on your hands with cold water. Sometimes cold water can be soothing to rashes that might make your hands itch as well.
  • Use fragrance-free cleansers. With so many additives in cleansers that make them smell good, your hand’s skin could be irritated and exhibit a minor allergic reaction. If you find your hands get red or itchy after using a particular soap, avoid those ingredients in the future. 

Many people swear by rubbing your itchy palm against an egg, metal, or washing it with alcohol to get rid of the itch.

What Does an Itch Mean to You

Itchy palms can be traced to a lot of things, depending on what you believe. We hope this article has helped satisfy your curiosity about what an itchy palm means, especially when it comes to the differences between men and women. What you choose to do with the knowledge is up to you, but it’s hard not to think that the next time your palm itches, you’re probably going to want to take it as a (good) sign.

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