5 Reasons It May Be Time to Cancel Netflix

Thinking about canceling Netflix? I'll show you how to quit Netflix and how to cancel Netflix once and for all.

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Thinking about canceling Netflix? I'll show you how to quit Netflix and how to cancel Netflix once and for all.

Netflix and other streaming services have become the easiest way to watch TV and movies, without spending an arm and a leg to do it. Not only is it convenient, but it also gives viewers the ability to “binge-watch” shows, meaning hours of never moving. While it may seem appealing to today's millennial generation, it actually might be beneficial to cancel that subscription! Here are some reasons why.

1. You'll Save Money

Even though Netflix and other streaming services like Hulu are relatively inexpensive, you are still spending anywhere from $8.00 to $14.00 just to stream. This doesn't include DVDs or Blu-Ray. Those plans start at $5.00 and can cost as much as $15.00. The average consumer can spend a whopping $29.00 just to watch television!

That's money you could spend on groceries for a nice, healthy dinner, or save for something in the future. Need more motivation to cancel Netflix? Continue on…

2. You'll Be More Productive

All that time spent watching Netflix could be spent doing something productive, like working, starting a blog, taking online courses to better yourself, or heck even cleaning. Here are some of my favorite free online courses:

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According to a post on techcrunch.com, “the streaming service announced that users watched over 140 million hours of content per day and 1 billion hours per week.”

That's a lot of time spent wasting in front of a screen! Cancelling Netflix and Hulu can really make a difference, shut it down and be productive.

3. You Can Exercise More

The less time you spend watching Netflix, the more time you could spend outdoors. Running, hiking, and walking could replace your screen-time, and would have more benefits for you in the long-run.

Doctors recommend exercising at least 30 minutes a day. That's an entire episode of Friends, which you've probably already seen. Get out and get fit! Need more motivation? I bet you didn't even know you could get paid to stay active? Another reason to cancel Netflix and do more with your free time, no?

4. Less Netflix Means More Time For Friends

If you cancel Netflix, you could spend more time in the real world, socializing with real people!

Technology has made it possible for humans to spend less time interacting with each other, and Netflix is no exception. Wouldn't you rather know how your friend is doing than watch some fictitious person's drama on Netflix?

In fact, you and your friends could make your own show with all the free time you would have from not binging Stranger Things. No really. You could start your own Youtube channel or podcast. You'd be amazed at how much Youtubers make.

That would tie in with being productive, and now you've killed two birds with one stone. I'm surprised you haven't unsubscribed from Netflix already… need more motivation?

5. Less Netflix Means More Sleep

Well, not just more sleep, but better quality sleep. When light is present at night, melatonin cannot be made; therefore, sleep is harder to come by. If you don't have a Netflix subscription, you'll be able to sleep more and wake up feeling well-rested for work or school. Aditi Mishra, a writer for hercampus.com, says, “In a rather funny, but scary, interview, Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings says that Netflix’s biggest competition is sleep.” and that “The addiction to completing a season of a thrilling show is then more desirable than studying, playing sports or even socializing.”

Based on the quote from the interview of Reed Hastings, Netflix seems like they are purposefully trying to keep people awake. Ready to end your Netflix subscription now?

How Do I Cancel Netflix?

  1. Sign in to Netflix.
  2. Click on the downward arrow at the top right corner of the page, next to your profile name.
  3. Select the Account section.
  4. Under Membership and billing click the grey cancel membership box.
  5. Next click Finish cancellation to confirm you want to cancel.

So do yourself a favor and cancel Netflix!

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