OhmConnect Review: Save Energy and Get Paid

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OhmConnect is a free service that helps you use energy when it's cleanest and rewards you for saving when it's dirty.

OhmConnect will can help you get paid for saving energy. This is a great way to generate passive income.

OhmConnect is a free service helps you use energy when it’s cleanest and rewards you for saving when it’s dirty.

In this OhmConnect review, I’ll go over the service and how it works.

What is OhmConnect?

OhmConnect exists to improve the lives of people and the health of the planet by reimagining the way people (collectively) use energy.

The team is full of environmentalists, engineers, scientists and community leaders working hard to help the world transition to a clean energy future.

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How Does OhmConnect Work?

Just sign up for an account and start using the free service that rewards you for being mindful of your electricity usage. Or you’re just looking for another way to make passive income. Well you’re in luck because with OhmConnect you can end up saving money on your electricity bill and they also pay you.

Win – Win.

If you save energy, you’re getting paid. When you get notified that an #OhmHour is coming up, you can earn by making a plan to switch everything off and go out for a walk or a bike ride or a dinner somewhere – which is subsidized by what you earn from OhmConnect!.

What’s an #OhmHour, you might be wondering?

In short: The #OhmHour is where the magic happens.

It’s a brief window of time, usually on weeknight evenings for about an hour a week during which we ask our users to save energy. This is how you can participate and start saving.

ohmconnect review

Here’s a quick rundown on the program:

  1. Connect your utility: All PG&E, SCE and SDG&E electric service customers are eligible. Our service is free, does not change your utility plan, and you can opt out at any time.
  2. Save energy: OhmConnect will let you know when your energy is dirty and ask you to save for about one hour a week between 5-9 pm when solar energy is not available.
  3. Get paid: Since certain states pays OhmConnect for avoiding dirty power plants being turned on, they are able to reward you for your savings with cash and a chance to win prizes.

Anyone across the United States and Canada can use OhmConnect to reduce energy use during #OhmHours and earn rewards. No hardware is necessary to participate.

Should You Use OhmConnect?

Climate change is a harsh reality in our world, with rising temperatures and natural disasters happening with much greater frequency.

Most of this has to do with our indiscriminate use of energy, including electrical energy.

We know that we must pull back on our electricity consumption if we are looking to save our planet, and save our money along the way.

Although electricity is a clean form of energy (that is, no emissions are generated when it is used), it takes a lot of energy to generate, and that leads to pollution and increased emissions.

Renewable sources of electricity generation like solar energy and wind energy, are great, environmentally friendly ways to generate electricity, and the generation, transmission and consumption of this electricity does not generate any emissions and is good for our environment.

This is where OhmConnect comes in and is designed to work with your utility company. They alert you to use energy only when clean electricity (power generated from renewable sources) is being supplied to you, and pays you some decent cash to not turn on the power when dirty electricity (power generated by thermal generating stations).

Using less efficient generating plants is not a very cost-effective solution for the utility companies, and they are looking to optimize the generation process so that they can save some money on that activity.

This app relies on Big Data, to gather and analyze information regarding electricity consumption and usage. Using their algorithms, you will be able to monitor the use and supply of electricity on a minute by minute basis, helping you understand the right times for environmentally friendly use of electricity.

What Does OhmConnect Do?

A concept called “OhmConnect” is a voluntary challenge that calls people to reduce their power consumption for about an hour, and this might involve switching off electronic gadgets like the TV, lights, dishwasher, dryer, and so on. If you follow and complete this challenge, you are rewarded with real cash.

OhmConnect helps to reduce the overall consumption of electricity by creating awareness, and also is able to sell the amount of power that you have saved back to the generating units, and to the electricity board, who in turn pay OhmConnect for this reduction. By calculating your average consumption, the app develops a baseline for you and rewards you when your energy usage goes below that set baseline.

If you are looking to be more environmentally conscious, OhmConnect is a great way to reduce your energy consumption, thereby reducing your bills, and saving the environment of our world.

You can also earn more money by referring people to the app. When you accumulate a considerable amount of points, you are then able to cash out and get free Paypal money as well, which is very convenient.

OhmConnect Review Summary

OhmConnect is a free service that notifies users during peak electricity consumption hours, keeping the peak plants off and paying users for the energy they save. The service is available through PG&E, SDG&E, and SCE in California.

Fundamentally, OhmConnect is a service that pays you to save energy once per week. You earn your $20 after you’ve participated in the energy-saving event, which you’re guaranteed to receive during the first week. Payouts are sent via PayPal or Venmo.

The bottom line: OhmConnect is a service designed to offset the effects of dirty power plants by alerting users when you should save energy. Users can receive $100 – $300 per year.

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Bottom Line:

If you are looking to be more environmentally conscious, OhmConnect is a great way to reduce your energy consumption. OhmConnect is a service designed to offset the effects of dirty power plants by alerting users when you should save energy. Users can receive $100 - $300 per year.