How to Get an Uber Ride for Free

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    There are many ways to enjoy savings at Uber: they often have promotions for first riders, occasional discounts for members, and sometimes offer limited-time sales for holidays or events.

    Save some money with this Uber Promo code and get free Uber credit for new users anywhere in the world. This one appears to work for new users, independent of location. So new users just add promo code UberSignUpFree to your account.

    If you aren’t a current Uber user, sign up for a new account using this Uber promo code because you can get $2 off the first 3 rides.

    Just add promo code: UberSignUpFree to your account under promotions (for new users only).

    Mistakes to avoid when using the code

    1. Request a ride after you apply for the promotion

    I was guilty of making this mistake when I applied my new Uber user promotion to my account as so many others have done before me.

    In order to have the credit properly applied to your account, you must enter the coupon code before you request a ride. If you don’t, you will miss out on the free ride credit and your credit card will be charged.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to retroactively apply free ride credit to a rider account, so getting this right the first time is key.

    2. Use your credit up all at once

    This is very important to note, and if you want to make the most of this free ride credit, make sure to take a trip long enough to use the entire credit.

    But just how far does the applied account credit get you? If you want a better idea of how far you can go, then you can get a ride estimate on the app before you confirm your ride.

    Simply enter your beginning and ending destination, then the Uber app will give you an estimate of what your next ride will cost. It’s pretty accurate and tells you upfront what your cost will be.

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    New to Uber?

    If you are a new user, you should know how the app works before you take a ride. If you already claimed your Uber Promotional Credit, then let us answer the question, “What is Uber?” before you actually go take a ride.

    Uber is a smartphone app that instantly connects riders with drivers. Thousands of people every day rely on Uber to get around. The app is easy to use and very reliable, making the entire experience one you will come back to time and time again.

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