14 Professional Networking Sites like LinkedIn

LinkedIn may be the world’s largest professional networking site, but you can also grow your network with these 14 LinkedIn alternatives.

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As a professional, it’s important for you to build a good network and relationships with other professionals.

It can help you advance more in your career, and it can also help you land various job and business opportunities that can help boost your earnings.

It’s best to use a professional networking platform like LinkedIn if you want to connect with more professionals around your business industry.

However, LinkedIn is not the only professional networking platform you can use.

There are many other alternatives you can use to network with other professionals online.

Here are 14 professional networking sites like LinkedIn you can use today.

Professional Networking Sites like LinkedIn

1. JobGet

JobGet is the platform that makes it easy for you to connect with your potential employers. It provides the tools that will help employers find qualified talents they can hire right away.

It’s also the platform that will help job seekers find jobs for their qualifications.

With JobGet, it’s easy for you to find jobs near your location, and it’s easy for you to connect with your potential employers using the in-app chat feature.

How JobGet works

With JobGet, you can create your own personalized profile, and the platform will also turn your profile into a resume, so your potential employers can consider hiring you.

The in-app messaging and video call feature from JobGet will make it easy for you to connect with your potential employers right away, as you can chat with them or speak with them in person via video calls.

There’s a community behind JobGet that will help you every step of the way, so you don’t need to feel discouraged when you face various challenges during your job-hunting sessions.

The community will help give you various job search tips to find the right employers, and if you are an employer, the community will also help you find the right candidates for your job positions.

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2. Meetup

Meetup is the platform you can use to connect with other people who have similar interests as you.

With this platform, you can find new friends, meet with like-minded people from various communities, grow a business with other people of similar interests, find support, and just have fun meeting with new people.

With Meetup, you can join a group, find an event you can attend, and create a new group to gather people of similar interests.

How Meetup works

Meetup allows you to search for new people you can connect with based on a particular interest and the location you would like to meet up with them.

It’s very easy to use the Meetup search engine to search for groups, communities, and events you can join right away.

You can use this platform to find people with similar business interests to grow a business together with them, and you can connect with your potential business partners with Meetup.

You can also create your own group and gather people together to meet in person, share your interests with them. Aside from that, you can also connect with them via online conversations on the Meetup platform.

3. Xing

Xing is the platform that allows you to connect with professionals from different industries, find new jobs, work on job assignments, share your business insights, and build good relationships with new business partners.

If you've hit a career plateau, with Xing, there are plenty of things you can do to advance your career in your industry.

And as an employer, you can also find new recruits to work at your company and connect with them via this platform.

The primary focus of this platform is to reach the German-speaking market and to become the LinkedIn alternative for the German-speaking audience.

How Xing works

With Xing, you can browse various jobs in different industries, and you can polish your Xing profile so your employers can see your qualifications for the jobs they have posted on this platform.

You can also use this platform to find various business events in your local area, so you can join the events and meet with like-minded people there.

Xing also provides you with coaches and trainers in various fields, so you can find the coach or trainer you need to help move your career forward.

The coaching topics you can get include leadership, communication skills, career coaching, and team development.

4. Bark

Bark provides the platform for anyone to find the perfect professional for any job they would like them to do.

This platform provides various categories you can explore, such as housecleaning, web design, personal trainers, accounting, gardening, and many more.

You can find professionals in any category and request them to work for you.

Professionals can also sign up to this platform and offer their services to their potential employers.

How Bark works

With Bark, customers can look for the professionals they would like to work with, and the professionals can help them work on the tasks they set them to do.

This platform uses the credit system as the currency you can use, so it will be easier for you to set the price for the professionals to complete your tasks. Also, there are no hidden fees on each transaction.

As a professional, you can get the customer’s contact information upon accepting their tasks, and you can use the messaging system on this platform to communicate with them.

Online communications between customers and professionals are free, so you can use them whenever you need, with no additional fees.

5. Opportunity Network

Opportunity Network is an elite social media platform that helps CEOs and big businesses to connect with each other, share their business insights, source their products and services, raise business capitals, find new clients, and do much more.

There are plenty of solutions CEOs can use to help grow their businesses, spanning various categories, such as investments, trade, raising capital, real estate, supply chain, business development, and more.

This professional networking platform is suitable for corporations, big and small businesses, family businesses, and venture capitals.

How Opportunity Network works

With Opportunity Network, you can connect with the leaders of various businesses around the world, and you can also post and share your business needs with them in private broadcasts and conversations.

It’s easy for you to discover various opportunities that can provide massive changes to your company or business, and you can also contact like-minded business leaders to discuss your business plans and insights.

It’s a perfect professional networking platform you can use to get an upper hand on your competitors, making it easier for you to grow and expand your business portfolio by connecting with the right people.

6. Jobcase

Jobcase is the platform you can use to find jobs from among millions of job opportunities available in various categories from around the world.

If you're facing job search frustrations, you can use this platform to connect with your potential employers and look for jobs in your area.

You can also find jobs that accept remote workers, so you can always find the right job for you while working from home.

For employers, Jobcase provides millions of talented individuals you can hire for your job requirements, so you can always find the right people to fill up the vacant positions in your company.

How Jobcase works

You can search for any type of job in any location, and you will find the list of jobs you can apply for. Also, you can filter your search to find more specific jobs suitable for your skills.

You can build your own profile to make it easier for your employer to get to know about you, and you can apply for your dream job from anywhere.

Some companies will accept remote workers, so you can work from anywhere in the world with any company you prefer.

You can join the community at Jobcase to learn more about this platform, connect with like-minded people, and get answers to your questions.

You can also get help, support, and encouragement from the community members whenever you feel stuck, underemployed, or face employment burnout.

7. LunchMeet

LunchMeet is an app that allows you to network with other people and meet with them face to face whenever you are available.

This app uses LinkedIn API, so you will need to sign in using your LinkedIn account to use this app. With this app, you can input the data about your availability information, and you can search for people with the same availability information as you.

Then, you can meet up with them for lunch, as you are both available.

How LunchMeet works

It’s a unique professional networking app (as it’s connected to LinkedIn) you can use to search for potential business partners and meet with them right away.

You can also add your availability information on your LinkedIn account, so your LinkedIn contacts will know when you will be available to meet for lunch.

There's in-app messaging that allows you to discuss the details of your meeting and the venue you can visit during the lunch meet, and you can also add future meetings to your calendar.

8. Sumry

Sumry is the platform that allows you to build your own resume in just a few minutes, so you can get hired with more ease. Aside from building a resume for your job application, you can also use this platform to build a website and put your resume there.

It has a unique approach in the creation process of your resume, so you can make your resume stand out from the competition and get your potential employers interested in it.

How Sumry works

With Sumry, it’s very easy for you to put the resume details, as you just need to input the essential information on the blank fields and get your resume done in just a few minutes.

It will output your resume as a single-page website, so you can show the resume to your potential employers anywhere. There’s also an option for you to turn your resume into a PDF file.

You can customize your resume and remove the Sumry branding using the Pro plan, and you can also host your resume website on Sumry for an affordable price per month.

9. Gust.com

Gust.com is the social media platform for startup founders, which you can use to help find investors for your startup business.

With this platform, you can meet and connect hundreds of thousands of startup founders and tens of thousands of investment professionals and find the best ways for you to fund your startup business.

There are various tools you can use from Gust.com, which will help you grow your startup business and reach the milestones in your business.

How Gust.com works

Gust.com helps you to start your own business by providing various tools for you to build your company, such as legal tools and various investment tools.

This platform also makes it easy for you to grow your startup business by helping you attract more investors to your business.

There are various personalized recommendations you can follow to help your startup business get noticed by the investors on this platform.

Gust.com also makes it easy for you to access the investment opportunities and find the investment sources you need to fund your startup business, and it offers plenty of tools to help you grow and expand your business.

Other Social Sites You Can Use to Network with Other Professionals

Aside from professional networking sites mentioned above, you can also use other social sites to network with other professionals in your industry.

You can join various groups and communities around the topics you prefer to talk about.

Here are other social sites you can use to network with other professionals:

10. Reddit

Reddit is a social network you can use to connect with other people and talk about various topics.

On this platform, you can find any topic you are interested in, and you can also join various discussions about your topics of interest.

You can join the Reddit community to talk with others about various things, including current events, hobbies, health, jobs, gig work, business, and many others.

You can also use this platform to network with other professionals and talk about various business-related topics there.

How Reddit works

You can browse any topic you can think of and narrow it down to your country or any other country to find plenty of discussions about that topic on this platform.

On Reddit, you can join various discussions, and you will also earn comment karma. The higher your comment karma on Reddit, the more reputable you are on this platform.

There are various business-related subreddits that you can browse to find job or money-making opportunities, and you can also discuss your progress with other users.

11. Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups provide you with the groups and communities that you can explore and take part in.

On Facebook Groups, you can connect with other people of similar interests, and you can also talk with them about various topics you are interested in.

You can join in the discussions on the groups and communities you follow, and you can also take part in the events held by your groups and communities.

How Facebook Groups works

You can communicate with group members via Messenger and Facebook Chat, and you can get real-time responses from them as you communicate with them about various topics.

You can contribute to your groups or communities by giving useful insights or by being helpful with other members, and other members can give you virtual awards to value your contributions.

With Facebook Groups, you can set the recurring events in the groups or communities, and you can also set up regular meetups or online communications between group members.

12. Slack

Slack is the platform that you can use to revolutionize your work and boost your productivity.

With this platform, you can work with your team members in a much more effective way, and you can also organize your workspaces even better by adding channels to it.

This platform allows you to communicate with the people that matter in your business, discuss the progress of your projects, and keep everyone informed about their tasks.

How Slack works

Slack allows you to make teamwork even more simplified, and with this platform, you can stay in good communication with your team members and work together with them to achieve the project goals.

Slack is a good networking platform to communicate with your co-workers, and it gives all the tools necessary for you to collaborate with them and manage various projects that you are working on together.

With Slack, you will take control of various aspects of the communication on this platform, so you can set your own flexible work hours and work terms.

You can also search for any information you need by analyzing the conversations around the company.

13. Twitter

Twitter is a popular social media platform that allows you to post your 140-character tweets and connect with other people online.

You can follow other users on this platform and get the latest tweets from them on your feed. You can also use hashtags to talk about certain topics.

Some hashtags will become trending when many people are tweeting about them. Plenty of business accounts are available on Twitter, and you can follow and connect with various brands on Twitter.

How Twitter works

Twitter offers simple and fluid interactions between users on this platform, and you can also create a business account with Twitter and grow your brand on this platform.

Twitter is an excellent platform to help you connect with your customers and increase your customer engagement, which will help increase your user’s satisfaction and grow your business.

You can also use Twitter to promote your brand and get the word of mouth about your brand going, and it’s possible for you to make your brand go viral on Twitter.

14. Community Forums

There are various community forums you can join online, and these forums will provide you with the platform you can use to connect with other people who have the same interests as you.

With these community forums, you can talk about specific topics with other people, depending on the forums you are joining in. For instance, if you are joining a technology forum, you can discuss various technology-related topics with other members on the forum.

Some examples of community forums include Quora, Microsoft Community, Simple Machines Forum, Discord, Medium, GitHub, and Stack Exchange Network.

You can browse these forums, join the forum community for free, and start taking part in the discussions right away.

Sites Like LinkedIn Summary

These are the professional networking sites like LinkedIn you can use today. You can use these sites to connect with other professionals around the world, meet up with them, discuss various business-related topics, share your business insights, and do various other things.

You can also use these sites to raise funds for your startup business, look for potential business partners, assign jobs to other professionals, and respond to job ads from various companies. Use these professional networking sites to build your professional connections right away!

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