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We have prepared a reading list of the best personal finance books of 2020 to help find you the best money books, money can buy.

Are you looking for the best personal finance books for 2021?

Then you’ll love this article. The fact is money matters and while these money books won’t transform you into a saving expert, but they will help you get started — which is far more important.

Taking control of your finances starts with getting your personal financial life in order. An easy way to do that is by educating yourself.

Here’s a list of top personal finance books that will help you to gain some valuable perspective on managing your personal finance and achieve the treasure that you most certainly deserve.

1. Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Taking care of your personal finance involves a series of decisions and this book “Thinking, Fast and Slow”, assists the readers by breaking down what pushes the people to make the decisions.

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Book CoverAuthorPrice
Daniel Kahneman

2. Unshakable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook by Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a renowned business strategist who collaborated with Peter Mallouk, an eminent financial advisor in The US to present their insights through this book. The book covers the strategies that are adopted by the world’s most distinguished investors to protect their financial freedom.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Tony Robbins

3. The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

This book should be on your list if you want to read up on personal finance. This book offers a comprehensive guide to saving your fund, starting an investment, paying off the mortgage, sailing through difficult times, and attaining financial prosperity in life.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Dave Ramsey

4. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

This book is touted as a classic in the sphere of finance and investment and is extremely informative. This is worth a read by anyone who’s trying to get a grip on their finances.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Robert T. Kiyosaki

5. The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason

This precious book elucidates on the vital points that bring success by diving into the mysteries of the ancients. Based on the famous “Babylonian principles”, this bestseller prescribes a thoughtful solution for all the issues related to personal finance.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
George S. Clason

6. Dear Debt by Melanie Lockert

Written from the author’s own experience of paying off eighty thousand dollars as a student loan debt, she offers some great money-saving tips to help students like her to navigate the repayment process, boost current income, and ultimately become free of debt.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Melanie Lockert

7. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

In this book, the author shares the invaluable principles that contribute to the success of an individual, and also the strategies to curb the bad practices. He elaborates on how the normal decisions can result in success or disaster.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Darren Hardy

8. Money Rules for Life by Mary Hunt

This book 7 Money Rules of Life consists of lots of insights about financing, retiring, investing and preparing for your financial future.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Mary Hunt

9. When She Makes More: 10 Rules for Breadwinning Women by Farnoosh Torabi

In the book, the author talks about a modern phenomenon that has become incredibly common, i.e. the woman as the breadwinner in a relationship. Torabi explains how women can avoid burnout, also explains the rules to attain personal and professional success.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Farnoosh Torabi

10. Your Money Or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin

This bestselling book tells the reader how to pay off debt and accumulate more savings, rethink the priorities, solving the constant turmoil between values and lifestyle, and lot more.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Vicki Robin

11. I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

This personal finance book is targeted to for the 20 and 30-year-olds. It contains tongue-in-cheek humour, and at the same time extremely practical, which makes an enriching read. The book truly inspires you to manage your finances.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Ramit Sethi

12. Life & Debt: A Fresh Approach to Achieving Financial Wellness by Leslie Tayne

Leslie Tayne presents a real-world guide to deal with the debts. The book identifies that it’s impossible to live without debt in today’s times. So the author proposes you embrace those debts, and explains how to take adequate measures to bring financial stability to one’s life.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Leslie Tayne

13. How Much Money Do I Need to Retire by Todd Tresidder

One of the most important topics in personal finance is retirement planning. This book breaks open the conventional retirement planning model to show the flaws and how to fix them. The author, a former hedge fund manager and creator of, covers 3 models for estimating the accurate number you need to retire, plus guides readers through how retirement planning actually works. You won’t need any other retirement calculator after reading this book.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Todd R. Tresidder

14. The Index Card by Helaine Olen and Harold Pollack

Rather than explaining crucial financial theories in a complicated or tedious manner, the book emphasizes on the vital components to what fits on an index card. This book is perfect for people who prefer a simplistic narrative on the subject of personal finance.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Helaine Olen and Harold Pollack

15. Debt-Free by 30 by Jason Anthony and Karl Cluck

Debt-Free By 30 discusses the fundamentals of managing your debt, prescribes the ways to earn or save extra money to repay the debt quicker. The readers get to learn about credit, financing a car, health insurance, and other expenses.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Jason Anthony and Karl Cluck

16. The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko

This book is great for those individuals who have just entered the game of personal financing, and that’s why it contains fundamentals of personal finance with simple and legible instructions.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Thomas J. Stanley

17. The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom: Practical and Spiritual Steps So You Can Stop Worrying by Suze Orman

This book is aimed at enlightening and empowering the women across the globe about money matters. So, if you are a woman in need of financial advice, you should read this book.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Suze Orman

18. The Investment Answer by Daniel Goldie and Gordon Murray

In this book, Goldie and Murray elaborated on some comprehensive principles of capitalizing by focusing on five common decisions every investor must make. This brief, and simple to comprehend book is the most approachable investing book ever written.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Daniel Goldie and Gordon Murray

19. Pound Foolish: Exposing the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry by Helaine Olen

Olen presents a critical view of the personal finance world, and also elucidates on how the media presents financial advice. The book, which even recommended by the finance experts from, is must read for those who want to learn how the personal finance industry functions.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Helaine Olen

20. The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach

The author takes a straight-forward approach to talk about financial security that starts and ends with the principle, “pay yourself first”. He suggests that before delving into taxes, budgets, finance, you should pay yourself first for the work you do every day, which you can access later on.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
David Bach

21. Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties by Beth Kobliner

In the book, Kobliner, offers a comprehensive guide on how to save several hundreds of dollars each month, establish an emergency savings fund of several thousand dollars, a stock brokerage account, a new 401(k), invest in a safe mutual fund, and trimmed your bills and insurance payment to reasonable numbers without the unneeded bells and whistles.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Beth Kobliner

22. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth T. Harv Eker

Put together by Eker, this book provides useful and motivational for everybody looking to achieve freedom and especially for those just starting out on their journey to entrepreneurship and business.

Book CoverAuthorPrice

T. Harv Eker

23. Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

Through this book, the writer emphasizes how to devote your time wisely so that you’re able to complete the high-priority tasks. He recommends that instead of doing everything all at once, it’s best to focus on the most important objectives first. This would serve as an interesting read to those who frequently find themselves running against time to do their work.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Greg McKeown

24. Live Richer Challenge by Tiffany Aliche

Tiffany Aliche provides her financial advice to keep of your finances in check and learn how to build your resources in just 36 days. The author divides the whole plan into achievable goals that can be taken up each week, for a total of five weeks.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Tiffany Aliche

25. The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer

The book doesn’t just include self-help guides and financial advice. It presents a collection of 64 ideas that successful people throughout history have applied to attain their objectives. You can also adopt these proven principles in our everyday life and achieve your goals, taking a cue from the book.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Jack Canfield

26. How to Make Your Money Last: The Indispensable Retirement Guide by Jane Bryant Quinn

This book is for those who wish to make their retirement money last, which means retaining most of the monetary resources from your assets. The author finds a way for you to sustain your retirement fund and at the same time make smart investments along the way.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Jane Bryant Quinn

27. Thrive by Arianna Huffington

The book explores the flip-side of success, and how money and power are hampering the quality of your life. The author does a great job at redefining success by your well-being and wisdom.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Arianna Huffington

28. Living Well, Spending Less: 12 Secrets of the Good Life By Ruth Soukup

If you need to bring a sense of control to both your life and your budget, you might want to give this one a read. The author’s personal experiences and how practical action plans can positively impact your home and finance, is something to take away for the readers.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Ruth Soukup

29. Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg

This book isn’t for those seeking “get rich quick” schemes. Rather it delves into the science of productivity. The author turns his research into real life lessons that you can use to boost your everyday productivity.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Charles Duhigg

30. A Random Walk down Wall Street: The Time-tested Strategy for Successful Investing by Burton G. Malkiel

The author of this book is a professor who delves into the behaviors and psychology that influence the investors, and offer an overview on making smart choices from investing for those, who are keen to begin their business venture. It provides concrete advice with examples, and explanations for people in different stages of their lives.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Burton G. Malkiel

31. The Behavior Gap by Carl Richards

In this book, the author elucidates on the blunders people constantly make when it comes to their finances and explains how our natural inclinations drive us off the track even after knowing what’s the right thing to do.

Book CoverAuthorPrice
Carl Richards

So now, you have no shortage of inspiration when you are worried about managing your personal finance. Next, you can pay down your student loans, start investing for retirement, or start making supplemental income.

If you want to educate your children on personal finance on a budget, you should see how to get free books for kids. These can really help the next generation of readers reach their potential.

Did you like this list of best personal finance books of 2021? What book would you have added to the list?


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