11 Best Banks in Kansas for 2024

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Get your slice of the banking action in Kansas without having to sing the official state song. Check out our list of the best banks in Kansas that make banking easy.

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Kansas is home to many things, including the origins of Pizza Hut and vast prairies. If you feel like singing “Home on the Range,” you’re also singing the state’s official song. 

Most people know Kansas because of the movie The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy and Toto face the stark reality of living in Tornado Alley, but there’s more to this story than meets the eye. 

Did you know that the original author of The Wizard of Oz wrote Dorothy’s slippers to be silver instead of red? But since she was no longer in Kansas and her path was the yellow-brick road, filmmakers made her shoes red to stand out more clearly. 

Since we’re talking colors, do you know the source of the nickname “greenbacks” for American dollars? It stems from the stout green ink the government started using during the Civil War.

You don’t have to know these historical facts to bank in Kansas. All you need is our list below. 

This list of the best banks in Kansas will have you feeling at home, where you can depend on your money being safe and secure. Some Kansas banks reward you with welcome bonuses, cashback, and other membership perks. 

Are you ready to learn more about the best banks in Kansas? Let’s get started!

11 Best Banks in Kansas

You won’t find too many of the largest banks in the U.S. on this list. The banks and credit unions below serve local communities with personalized service and dedication. 

1. Capitol Federal Bank

Some of the best checking accounts have no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements. Capitol Federal Bank offers Simple Blue Checking, a free account that only requires $100 to open. 

You can access your new checking account from several locations throughout the state. This bank serves 44 branches across the state and is headquartered in Topeka. 

Founded over 125 years ago, Capitol Federal Bank joins modern times with online and mobile banking. It’s also well-known for its residential lending rates, VA loans, and small business loans

Capitol Federal Bank also offers savings and money market accounts, IRAs, CDs, and trust services. The mobile app lets you pay your bills online or deposit checks. 

2. Commerce Bank 

With 42 branches in almost two dozen cities, Commerce Bank offers a free checking account with a complimentary debit card. This checking account requires $25 to open, but you’ll only pay up to $4 monthly if you want paper statements. 

In addition to free checking, Commerce Bank offers myRewards Savings accounts, credit cards, and several student, auto, and motorcycle loans. You can also log in online to pay bills or bank with the mobile app

3. Credit Union of America 

Choose from three Credit Union of America checking accounts: SimpleCheck, ReserveCheck, and ConnectCheck. You can waive the $5.95 monthly fee if you meet one of the following requirements:

  • Enroll in direct deposit
  • Maintain minimum combined deposits of $1,000 or more 
  • Maintain a minimum loan balance of $5,000 or more 

If you live or work in the following counties, you’re eligible for membership at Credit Union of America: 

  • Barber
  • Barton
  • Butler
  • Chase
  • Clark
  • Clay
  • Cloud
  • Comanche
  • Cowley
  • Dickenson
  • Edwards
  • Ellis
  • Ellsworth
  • Ford
  • Geary
  • Harper
  • Harvey
  • Hodgeman
  • Kingman
  • Kiowa
  • Lincoln
  • Lyon
  • Marion
  • McPherson
  • Mitchell
  • Morris 
  • Osborne
  • Ottawa
  • Pawnee
  • Pratt
  • Reno
  • Rice
  • Rooks
  • Russell
  • Rush
  • Saline
  • Sedgwick
  • Stafford
  • Sumner
  • Wabaunsee

If you are employed by or retired from the education field, work for an employer partner, or have a family member who is an existing member, you can join this credit union. Credit Union of America also accepts members of the American Consumer Council. 

4. Dillon Credit Union 

This Kansas-based credit union offers a free and regular checking account: 

  • Free checking: There are no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements associated with this account. Account holders receive free bill pay, debit cards, and optional overdraft protection. No minimum deposit is required. 
  • Regular checking: Besides a $50 minimum opening deposit and a $6 monthly fee, regular checking mirrors free checking. However, you can waive the monthly fee if you keep your balance above $300. This checking account earns dividends (based on an average daily balance) that are paid monthly. 

You must also open a Primary Savings account when you apply for membership at Dillon Credit Union. This savings account requires a $5 opening deposit, and dividends are paid quarterly. 

The NCUA insures Dillon Credit Union. It also offers loans, mortgages, IRAs, money market accounts, and many financial calculators. 

5. Emprise Bank 

Open an Emprise Bank Cash Back Checking account to earn 2% cashback on your debit card purchases, as long as you opt into eStatements, set up at least one direct deposit, make an automatic deposit or withdrawal, and make 12 debit card transactions per statement cycle. Your rewards are limited to $6 per month. 

Cash Back Checking requires $100 to open and comes without a monthly fee. If your ATM fees are $4.99 or less, you can have up to $25 of those fees reimbursed monthly. 

Emprise Bank operates 36 branches in Kansas. You can also open a Classic Checking or Incontrol Checking account for the convenience of the former and the tiered interest rates of the latter.

6. Farmway Credit Union 

Beloit, Mankato, Osborne, and Lincoln host Farmway Credit Union locations. This credit union offers several checking accounts, IRAs, HSAs, CDs, and loans for everything from automobiles to agricultural and commercial purposes. 

Open a checking account with this credit union, and you can bank online or through the mobile app. The website offers several financial calculators to manage money and predict the future. 

7. Fidelity Bank 

Open a Free Checking account with Fidelity Bank, and you don’t have to pay a monthly fee or meet minimum balance requirements. Fidelity Bank also offers online and mobile banking to simplify managing your money. 

You’ll find several Fidelity Bank locations in Wichita. This bank also offers a debit card cashback program where you can earn $0.05 on every debit card or mobile wallet transaction after the first 10 you make.

A Fidelity Bank account includes online bill pay, unlimited check writing, and mobile check deposits. If you owe your friends and family, you can repay your debt using Zelle. 

8. Golden Plains Credit Union 

Choose from three checking accounts with Golden Plains Credit Union: 

  • Golden Rewards Checking: A $100 minimum opening deposit earns you the right to this checking account, which doesn’t require a minimum balance or monthly fees. This free account rewards up to $25 in ATM reimbursements if you log into your online bank account, enroll in eStatements, and make 10 debit card transactions monthly.  
  • Freedom 12 e-Checking: This account has no minimum balance requirements or monthly fees. You can earn cashback each month, and if you meet the requirements listed above, you can get up to $12 in ATM fees reimbursed each month. 
  • Carefree Checking: This free account has no monthly fees, minimum opening balance, or minimum balance requirements. It also offers unlimited check writing. 

Golden Plains Credit Union also offers CDs, savings accounts, IRAs, personal loans, agriculture loans, credit cards, and real estate loans. This credit union offers a Golden Investor Money Market account that also boasts a respectable APY. 

9. InTrust Bank 

Operating in Kansas and Oklahoma, InTrust Bank offers a free checking account with no monthly maintenance fees or minimum balance requirements. This checking account connects you to online and mobile banking as well. 

Though this free checking account doesn’t earn you interest, it does come with a free debit card and eStatements. You can also get discounted rates on personal loans at InTrust Bank. 

10. Sunflower Community Credit Union 

Headquartered in Marysville, Sunflower Community Credit Union offers several accounts, including checking and savings. You can bank online or through the mobile app as well. 

You're eligible for membership if you live, worship, work, or attend school in Nemaha, Marshall, or Washington County. Sunflower Community Credit Union also offers a high-yield savings account with higher rates than most online banks. 

Membership at this credit union unlocks free financial counseling. You can also access your Carfax vehicle history report when you bank with Sunflower Community Credit Union. 

11. White Eagle Credit Union 

If you’re looking for the best bank accounts for everyone from 14 to 55, White Eagle Credit Union offers several checking accounts serving various age groups. It’s also heavily involved in many Kansas communities. 

Here are some of the most popular checking accounts you can open at White Eagle Credit Union: 

  • BASIC Checking: Enjoy a free Visa debit card and mobile banking with this checking account, which requires $50 to open. 
  • Dividend Checking: Earn dividends on balances of $300 or more with this account. The $4 monthly fee only applies if you have less than $300 in the account, which is the amount you need to open the account. 
  • Silver Eagle: Kansas residents 55 and older can earn dividends on balances of $1,000 or more with this account. Incidentally, a $1,000 deposit is required to open the account. 
  • Youth Checking: Children aged 14 and up can open a checking account with their parent or guardian. This account comes with special member benefits and requires $50 to open. 

These checking accounts come with free checks, no-fee overdraft protection, and unlimited check writing. This credit union also offers savings accounts, IRAs, land and lot loans, personal and auto loans, credit cards, and insurance. 

How to Open a Bank Account

Opening a bank account is a relatively straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to open a bank account: 

  1. Choose a bank that best fits your needs. Consider features such as accounts and services, fees, interest rates, and customer service ratings. 
  2. Research what documentation you need to show when you open an account. You’ll commonly need two forms of identification: your Social Security number, proof of mailing address, and potentially a deposit. 
  3. Complete the membership application. Most banks allow you to apply online, but some accounts require visiting a branch. Submit any required deposits with your application. 
  4. If your application is accepted, review the terms and conditions associated with your new bank account. Sign any documents required to open the account. 
  5. The bank will then provide all the details concerning your new account. These details may include login information, account and routing numbers, a debit card, and any welcome bonuses you may have earned. 
  6. Some banks require you to activate your account by logging in online. You can also download the corresponding mobile app to bank on the go. 

When choosing which bank you want to open an account with, it’s often a good idea to look at how you can contact customer service during the off hours. For example, banks open on Sunday can help you navigate and troubleshoot issues if they arise on the weekend. 


Which of the best banks in Kansas offer free checking? 

Fidelity Bank and InTrust Bank offer free checking accounts. You can also find free accounts at several Kansas credit unions, including Golden Plains Credit Union and Dillon Credit Union. 

What are some of the best credit unions in Kansas?

Some of the best credit unions in Kansas include White Eagle Credit Union, Golden Plains Credit Union, and Credit Union of America. Many other excellent credit unions in Kansas, including Dillon Credit Union, made our list above. 

How many checking accounts can you have? 

You can have as many checking accounts as you like; there’s no limit to how many you can open if you meet the requirements. However, most people stick to one or two checking accounts. 

Let Your Finances Bloom in the Sunflower State

Kansas residents may feel swept away by the feeling that they can’t find any good local banks to work with. However, our list shows that several Kansas banks serve the local community with pride, offering personalized service and an experience worth coming back for. 

We hope this article helps you find the best bank in Kansas that enables you to achieve your financial goals. When you bank with an institution you trust, you can rest assured your money is safe.

Which of the best banks in Kansas will you bank with? 

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