What Are The Best Cities for Millennials?

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Are you a millennial faced with a desire to move to a new city? Check out our list of affordable cities for millennials and young adults.

You hear the word “millennial” thrown around constantly about the generation of young adults using technology and creativity to transform the world as we know it into a healthier, a more tech-savvy, eco-friendly, and overall better place to be.

Millennials can get a bad reputation in the media, but what they really want is to be able to live a life outside of the typical boring office environment, that is both driven by the want to succeed and the want to enjoy every day to it’s fullest.

When leaving the nest, millennials are heading to a lot of cool places to pursue their careers, but more importantly, their dreams. Here are some of the places in the country with the highest influx of millennials.

5 Best Cities for Millennials to Work

Are you a millennial faced with a desire to move to a new city? Check out our list of affordable cities for millennials and young adults.

Whether you’re looking for culture, job prospects, cuisine, or a city where you can put down roots, we’ve got you covered!

Here is a list of the best cities for women and men in the workforce:

1. Seattle

best cities for millennials

Don’t be fooled by all the downers saying Seattle is just the place where it rains all the time. All that rain leads to amazing summers without it being muggy! Seattle is a place of migration for more millennials than anywhere else in the country.

The job outlook is great for young professionals, and with no income tax, how could it not be an appealing place to live? It’s easy to hit up places like Pike Place Market for inexpensive produce and unique, hand-crafted gifts, as the millennial generation is all about sustainability and buying local.

2. NYC

best cities for millennials

From colorful murals to coffee shops and speakeasies, New York City has a lot to offer every culture and type of person who visits there, especially the millennial generation.

Millennials are known for their unique personalities, so what better place to showcase that than one of the most heavily populated cities in the United States? Millennials that are drawn to the big city life often head here for opportunity, as many have done for generations.

3. Atlanta, Georgia

best cities for millennials

Atlanta is fairly new to the millennial eye. In Atlanta, you’ll find many unique, creative neighborhoods with an affordable cost of living. Millennials are heading to hip areas with an artistic flair, such as Little Five Points or the Old Fourth Ward.

These spots are full of history as well as great food and beverage selections which make them appealing to any true foodie. The job market for millennials is booming in the Atlanta area, but it’s these trendy areas that keep Atlanta from being “just another big city.”

4. Denver

best cities for millennials

Denver is another hip, trendy area that has been attracting millennials for the last few years. In fact, there are many cities in Colorado where that’s the case, such as Colorado Springs and Arvada.

Denver has many resources for young professionals to work toward creating their first start-up company, helping millennials use their talents, skills, and education to bring new ideas and business into the downtown area. The opportunities in this relaxed, progressive city are immense, especially for young adults with fresh ideas.

5. Phoenix

best cities for millennials

Phoenix is one of the more affordable cities millennials heading for. With housing at incredible prices, how could you afford NOT to move to Phoenix? There are more than enough activities to keep anyone occupied, particularly in the outdoors.

Millennials put a lot of weight into both staying healthy and keeping in touch with nature, and Phoenix provides some amazing opportunities to do both, such as taking a meditation class or going on a retreat in the desert. With the affordable housing and jobs for young professionals on the rise, Phoenix is a prime location for young adults who are looking to move somewhere nice and warm.  

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