9 Best Game Apps that Pay Real Money in Canada

Explore the top 9 gaming apps in Canada that let you earn real cash rewards. Dive into fun gameplay while padding your wallet. Start playing & winning today!"

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Ready to read our guide on the best game apps that pay real money in Canada?

We live in an age where making money isn't just limited to the conventional nine-to-five. As technology advances, opportunities to earn are diversifying.

For gaming aficionados in Canada, numerous game apps offer more than just entertainment.

These platforms have transformed the way we perceive mobile gaming, allowing users to download games to win real money and prizes.

In this guide, we delve deep into some of the most rewarding game apps available to Canadians.

9 Game Apps That Pay Real Money in Canada

There are a bunch of Android and iPhone games that pay real money.

Here's the list of ways to play games for money in Canada with apps that make money.

1. Swagbucks: More than Just a Game


Swagbucks isn't your average gaming app. It's a comprehensive platform where users can earn money by playing games, watching videos, shopping online, and taking surveys.

As players engage in various activities, they accumulate points, or ‘Swagbucks'. These can be redeemed for real cash through PayPal or for gift cards from popular retailers.

Key Features:
  • Diverse range of games, from arcade to strategy.
  • Earn bonus Swagbucks through daily goals and high scores.
  • User-friendly interface and easy redemption process.
Earn around $50 to $1,000 per year
$10 welcome bonus

Swagbucks offers a variety of ways to earn money online. You can take surveys, play games, surf the web, watch videos and more to earn points towards gift cards or cash.

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2. Mistplay: Customize Your Gaming Experience


Mistplay offers a curated list of games tailored to users' preferences. Players earn units as they spend more time on games, which can later be exchanged for gift cards.

The platform also offers loyalty bonuses, making it more lucrative for dedicated gamers.

Key Features:
  • Personalized game recommendations.
  • Track your earning progress seamlessly.
  • High engagement games leading to faster rewards.
100% free, no deposits required
Mistplay (Android Only)

Earning money by playing games on your phone sounds like a dream. But Mistplay really pays you for playing new games with free gift cards. It is 100% free to play and you never have to deposit any money.

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3. MyPoints: Play, Shop, and Earn


Similar to Swagbucks, MyPoints allows users to earn through various activities. The gaming section is extensive, with numerous games to keep players entertained while they earn.

The points earned can be redeemed for gift cards or cash via PayPal.

Key Features:
  • Multifaceted platform offering diverse earning opportunities.
  • Regular bonus points through daily tasks and special offers.
  • Wide range of games spanning different genres.
$10 sign-up bonus with your first purchase

MyPoints pays you when you shop online at your favorite stores and delivers the rewards through free gift cards. You can also earn $1 on average per survey you complete. Offers over 10 different ways to earn money. Pays by gift cards, PayPal & travel miles.

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4. InboxDollars: Get Paid to Have Fun


InboxDollars rewards players with cold hard cash, not points. From arcade games to card games, there's something for everyone.

Moreover, the platform often offers a $5 sign-up bonus for new sign-ups, enhancing its appeal.

Key Features:
  • Direct cash rewards instead of points.
  • Variety of games ensuring long hours of engagement.
  • Regular updates adding newer games to the collection.
$5 sign up bonus

InboxDollars offers a variety of ways to earn money online. You can take surveys, play games, surf the web, watch videos and more to earn points towards gift cards.

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5. Cookie Cash: Sweet Games, Sweeter Rewards

Cookie Cash is a new game from Papaya Gaming for those looking for puzzle games that pay real money.

Players can dive into the familiar world of Match 3, aligning pieces to clear them, setting the stage for high-scoring combos. But with Cookie Cash, there's a twist – users can earn cash prizes!

Infused with a fresh spin on a timeless classic, Cookie Cash boasts a player-friendly design, melding captivating graphics with a seamless interface, ensuring immersive gameplay.

One can opt to play for free, or up the ante by depositing money and competing against others for lucrative rewards.

Key Features:
  • Compete in tournaments for real money rewards.
  • Enhance your game with Boosters and Power-ups.
  • Rank on the worldwide leaderboard with your Match 3 mastery.

6. Pool Payday: Dive into Billiards with a Twist

pool payday

With Pool Payday, players can dive into 1-on-1 live matches for both fun and profit. Winners can easily redeem their cash prizes through options like PayPal and Apple Pay.

Each real-time game is a lively back-and-forth contest between two participants.

Before diving in, players can opt for either the classic 8-ball pool or the challenging trick shot pool, paying with either cash or Z coins.

Key Features:
  • #1 Cash Pool Game on iOS & Samsung.
  • Win cash & tangible rewards in quick, fun competitions.
  • Play in minutes, anytime you wish.
Pool Payday

You a fan of billiards? Compete for 1-on-1 in live real-time games for fun, for profit, or both! The cash prizes are redeemable via PayPal, Apple Pay, and more.

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7. Solitaire Cube: Play Solitaire for Cash

solitaire cube

Solitiare Cube involves stacking cards into piles to sort them by their suit. While it might sound simple, and indeed it is, the game's allure lies in its captivating gameplay.

Each round typically takes just a minute or two, but its engaging nature means players often find themselves immersed for hours.

The game boasts fast animations and smooth touch controls, optimized for all devices. Best of all, players can enjoy Klondike Solitaire ad-free for as long as they desire. If they deposit cash they can play in cash games.

Key Features:
  • Solitaire Cube's rapid matches offer cash rewards.
  • Vibrant graphics and mobile-optimized interface.
  • Practice mode and global score leaderboards.
Solitaire Cube

Earn cash by playing solitaire against others from your mobile phone. Solitaire Cube is one of the best card games to play to make money. If you're fond of engaging in fast-paced card games that challenge your intellect and offer the opportunity to win cash prizes, consider trying out Solitaire Cube.

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8. Bingo Cash: Win Cash Prizes by Playing Bingo

bingo cash

Bingo Cash offers a harmonious blend of a beloved classic game and tangible cash rewards.

Players can immerse themselves in a realm of captivating challenges, leaving not only with a sense of nostalgia but also with rewarding prizes.

Upon downloading the game for free, players can dive into standard or cash tournaments, seizing the opportunity to win real money. But you'll have to deposit money in order to win cash.

Key Features:
  • Play against other players in real-time in tournaments.
  • Opportunity to win real cash by playing.
  • Match users with similar skills.
‎Bingo Cash

In Bingo Cash, you're paired to play in head-to-head games against real people and whoever plays the fastest, wins real cash. You won't get rich, but earning up to $83 per win can add up quickly. Win cash for free or deposit $5 to multiply your winnings.

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9. Solitaire Cash: Score Cash Playing Solitaire

solitaire cash

Solitaire Cash seamlessly blends the enduring classic with the allure of tangible cash rewards.

Players delve into a captivating world of cerebral challenges, emerging with hearts touched by nostalgia and pockets enriched with prizes.

Upon downloading the game for free, they can partake in either standard or cash tournaments, vying for real cash.

Key Features:
  • Practice for free.
  • Join cash tournaments.
  • Earn bonus gems & cash.
  • Fund via PayPal or credit card.
‎Solitaire Cash

Earn cash by playing solitaire against others from your mobile phone. Solitaire Cash is one of the best games to play to make money. It's that simple.

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Conclusion: Gaming and Earning Converged

For Canadians, these game apps offer an extraordinary opportunity. Not only do they provide top-notch entertainment, but they also present a viable source of additional income.

Engaging in these platforms is more than just play; it's a perfect blend of fun and finance. Dive into the world of gaming and experience the thrill of earning real money.

So, whether you're on a break, commuting, or simply relaxing at home, remember that every tap and swipe can inch you closer to a real reward.

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