8 Best Banks in Wyoming for 2024

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Take advantage of the best banks in the great state of Wyoming. Many offer welcome bonuses and perks that only add to the benefits of living in this state.

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The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insures most bank accounts opened in the United States. Did you know that by the end of 2022, the FDIC’s assets totaled over $23 trillion?

That’s a staggering figure, especially given how many people are struggling with their bank accounts these days. However, FDIC insurance can help a bank stand out by offering members critical protection. 

Looking for a new bank account can be challenging, especially if you want to bank with a local financial institution. Finding a bank close to home can help you take advantage of personalized service and perks that national banks cannot offer. 

If you’re looking for the best banks in Wyoming, you’re not alone. Our list covers several of the best banks in this central western state known for awe-inspiring landscapes.   

Are you ready to learn more about the best banks in Wyoming? Let’s get started! 

8 Best Banks in Wyoming

You can find several of the best bank account bonuses at community and regional banks. Keep reading to see which banks in Wyoming offer you the most perks.

1. U.S. Bank 

Take advantage of U.S. Bank promotions throughout the year, and you could add a few hundred dollars to your new bank account. There are 13 U.S. Bank branches in Wyoming and locations in 25 other states. 

You’ll find several standard financial products and services at U.S. Bank. These include personal and business accounts, CDs, and money market accounts

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Deposit products offered by U.S. Bank National Association. Member FDIC.

The U.S. Bank Smartly Checking account requires $25 to open and comes with a $6.95 monthly fee. You can waive this fee if you have a direct deposit of over $1,000 each month or keep an average balance of $1,500 or more. 

The Standard Savings account requires a similar $25 opening deposit and a $4 monthly fee. You can also waive this monthly fee if you meet specific requirements. 

This bank also offers business checking accounts for those in Minnesota. U.S. Bank has three business checking accounts, Gold and Platinum — including a free option with its Silver Business Checking.

You can easily bank online with U.S. Bank’s secure website. The mobile app is also a great way to access your accounts away from home. 

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Deposit products offered by U.S. Bank National Association. Member FDIC.

2. ANB Bank 

ANB Bank offers several checking accounts you can choose from. These accounts provide several perks, including online access and mobile banking. 

Both the Free Checking and Personal Choice Checking accounts require $25 to open. However, you won’t pay a monthly maintenance fee or pay for electronic statements. 

These accounts come with a free debit card, bill pay, and mobile check deposits. This bank also partners with MoneyPass ATMs so that members can access over 37,000 ATMs nationwide. 

There are nine ANB Bank branches in Wyoming. You can also access customer service online via live chat. 

You can also open several savings accounts with ANB Bank. The Youth Savings account is tailored to members aged 15 to 22. 

You can also open a Spare Change account to save for a specific goal. However, ANB Bank offers low interest rates for its savings accounts. 

For better rates, check out the Premium Personal Money Market account or any one of ANB Bank’s CDs. You can also open an Overdraft Line of Credit for $20 annually, with the first year’s fee waived. 

3. Bank of Jackson Hole

Bank of Jackson Hole was founded in 1982 and is a division of NBH Bank. It’s also locally owned and operated, so if you open an account, you’re supporting a local business owner. 

Choose from two checking accounts at the Bank of Jackson Hole. The Everyday Checking account requires $50, but there are no minimum balance requirements to uphold. 

This basic checking account doesn’t earn interest, but you won’t pay monthly fees either. The account includes free unlimited check writing, bill pay, mobile deposit, and debit card. 

Bank of Jackson Hole operates 10 branches across Wyoming. It also offers customers online and mobile banking for convenience. 

At the Bank of Jackson Hole, you can also find money market accounts, health savings accounts, CDs, business banking accounts, loans, credit cards, and wealth management. This bank also specializes in Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs). 

4. First Bank of Wyoming

Choose from several checking and savings accounts with First Bank of Wyoming. This bank is a division of Glacier Bank, another well-known bank in the state. 

This community bank offers debit and credit cards, personal and business loans, CDs, money market accounts, health savings accounts, and many other products. Most accounts require $100 to open and are FDIC-insured. 

First Bank of Wyoming operates 10 branches in the western region of Wyoming. You can also access your First Bank of Wyoming accounts online or on the mobile app. 

Choose from four checking accounts at this community bank. With Totally Free Checking, you get unlimited check writing without meeting minimum balance requirements or paying a monthly fee. 

However, this account is non-interest-bearing. All the same, First Bank of Wyoming offers several savings accounts you can open, which you can link to your checking for overdraft coverage. 

First Bank of Wyoming also connects to Allpoint’s ATM network. This partnership gives you access to over 55,000 ATMs nationwide. 

5. Glacier Bank

Glacier Bank operates 16 branches in and around Wyoming. Its Totally Free Checking account is a popular option if you’re looking for a free account that doesn’t have a lot of strings attached. 

With Totally Free Checking, you won’t pay an opening deposit or a monthly fee. You’re also not responsible for maintaining a minimum balance.

However, Glacier Bank’s Totally Free Checking doesn’t pay interest. Still, you can write unlimited checks and use your free debit card. 

Glacier Bank also offers online and mobile banking, both signs of a modern bank. You can also sell unused checks or debit cards from past banks when you open a new account.  

6. Hilltop Bank 

Much smaller than most of the best national banks, Hilltop Bank operates six branches in Wyoming. It’s a community bank that also offers online banking. 

Hilltop Bank’s E-Z Checking account is a no-frills account that doesn’t require you to maintain a minimum monthly balance. You also don’t have to pay monthly fees to hold the account. 

With E-Z Checking, you get unlimited checks, a free debit card, and the chance to establish and improve your finances. If you’re looking for a great bank in Wyoming, check out Hilltop Bank. 

7. Pinnacle Bank 

Pinnacle Bank was founded in 1938 and serves hundreds of thousands of Wyoming residents from 14 branches. This bank also operates in eight other states, improving your chances of banking as you travel without incurring unnecessary fees. 

You’ll find some of the best checking accounts at Pinnacle Bank. Most accounts come with the chance to waive the monthly maintenance fee, but even if you miss the mark, the fee is only $1. 

Of the five checking accounts available, Free Checking is the most basic. You’ll need at least $100 to open the account; otherwise, there are no minimum balance requirements. 

However, Free Checking does not allow you to earn interest on your account balance. You’ll need to open a Pinnacle Bank savings account to earn interest. 

The PinnSave Savings Account requires a similar $100 opening deposit. You can avoid monthly fees if you maintain this balance, but the interest you earn isn’t as competitive as it could be. 

You can also apply for a Visa or Visa Gold credit card with Pinnacle Bank. These cards come with zero liability fraud protection and the chance to earn rewards to redeem for travel, shopping, cashback, and more. 

Pinnacle Bank also offers health savings accounts, individual retirement accounts, loans, mortgages, investment accounts, and CDs. You can even use Zelle to transfer money back and forth between friends and family.

8. Wells Fargo

You know Wells Fargo as one of the largest banks in the U.S. This financial giant offers several branches in Wyoming, each of which can help you set up several bank accounts. 

Everyday Checking from Wells Fargo is a popular account. You’ll need at least $25 to open your new Wells Fargo checking account, but you can waive the $10 monthly fee with a balance over $500.

You can choose between two savings account options, of which the Ways2Save is the more popular. This savings account is budget-friendly, and you can waive the $5 monthly fee if you have at least $25 (which is required when opening this account). 

Wells Fargo also offers personal loans and mortgages. Choose from several credit cards that offer bonuses and cashback or CDs and wealth management programs to help you achieve your financial dreams. 

Many members love the Wells Fargo mobile app. You can use Zelle to pay back your friends and family and check your account balances. 

Tips on Banking in Wyoming

When it comes to banking in the Equality State, remember to look for a bank account that suits your needs. Here are a few tips to help you bank better in Wyoming: 

  • Make a shortlist: As you review the bank accounts above, list those that catch your eye and why. You can return to these to weed out what banks may not be worth your time. 
  • Total up all fees: Welcome bonuses are a great perk, but not if you have to pay them all back in fees throughout the year. Check out your shortlisted banks' fees and for what services or circumstances. 
  • Consider location: Though several banks on our list above have locations throughout the state, some are specific to a region. Remember this as you choose which bank to work with in Wyoming. 
  • Look at the bigger picture: Your immediate aim might be to open a checking account, but what about any other accounts the bank offers? Many of the banks above include savings accounts you can use to cover potential overdrafts and avoid costly fees.
  • Two bank accounts can be better than one: Who says you must choose just one bank? Opening multiple bank accounts can be useful if you have a plan, but be careful not to overwhelm yourself. 

Opening a bank account with the best banks can give you a leg up on achieving your financial goals. Many of the best banks in Wyoming also support local initiatives to help the communities you live and work in. 

Savings Accounts vs. Money Market Accounts

Banks offer both savings accounts and money market accounts that allow you to save money and earn interest on your balance. While they may seem similar on the surface, the two are distinct in the following ways:

Savings Accounts

Savings accounts allow you to withdraw and deposit money as you earn interest. Many have fewer restrictions, including lower minimum balance requirements and interest rates such as the ones in the table below:

Best for large balances
No monthly fees
Offers welcome bonus
Ease of use
No balance req.
APY: 5.00%
APY: 4.65%
APY: 4.60%
APY: 4.50%
APY: 4.40%
Minimum to Earn APY: $5,000
Minimum to Earn APY: $100
Minimum to Earn APY: $1
Minimum to Earn APY: $100
Minimum to Earn APY: $0
Bonus: N/A
Bonus: N/A
Bonus: $300
Bonus: N/A
Bonus: N/A
Best for large balances
APY: 5.00%
Minimum to Earn APY: $5,000
Bonus: N/A
No monthly fees
APY: 4.65%
Minimum to Earn APY: $100
Bonus: N/A
Offers welcome bonus
APY: 4.60%
Minimum to Earn APY: $1
Bonus: $300
Ease of use
APY: 4.50%
Minimum to Earn APY: $100
Bonus: N/A
No balance req.
APY: 4.40%
Minimum to Earn APY: $0
Bonus: N/A

Money Market Accounts

Money market accounts are hybrid accounts that combine a checking and savings account. Minimum balance requirements are higher for this type of account, but account holders earn a higher interest rate such as the ones in the table below:

  • Ponce High Yield Money Market Account
  • American First Credit Union Money Market Deposit Account
Ponce High Yield Money Market Account
American First Credit Union Money Market Deposit Account
Quontic Money Market Account

Overall, money market accounts let you write checks, make transactions, and are generally more flexible than savings accounts. However, they are limited to those who can deposit more into the account immediately.


Which banks in Wyoming don’t use ChexSystems? 

U.S. Bank, Chase, Wells Fargo, WyHy Federal Credit Union, and Wyo Central Federal Credit Union don’t use ChexSystems. That means individuals with a ChexSystems record can open an account without worrying about their banking history. 

What are some of the best credit unions in Wyoming?

UniWyo Federal Credit Union, Blue Federal Credit Union, Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union, and Sunlight Federal Credit Union are among the best credit unions in Wyoming and some offer credit union promotions. Reliant Federal Credit Union, Atlantic City Federal Credit Union, and Pathfinder Federal Credit Union rank highly among credit unions in this midwestern state. 

What do you need to open a bank account in Wyoming?

To open a bank account in Wyoming, you need a government-issued ID, your Social Security number (SSN), and an opening deposit. Many banks will waive the opening deposit and may accept an alternate form of identification besides your SSN. 

Which of the best banks in Wyoming offer free bank accounts?

Pinnacle Bank, Bank of Jackson Hole, ANB Bank, and Glacier Bank offer free checking accounts. Several other banks on our list offer low to no-fee accounts if you meet specific requirements. 

Banking in the Home State of Yellowstone 

Mother Nature can be surprising, terrifying, and yet downright beautiful, all in the same second. But just because those characteristics apply to Yellowstone and the stunning landscapes of Wyoming doesn’t mean your bank account has to follow suit. 

We hope this article helps you find the best banks in Wyoming that can protect your finances and help you grow. The best banks are there for you from the day you open your account to the milestones you reach as you make your way through life. 

Working with the best banks in Wyoming can help you lay your financial fears to rest. These banks can also give you more time to enjoy life outdoors. 

Which of the best banks in Wyoming will you open an account with? 

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