11 Banks Open on Sunday Near Me

Sundays are typically a day of rest. If you’re looking for banks open on Sunday, we’ve got the list you need to manage your finances no matter what day it is.

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In the early days of American history, the concept of banks was virtually non-existent. In fact, it wasn't until after the Revolutionary War that the first banks formed, such as the Bank of North America founded in 1781 in Philadelphia.

Part of banking history includes closure on Sundays. Like the post office, banks are closed on this weekend day, which is something most of us have gotten used to. 

However, many banks have begun embracing modern times by offering to open for at least a few hours on Sundays. This allows many people to bank and manage their finances seven days a week. 

This is good news for people who must take out large sums of money for weekend purchases. If your bank is open on Sundays, you don’t have to worry about planning ahead. 

This article covers which banks are open on Sundays and where they’re often located. We’ll also discuss what you can do if you cannot bank on Sunday and need an alternative way to manage your money.  

Are you ready to learn more about which banks are open on Sunday? Let’s get started!

Why are Banks Closed on Sundays?

Many of us have gotten used to closed banks on Sundays and holidays. It’s the same story for the post office and even many businesses. 

In the past, banks have closed on Sundays to process transactions from the week. It’s also one of the days many tellers and bank employees have off. 

However, banks have recently shifted to offering open hours on Sundays. While they may not be open for the full eight hours of a typical weekday, even a few hours give customers a chance to fulfill their banking needs. 

Banks can now do this due to a digital shift that’s been taking place for quite a few years now. With more and more transactions processed electronically, the need for downtime is decreasing. 

Remember that even if banks are open on Sunday, many still process their transactions the following Monday. This is especially true if the banks they interact with are closed on Sundays. 

Online-Only Banks

Many of us still think of banks in the traditional sense, where there are physical locations you can visit and real bankers and agents you can speak to. However, many more popular banks are online only in this digital age and we call them, online banks or digital banks

A digital presence can help banks avoid the significant overhead costs associated with brick-and-mortar locations. But does this mean that online-only banks are open on Sundays? 

This question requires a complex answer that’s fairly brief: it depends. Since many online-only banks still transact with traditional banks, the speed at which your transactions go through depends on the schedules of both particles involved. 

Most online-only banks let you manage your finances from wherever you are, whenever you want. Such is the beauty of a mobile banking app. 

If online-only banks are not open on Sundays, it’s likely that customer service is not available then. You can still manage your account online or through the mobile app, but you’ll need to wait until customer service is available again for assistance. 

12 Banks Open on Sunday

Banks open on Sundays can make managing your finances that much easier. However, you can also use banks with early direct deposit to avoid the stress of worrying about when your paycheck will deposit. 

1. Academy Bank 

This bank is part of the Dickinson Financial Corporation and is sister to the Armed Forces Bank. Academy Bank is headquartered in Missouri but serves Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, and Arizona communities. 

Most Academy Bank locations are open Monday through Saturday, with varying hours. You can also visit Academy Bank in Walmart if it’s Sunday and you need some assistance. 

2. American Savings Bank

Banking in Hawaii sounds like a tropical getaway for mainlanders. If you bank with American Savings Bank, you can visit any Hawaiian branch on Sundays. 

American Savings Bank is headquartered in Honolulu. It’s also the third-largest bank in Hawaii. 

You can find several branches for this tropical bank across the five Hawaiian islands. Most are open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on  Sundays. 

If you’re unsure when the American Savings Bank near you opens, you can easily visit the bank’s website for exact hours. 

3. Bank of America

Bank of America is a full-service bank that commands over 4,300 locations. Hours on Sunday are restricted, though some locations allow you to visit on weekends. 

Many people choose Bank of America because it offers members everything from checking and savings accounts to money market accounts and certificates of deposit (CDs). Bank of America also lends money for automobiles, houses, and personal use. 

4. Chase Bank

As part of the consumer banking side of JPMorgan Chase, Chase Bank welcomes new members with open arms and lots of bonuses. It may even offer the best bank account bonuses, depending on which account you choose. 

For example, opening a Chase Total Checking account by July 19 can earn you up to $200. Set up direct deposit within 90 days of opening your account to earn this extra bonus. 

Chase is one of the four biggest banks that serve the American public. You can visit over 4,700 Chase branches and use several thousand ATMs nationwide without worrying about ATM surcharges. 

You may find that Chase locations near you are open later than 5 p.m. Some Chase locations in New York City and New Jersey are open on Sundays to accommodate customers. 

5. Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank is a member-FDIC with the option to visit on Sundays if you drive to your nearest grocery store. You can also use the website’s branch locator feature to determine which branches are open on Sundays. 

Though headquartered in Rhode Island, Citizens Bank serves several east-coast communities. These include: 

  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey

6. East West Bank

Across the nation on the west coast, East West Bank is a member-FDIC bank that serves many Chinese-American clients. It’s also among the top 30 largest banks in the world. 

East West Bank has 120 branches in both China and the United States. Some of these branches in the States are open on Sundays, but you must check the branch locator for more details. 

7. Fifth Third Bank

You can find many valuable services under one roof with Fifth Third Bank. This bank specializes in personal and business accounts, in addition to commercial accounts and wealth management. 

Fifth Third Bank commands a network of over 1,100 branches. Many are located within grocery stores to offer customers convenient access to their bank accounts. 

If you need to find a Fifth Third Bank branch near you that’s open on Sundays, you can easily use the branch locator. Some of these locations (and many others) are also open late during the week.

In addition to offering many of the most common financial products you’d need, Fifth Third Bank also provides a network of over 40,000 ATMs. These are free to use with an active Fifth Third Bank account. 

8. Huntington Bank

If you’re looking for stellar checking and savings accounts, give Huntington Bank some time out of your busy schedule. This bank is headquartered in Ohio and has over 1,000 locations nationwide. 

Most of Huntington Bank’s locations are closed on Sundays. However, you can find some branches open on this first day of the week, especially if a Giant Eagle supermarket chain is nearby. 

9. PNC Bank

Known for having one of the best banking apps, PNC Bank is a Pennsylvania-based bank that offers a wide range of financial products. You can do your personal and business banking with this widely recognized bank. 

PNC Bank hosts over 2,600 branches and coin kiosks. Many of these are located in grocery stores, where you can access your PNC Bank account for a limited time on Sundays. 

If you don’t mind waiting until Monday, PNC Bank can help you with many financial needs. It’s a great bank if you’re looking for several perks that make a bank account worthwhile. 

10. TD Bank

TD Bank is a federal government chartered bank with over 1,100 locations across the east and all the way down to Florida. This bank is headquartered in New Jersey and it is the 10th largest bank in the US and one of the best banks in Canada.

Many people prefer TD Bank because it offers longer weekday hours than most banks. When large national banks close at 5 p.m., banks like TD Bank stay open longer.

In fact, TD Bank boasts that it has the longest hours within the area. Check your local TD Bank branch’s hours to see if you can visit them on Sundays. 

11. Valley National Bank

This regional bank, also in New Jersey, offers a wide selection of financial services and products. There are over 200 locations nationwide, some with Sunday operating hours. 

As has become the case with many banks that are open on Sundays on this list, Valley National Bank’s Sunday hours depend on location. You can call customer service or visit the Valley National Bank’s website for more information. 

12. Wells Fargo

This national bank is one of the largest banks in the U.S. and incorporates over 8,000 branches in its vast network. Most Wells Fargo locations are typically closed on Sundays, but a few exceptions exist. 

If you want to find Wells Fargo locations near you that are open on Sundays, search the website for “banks open today.” You may be able to visit a Wells Fargo location near you that’s open on Sundays, depending on where you live. 

Wells Fargo offers a full suite of financial products, including international financial services. This bank also offers a mobile app to do your banking online if you can’t get to a location on Sundays. 

Other Ways to Bank on Sundays 

If your bank is closed on Sundays, several alternative ways exist to manage your finances and perform banking activities. Here's a list of options:

  • Online banking: Use your bank's online platform or mobile app to check account balances, make transfers, pay bills, and manage transactions.
  • ATMs: Visit an ATM to withdraw cash, check balances, and deposit funds. Many ATMs allow cash and check deposits, enabling you to handle basic banking tasks.
  • Mobile wallets: Use mobile payment services like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay to make purchases or transfer funds using your smartphone securely.
  • Money transfer apps: Employ money transfer applications such as Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle to send money to friends and family or pay bills.

Most of the banks that are open on Sundays can be found in grocery stores. However, some banks will vary their hours based on their location, so it pays to plan ahead.


Why are banks closed on Sundays?

Most banks are closed on Sundays because that was the day they typically processed most of the transactions. However, many banks are now open on Sundays to give customers greater access to banking services. 

How do I know if my bank is open on Sundays?

You can find out if your bank is open on Sundays by visiting its website. You can find hours for specific locations through a branch locator. 

What banks are open on Sundays?

Chase, Huntington Bank, East West Bank, and Citizens Bank are open on Sundays. Most of the locations that are open on this weekend day can be found within a nearby grocery store location. 

How else can I manage my money if my bank isn’t open on Sundays?

If your bank isn’t open on Sundays, you can use your online or mobile account to manage your money. You can also use an ATM depending on what banking services you need.  

Convenient Banking Seven Days a Week 

Banks open on Sundays give their members a chance to manage their finances all seven days of the week. This can help people living on a budget or just want to send, receive, withdraw, and deposit money on the weekend. 

We hope this article has helped you determine which banks are open on Sundays, one of which could be your bank. When you know you can bank on Sundays, you’re less likely to stress out about planning ahead and ensuring you don’t need a teller to complete your transaction. 

Banks open on Sundays can also be a great choice if you’re looking for a new account. This feature can help you separate your banking choices to make the most informed decision. 

Is your bank open on Sunday? 

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