Understanding Infinite Banking: Does It Make Sense For You?

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Infinite banking has become a reliable system for increasing people’s wealth. It is not a scheme. However, there are many functional and beneficial solutions to apply the infinite banking concept to your business.

Infinite Banking concept has been used by large banks and corporations for quite some time now, but it goes by a different name:  COLI – Corporate-Owned Life Insurance and BOLI – Bank-Owned Life Insurance. 

The below is a guide to ultimately using COLI and BOLI Infinite banking systems for your small business.

Comprehending the Infinite Banking Concept

The theory is the same. With the Infinite Banking, you set yourself in the particular position of being your own lender. This is successfully done through a dividend-paying life insurance coverage policy. As the cash values start to grow, you can start to loan yourself funds. If you want to fix something in your house, for instance, you can borrow the funds from yourself while using cash values in your coverage.

You add the borrowed funds, the actual interest rate as well as the payment plan. Once you pay your loan back, you make the payment yourself — with interest. And that means you are usually funding and earning money on yourself, rather than paying those funds and interest to any financial institution or even some other traditional bank. Better yet, the cash values continuously earn interest, and you’ll earn handsomely on your whole pre-loan amount of money, as in case you hadn’t borrowed funds. So, there should not be any hassle to run your business without having any investment in hand. This system has brought many new opportunities for any startup venture.

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Using the Infinite Banking System for Your Small Business

For your small business, the particular Infinite Banking System features a variety of potential positive aspects.

Financial loans from your life insurance coverage can easily be used to pay money for legit business expenditures, such as:

  • space leasing
  • new apparatus
  • workplace supplies
  • additional bonuses
  • company cars
  • business vacation

These are generally a few suggestions. The boundaries are unlimited. So that as with insurance policies that serve people, the more you apply the Infinite Banking Method for business uses, the more rewards you will get. You can easily make a money side accounts or even gain, merely as a by-product of the frequent transactions.

So why would you need to do this? Considering that the Internal revenue service makes it possible for companies to write off legit business interest cost. By financing business costs through the dividend-paying life insurance coverage plan, you make a good investment return on your own, and a tax deduction for the company. It is a win-win situation. You, the average person, loan funds to your company. The company will pay back the borrowed funds plus interest rate to you, upping your account cash worth. The company grows to write-off the particular interest paid on your financial loan as a legit business cost.

While business people may use their personal life insurance coverage plans to finance business costs, insurance policies may also be bought by the business on important individuals, providing the same advantages of funds value liquidity, cash loan options, and tax benefits.

Making Infinite Banking Benefit Bigger Companies

The idea of Infinite Banking continues to be an acknowledged process in larger companies and businesses for a while. Most of these sorts of businesses have a significantly greater requirement for capital — far larger in scale and volume as compared to a person or small company does. However, the Infinite Banking idea is completed through Business Owned Insurance Coverage, and its particular counterpart, Bank Owned Insurance Coverage.

Business Owned Insurance Coverage

Corporate-owned life insurance coverage, or COLI, is actually bought to cover a new business’s key professionals. Most of these plans are also called “key person” insurance coverage. A business will buy a life insurance plan on a key worker to insure the potential expense of losing him/her to sudden death.

The insurance policy is supposed to insure the money necessary for hiring and coaching new talent and also to counterbalance the possible deprivation of the company due to the key worker’s deficiency. It may also help a business recover the possible expense of benefit payments to the deceased worker’s family members.

COLI accounts can certainly be used in the same manner as life insurance coverage plans. Businesses make use of their life insurance coverage plans to develop cash values. The same as with individual plans, benefits, and profits accumulate tax-free, and financial loans can easily be made as required for any company.

Bank Owned Insurance Coverage

The loan industry features its own model of this sort of insurance coverage. Bank-owned insurance coverage, or BOLI, continues to be bought by banking institutions for their key professionals.

And even though it has been an acknowledged process for several years, its level of popularity is growing. In 2009, for instance, banking institutions bought $126.1 billion of life insurance coverage.

Making Use of COLI and BOLI As Infinite Banking

As these corporate life plans are generally for larger amounts as compared to individual plans, the possibility of reinvestment and volatile money value growth are much higher.

Even though the plans cover individuals, they’re bought to cover companies and financial institutions for their possible deficits, improve Tier 1 funds and provide added benefits that might not preferably be cost-effective.

So, it’s the company or financial institution which is the insurance policyholder, and most of these purchasing establishments can use all these plans more like any individual uses a whole collaborative life plan to finance the Infinite Banking Process.

Companies may use the cash values within their plans to finance legitimate costs for example:

  • Large machinery or equipment
  • Employee pension program
  • Employee Wellness & Overall Health Plan
  • Company Cars
  • The lease/building area
  • Corporate Property
  • Travel Costs
  • Commercial Loans
  • Adding Benefits to Attract Key Personnel
  • Business Merger & Acquisitions

Banks and corporations have long acknowledged the financial advantages of infinite banking through the COLI and BOLI plans. Simply by using a dividend-paying life insurance plan as a podium for the Infinite Banking Process, now smaller businesses can take advantage of most of these same features.


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