GrabPoints Review: A Survey Site With Versatile Rewards for Millennials – Scam or Legit?

Is this survey company legit or just a scam? We review this popular survey site and give an honest review.

We millennials apparently have it financially rough – at least according to social and mainstream media information. Most of the articles I’ve come across tell of a foreboding and grim “financial future”, citing such causes as ballooning student debts, an impossible real estate market, and wages that have stayed more or less the same for decades.

All those, despite leaps and bounds in technology and marketing techniques. So basically, it’s goodbye retirement plans and investments, and hello to decades of paying off debt and trying to make ends meet?

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Retirement may be a long way away for us, but thinking about augmenting our current incomes with creative resources has become a practice among me and my peers.

Since we spend a substantial amount of time online, one of our favorite ways to get an extra source of income is to sign up for survey and GPT sites. I discovered that the legit ones are free to use, always present different creative ways to earn, and also offer great rewards that make it worth our while.

I already have a list of go-to survey sites, but so far, GrabPoints has become my personal favorite.

Below, I will flesh out the reasons why I think it’s more than a legit survey site, and why millennials can benefit from its membership.

GrabPoints makes it so easy to earn on my spare time

Some of the survey sites I’ve come across make it really hard to even qualify for surveys on a regular basis that it just felt like my time and effort was being wasted.

GrabPoints, while offering surveys on the menu, thankfully also has other tasks for me to do and earn from. I can choose to watch videos, play games, download apps, or complete offers (though not as frequently as I’d like, since some of them require a credit card trial) wherever I may be. You know, basically stuff I regularly do online, anyway?

Of course, my favorite way to earn is still with surveys. GrabPoints provides enough surveys for me to earn points towards cashing out (only $3 for a minimum withdrawal via PayPal, processed in as little as 48 hours!), or redeeming my favorite gift cards.

Which brings me to…

I love the versatility of GrabPoints rewards

Theirs is one of the most extensive rewards catalogues I’ve seen thus far. It always truly feels like being rewarded when it is time to redeem or cash out at GrabPoints.

Aside from the aforementioned low cash payout threshold, there’s plenty of exciting gift cards to choose from. I personally love the Amazon GCs, as well as the redemption codes from iTunes and Xbox.

I have also redeemed Steam Wallet and Playstation Plus codes for when I needed them for my gaming upgrades and purchases! There’s just plenty of fun to be had here, apart from the obvious practical option of cold, hard cash.

The rewards allow me to enjoy life’s little luxuries

…without worrying about the expenses that come with them! As a millennial, I absolutely love that GrabPoints offers me the option to redeem Amazon gift cards, as well as Netflix codes.

This means that I can pay for my monthly prime memberships (for both Amazon and Netflix) just by completing a few surveys or tasks a week. It might seem like a paltry sum to most, but not worrying about membership fees is a big thing for penny pinchers like yours truly.

It doesn’t take too long for me to earn an Amazon gift card, too. Once I reach 2000 points for doing surveys or other activities on GrabPoints, I can instantly claim my card from the rewards section. I get it pretty fast via email, too, so it means I can immediately use it when I see fit.

The bottom line? It’s legit, and it’s fun

Though GrabPoints hasn’t been in the GPT and survey site scene for a long time (having been founded only in 2014), I like how it’s fast growing a reputation for being fair, speedy on payouts and redemption, and offering many options to earn aside from the usual surveys.

Flexibility is one more factor I consider when doing online surveys and tasks because I can do them even when I am out of the house. Downloading apps and playing games make this possible.

The rewards are versatile and varied enough for me to get excited about them. Plus, there are also referral and promo code systems which I have used several times to augment my earnings on the site! I do realize this won’t, in any practical way, replace a full-time job with a steady income.

But GrabPoints is something I would still recommend as a way to make some extra earnings in one’s spare time.

About the author

Brian Meiggs
Brian Meiggs is a personal finance expert, and the founder of My Millennial Guide, a personal finance site helping you put more money in your pocket. He helps millennials follow the smart money in order to increase their earning potential and start building wealth for the the future. He regularly writes about side hustles, investing, and general personal finance topics aimed to help anyone earn more, pay off debt, and reach financial freedom. He has been quoted as a top personal finance blogger in major publications including Yahoo! Finance, NASDAQ, Discover, MSN Money and more.

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Bottom Line:

The rewards are versatile and varied enough for me to get excited about them. Plus, there are also referral and promo code systems which I have used several times to augment my earnings on the site! I do realize this won’t, in any practical way, replace a full-time job with a steady income. But GrabPoints is something I would still recommend as a way to make some extra earnings on one’s spare time.

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