11 Best Banks in West Virginia

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You don’t have to know the words to John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” to find the best banks in West Virginia. Just check out the list below.

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Did you know that a penny costs more to make than it’s worth? It’s hard to believe that something we take for granted could require so much effort to produce. 

Yet the saying goes, “A penny saved is a penny earned,” so perhaps pennies aren’t so worthless after all. With the best banks in West Virginia, they might be worth more than you first thought. 

Whether you're a resident or a newcomer to the Mountain State, this article will help you find the perfect banking partner to meet your needs. We’ll explore the top banks that stand out for their reliability and commitment to serving the people of West Virginia.

The good news is that each of the banks below offers several perks you can use to improve your finances. From welcome bonuses to daily account benefits, it pays to bank well in West Virginia. 

Are you ready to learn more about the best banks in West Virginia? Let’s get started!

11 Best Banks in West Virginia 

Are you looking for the best checking accounts in the state of West Virginia? Our list below is your prime resource for the best banks in the state. 

1. Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union 

Bayer Heritage Credit Union, headquartered in Proctor, West Virginia, has served its members since 1957. As an NCUA-insured institution, its deposit accounts are protected up to $250,000. 

This credit union operates five branches in the state. Membership is open to Bayer Corporation employees and their immediate family members. 

In addition, individuals living, working, worshiping, or attending school in Wetzel, Tyler, or Marshall counties and residents of select counties in Ohio and South Carolina are eligible to join.

The credit union offers three checking account options, all without monthly fees. Notably, the Checking Plus account stands out with its 1% cashback on purchases up to $10. 

For savings, the Share savings account requires a minimum deposit of $5 to open and earns monthly dividends. Competitive APYs are offered on this credit union’s CDs.

Bayer Heritage Credit Union also caters to businesses with business loan solutions. With its diverse account offerings, personalized services, and enticing cashback benefits, this credit union proves itself as an attractive option for those seeking the best bank account bonuses that might not always be monetary in nature.

2. City National Bank of West Virginia

City National Bank of West Virginia is a highly rated community bank with a rich history of over 60 years. This bank is known for its exceptional customer satisfaction. 

Offering a full range of financial services, the bank provides multiple checking accounts, savings accounts, loans, mortgages, home equity lines of credit, and wealth management options. Customers also benefit from various overdraft protection choices. 

With an extensive network of 90 branches City National Bank ensures easy accessibility to its services. The bank also provides free mobile and online banking, along with the convenience of eStatements.

City National Bank excels in personal and business banking services. For businesses, the bank offers commercial lending, free business checking, and cash management services.

As one of the best national banks in West Virginia, City National Bank of West Virginia stands out for excellent customer service and commitment to serving the financial needs of its customers. Visit this bank’s website to learn more about what accounts you can open. 

3. Clear Mountain Bank 

Clear Mountain Bank offers a StartFresh Banking program for individuals seeking a second-chance bank account. The program consists of two steps, starting with StartFresh First Step. 

This account grants unlimited debit card transactions and excludes check writing. You must make a $50 deposit to open this account. 

The StartFresh First Step checking account has a $10.95 monthly fee. However, you can reduce that fee to $7.95 if you enroll in direct deposit.  

After maintaining the account in good standing for 12 months, customers can apply for FreshStart Checking. With the same deposit and fees, this account unlocks unlimited check writing and existing benefits. 

After 18 months with FreshStart Checking, customers can transition to a traditional checking account. Clear Mountain Bank's StartFresh Banking program helps customers rebuild their financial standing without judgment. 

You can find Clear Mountain Bank locations in the following:

  • Bridgeport
  • Bruceton Mills
  • Kingwood
  • Morgantown
  • Oakland
  • Reedsville
  • Rowlesburg
  • Terra Alta

4. Element Federal Credit Union 

Element Federal Credit Union, established in 1978, stands as a smaller and newer credit union in the state of West Virginia. With a focus on serving approximately 4,000 members, the credit union offers competitive loan rates, attracting federal, state, and local government employees and their family members.

Member deposits are protected up to $250,000 through the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF). Element Federal Credit Union boasts a wide array of account options, with seven checking accounts available. 

Many of these accounts offer interest without minimum balance requirements or opening deposits. Additionally, the credit union offers 6 savings accounts. 

For longer-term savings, the credit union offers competitive CD rates. With three locations in West Virginia, Element Federal Credit Union provides accessibility to its services.

5. First Community Bank 

First Community Bank, founded in 1874 in Bluefield, Virginia, has grown into a community-focused financial institution with 17 branches nationwide. You can also find locations in Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

As a full-service community bank, First Community Bank offers a comprehensive range of financial products, including: 

Customers can choose from five checking accounts, with three accounts free from monthly fees and two offering interest compounded monthly. Savings accounts require a $100 minimum balance and offer a decent APY.

6. Hancock County Savings Bank 

Hancock County Savings Bank offers many accounts to choose from, including:

  • Interest Checking
  • Regular Checking
  • Hancock Classic Checking (62+)
  • Student Checking
  • Keep Your Money Checking

The Keep Your Money Checking account comes with a $10 minimum deposit. You get a free debit card and a free first order of checks when you open the account as well. 

You can waive the monthly fee if you make at least 10 debit card transactions and receive a monthly statement. Hancock County Savings Bank has locations in Weirton, Chester, and New Cumberland. 

7. Pendleton Community Bank 

Established as Farmers and Merchants Bank in 1925, Pendleton Community Bank transitioned to its current name in 1937. This bank has grown to operate eight branches in West Virginia and five locations in Virginia.

As a full-service community bank, this West Virginia-based bank offers a comprehensive array of financial products. These include checking and savings accounts, retirement services, mortgages, credit cards, merchant services, personal loans, and business banking solutions.

Customers have the choice of two checking accounts. One is the Kasasa Cash Checking account which offers a superior APY on balances up to $10,000. 

This account also has no monthly fees. The bank also provides four savings accounts, including a Christmas Club account and a dedicated student option.

To avoid the $4.99 monthly fee on the Interest Checking account, customers need to maintain a minimum balance of $1,000. The minimum opening deposit for the Kasasa Cash and Interest Checking accounts is $50 and $1,000, respectively.

While Pendleton Community Bank offers a wide range of services, it's essential to note that its locations and customer service hours may be limited. Despite this, the bank remains dedicated to serving its local community.

8. Summit Community Bank 

Summit Community Bank has provided banking services since its founding in Moorefield in 1995. Despite its relatively young age, the bank has rapidly expanded to encompass 30 locations in eastern and southern parts of West Virginia, as well as the northern Shenandoah Valley and regions of Virginia.

With diverse account options, Summit Community Bank caters to various customer needs. The bank offers six checking accounts, including money market accounts, interest-bearing accounts, and Senior Select Checking. 

In addition, the bank provides four savings accounts, which include special accounts for juniors and auto-debit savings. Customers enjoy various benefits, including free personal checks, certified checks, and money orders. 

Debit card text alerts are available for added security, and the bank issues Mastercard debit cards for convenient transactions. You must deposit $50 to open an account. 

While Summit Community Bank provides numerous benefits, customers should be mindful of potential fees if minimum balance requirements or direct deposit requirements are not met. Summit Community Bank offers competitive rates for those seeking the best money market accounts

9. West Virginia Federal Credit Union 

West Virginia Federal Credit Union offers a second-chance checking account known as Fresh Start Checking. You must deposit $100 to open this account. 

Fresh Start Checking comes with a $4.99 monthly fee. You’ll also receive a free debit card and unlimited check writing with no minimum balances required. 

After maintaining the Fresh Start Checking account in good standing for 12 months, customers can apply for the Regular Checking account. Eligibility requirements include living, working, attending school, or worshiping in the following counties: 

  • Boone
  • Lincoln
  • Wayne
  • Kanawha
  • Cabell
  • Putnam 

West Virginia Federal Credit Union may not be one of the largest banks in the U.S., but it stands out for offering a second-chance banking option. This credit union also caters to its local community, supporting West Virginians on their journey toward financial stability and growth.

10. Citizens Bank of West Virginia

Citizens Bank of West Virginia is a longstanding community bank providing a comprehensive financial service suite. These financial products include banking, investment, loans, and financial planning. 

This bank has been serving both individuals and businesses since 1924. The account options feature four checking accounts, including fee-free options and an interest-bearing money market account.

For savings, customers can choose from traditional savings accounts and Christmas Club savings accounts. CDs offer competitive rates for those seeking secure savings growth.

Citizens Bank of West Virginia extends its services beyond everyday banking to include wealth management, employee pensions, and 529 college savings plans. They equip customers with valuable financial management and budgeting tools free of charge.

Though the bank has only six locations within the state, they remain dedicated to serving the local community. Citizens Bank of West Virginia is an appealing choice for those seeking a reliable financial partner.

11. First National Bank

This regional bank offers some of the best checking accounts for a full-service bank. You can choose from five checking accounts in total, including: 

  • Freestyle Checking
  • Lifestyle Checking
  • eStyle Checking
  • eStyle Plus Checking
  • Premierstyle Checking

Choose the Premierstyle Checking account, and you can get your first order of checks free. First National Bank also offers savings accounts, mortgages, loans, investment planning, insurance, and business accounts. 


What are some of the best banks and credit unions in West Virginia? 

Summit Community Bank, West Virginia Federal Credit Union, and Clear Mountain Bank are some of the best banks and credit unions in West Virginia. Our list includes several other banks you can choose from in this state. 

How many bank accounts can you have in West Virginia? 

You can have anywhere from no bank accounts to a handful of bank accounts in West Virginia. Managing several bank accounts can be challenging, but you can earn rewards from opening many accounts if you meet the minimum requirements. 

Which of the best banks in West Virginia offer free checking accounts?

A select few banks in West Virginia offer free checking accounts, including Clear Mountain Bank, Hancock County Savings Bank, Pendleton Community Bank, and West Virginia Federal Credit Union. Other banks, including national banks, provide free accounts when you meet the fee-waiving requirements. 

Take You and Your Money Home to West Virginia 

West Virginia offers a wealth of banking options, each offering personalized service and unique perks. Whether you want a bank account for personal or business needs, one of the best banks in West Virginia has something to offer. 

Finding a quality bank can be challenging, especially if you’re new to an area. With the best banks in West Virginia, you’re not alone in managing your finances. 

We hope this article helps you learn more about the best banks in West Virginia so you can find one that suits your needs. You’ve got so many options to choose from that there’s really no wrong answer. 

Which of West Virginia’s best banks will you choose? 

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