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How to Play Safeway Monopoly

See the rare Safeway Monopoly rare pieces all in one place and the Safeway Monopoly Winners for last year.

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Safeway Monopoly is such a fun game!

I personally love getting groceries and finding out how many tickets I can get and then the cashier counting them out right in front of me. 

Plus, you can play the game at Safeway or any of the Albertsons Companies stores like Albertsons, ACME Markets, Jewel-Osco, Vons, Pavilions, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Shaw’s, Carrs/Safeway, Star Market, United Supermarket, Amigos, Albertsons Market, and Market Street stores.

The winners from last year are so lucky! But you can be too if you know all the rare Monopoly pieces you need, which we’ll share below. And you can filter through the list to find which ones you need for a shot at free money and prizes.

Update: the Monopoly is over at Safeway, see more below:

Is Monopoly Over at Safeway?

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Safeway Monopoly game gives you the chance to win big — $250 million in various prizes and cash. The game is now over as of May 17th, 2019. However, the next game should be from February 6th, 2020 through May 7th, 2020, assuming Safeway continues the promotion.

Did Anyone Win Safeway Monopoly?

The Safeway Monopoly Sweepstakes is now over. The site says the odds of getting the rare piece are at least 312 million to 1. I know — crazy!

It’s tough to win the million-dollar prize, but there are a ton of other winners. Check here to see the Safeway Monopoly Winners for 2019.

How to Play Safeway Monopoly

It’s easy, just go grocery shopping and your getting tickets and game board (free). The amount of tickets you get is random and will be printed on your receipt for the cashier to count out. Once you have some tickets register them on the Shop, Play, Win App and website. You can win additional prizes by typing them into the app or website! If you have any of the rare monopoly pieces below then you’re in luck because the prizes are legitimate.

See for yourself.

Rare Safeway Monopoly Pieces 2020

PrizeSafeway Monopoly Rare PiecesSemi-Rare PiecesCommon Game PiecesOdds With 1
Game Ticket
Odds With 13
Game Tickets
Odds With 65
Game Tickets
$1,000,000 CashA606FA601AA602B, A603C, A604D, A605E, A607G552,501,000: 142,500,077: 18,500,015: 1
$250,000 Vacation HomeB611DB614GB608A, B609B, B610C, B612E, B613F368,334,000: 128,333,385: 15,666,677: 1
$100,000 Cash or BoatM656AM659DM657B, M658C, M660E, M661F110,500,200: 18,500,015: 11,700,003: 1
$40,000 Vehicle of ChoiceJ643BJ646EJ642A, J644C, J645D, J647F55,250,100: 14,250,008: 1850,002: 1
$25,000 Home TheaterF630DF631CF633A, F632B, F629E, F628F36,833,400: 12,833,338: 1566,668: 1
$10,000 CashC615EC618BC619A, C617C, C616D18,416,700: 11,416,669: 1283,334: 1
$5,000 GroceriesP667DP670A, P669B, P668C22,100,040: 11,700,003: 1340,001: 1
$1,000 CashN663CN665A, N664B, N662D4,420,008: 1340,001: 168,000: 1
$500 Portable Grill & GroceriesL653BL652A, L654C, L655D1,473,336: 1113,334: 122,667: 1
$250 Grocery Gift CardK649BK648A, K650C, K651D1,105,002: 185,000: 117,000: 1
$100 Grocery Gift CardH641AH640B, H639C, H638D442,001: 134,000: 16,800: 1
$50 Grocery Gift CardG635CG637A, G636B, G634D221,000: 117,000: 13,400: 1
$20 Grocery Gift CardE625CE627A, E626B, E624D55,250: 14,250: 1850:1
$5 CashD623AD622B, D621C, D620D1,105: 185:117: 1

Rare Safeway Monopoly Pieces (2019)

Are you wondering what are the winning Safeway Monopoly pieces? This list of the rare Safeway Monopoly pieces are the winning pieces you would have needed for the game.

$1,000,000 Cash335CI, 336DI
$1,000,000 Vacation Home341CJ, 343EJ
$100,000 Cash or Boat394BW, 397EW
$30,000 Pair of Jet Skis398AX, 401DX
$25,000 Home Theater403AY, 404BY
$20,000 College Tuition408AZ, 411DZ
$10,000 Cash416D$, 417E$
$7,500 Family Vacation419B#, 420C#
$5,000 Cash302BA
$5,000 Groceries308DB
$2,000 Gift Card309AC
$2,000 Fandango Movies for a Year315CD
$1,000 Cash318BE
$1,000 Grocery Gift Card321AF
$500 Portable Grill & Groceries327CG
$500 Grocery Gift Card332DH
$300 Wireless Headphones391CV
$200 Family Picnic388DU
$100 Grocery Gift Card381AT
$100 Cash379CS
$50 Grocery Gift Card374BR
$25 Grocery Gift Card372DQ
$25 Cash365AP
$20 Cash362BO
$10 Grocery Gift Card358BN
$10 Cash353AM
$5 Grocery Gift Card351CL
$5 Cash348DK

Safeway Monopoly Prizes (2019):

# of Potential Winners and Prizes

(3) $1,000,000 Cash*
(3) $1,000,000 Vacation Home*
(15) $100,000 Cash or Boat
(30) $30,000 Pair of Jet Skis
(35) $25,000 Home Theater
(50) $20,000 College Tuition
(60) $10,000 Cash
(75) $7,500 Family Vacation
(50) $5,000 Cash
(50) $5,000 Groceries
(50) $2,000 Fandango Movies for a Year
(50) $2,000 Gift Card
(150) $1,000 Cash
(150) $1,000 Grocery Gift Card
(250) $500 Portable Grill & Groceries
(250) $500 Grocery Gift Card
(600) $300 Wireless Headphones
(1,500) $200 Family Picnic
(2,500) $100 Grocery Gift Card
(2,500) $100 Cash
(5,000) $50 Grocery Gift Card
(10,000) $25 Grocery Gift Card
(10,000) $25 Cash
(25,000) $20 Cash
(50,000) $10 Grocery Gift Card
(50,000) $10 Cash
(925,000) $5 Grocery Gift Card
(925,000) $5 Cash
*30-year annuity paid out in equal installments of $33,333.33 a year with no interest.

Want More Sweepstakes?

Next, take a look at the rare pieces from last year’s Monopoly Sweetstakes (2018). Or if you wanted another sweepstake to enter, these are the ones available to you currently (all just require email submit):

Rare Safeway Monopoly Pieces (2018)

PrizeRare Game PiecesOdds With 1 Game TicketOdds With 13 Game TicketsOdds With 65 Game Tickets
$1,000,000 Cash 108AH625,000,000:148,076,923:19,615,385:1
$1,000,000 Vacation Home 110BB, 116BH312,500,000:124,038,462:14,807,692:1
$100,000 Cash or Luxury Car 181TA, 182TB83,333,333:16,410,256:11,282,051:1
$40,000 Vehicle of Choice 189VD, 190VE50,000,000:13,846,154:1769,231:1
$25,000 Kitchen Makeover 193WC, 194WD35,714,286:12,747,253:1549,451:1
$20,000 College Tuition 199XD, 200XE25,000,000:11,923,077:1384,615:1
$10,000 Cash 203YB, 206YE25,000,000:11,923,077:1384,615:1
$7,500 Family Vacation 207ZA, 209ZC16,666,667:11,282,051:1256,410:1
$5,000 Cash 179SC25,000,000:11,923,077:1384,615:1
$5,000 Groceries 173RA25,000,000:11,923,077:1384,615:1
$2,600 Movies For A Year 172QD25,000,000:11,923,077:1384,615:1
$1,500 Gas Grill & Groceries 166PB25,000,000:11,923,077:1384,615:1
$1,000 Cash 164OD12,500,000:1961,538:1192,308:1
$1,000 Grocery Gift Card 159NC12,500,000:1961,538:1192,308:1
$1,000 Weekend Getaway 154MB12,500,000:1961,538:1192,308:1
$1,000 Laptop Computer 149LA12,500,000:1961,538:1192,308:1
$500 Grocery Gift Card 145KA3,571,429:1274,725:154,945:1
$300 Spa Day 144JD2,083,333:1160,256:132,051:1
$200 Family Picnic 138HB1,666,667:1128,205:125,641:1
$200 Cash 135GC1,666,667:1128,205:125,641:1
$100 Grocery Gift Card 132FD500,000:138,462:17,692:1
$100 Cash 126EB500,000:138,462:17,692:1
$50 Grocery Gift Card 121DA250,000:119,231:13,846:1
$25 Grocery Gift Card 119CC125,000:19,615:11,923:1
$25 Gift Card Mall 213AB125,000:19,615:11,923:1
$25 Cash 218BC125,000:19,615:11,923:1
$20 Cash 220CA100,000:17,692:11,538 :1
$15 Grocery Gift Card 227DD50,000:13,846:1769:1
$10 Grocery Gift Card 228EA31,250:12,404:1481:1
$10 Cash 235FD31,250:12,404:1481:1
$5 Grocery Gift Card 237GB1,389:1107:121:1
$5 Cash 242HC1,389:1107:121:1

Odds of winning are based on the likelihood of obtaining the one rare game pieces needed to win, plus there will be a semi-rare game marker that is printed with odds of 1 in 5,000 game tickets.

Safeway Monopoly Prizes (2018):

# of Potential Winners and Prizes
2 – $1,000,000 Cash
4 – $1,000,000 Vacation Home
15 – $100,000 Cash or Luxury Car
25 – $40,000 Vehicle of Your Choice
35 – $25,000 Kitchen Makeover
50 – $20,000 College Tuition
50 – $10,000 Cash
50 – $7.500 Family Vacation
50 – $5,000 Cash
50 – $5,000 Groceries
50 – $2,600 Movies for a Year
100 – $1,500 Gas Grill & Groceries
100 – $1,000 Cash
100 – $1,000 Grocery Gift Card
100 – $1,000 Weekend Getaway
100- $1,000Laptop Computer
350 – $500 Grocery Gift Card
600 – $300 Spa Day
750 – $200 Family Picnic
750 – $200 Cash
2,500 – $100 Grocery Gift Card
2,500 – $100 Cash
5,000 – $50 Grocery Gift Card
10,000 – $25 Grocery Gift Card
10,000 – $25 Gift Card Mall
10,000 – $25 Cash
12,500 – $20 Cash
25,000 – $15 Grocery Gift Card
40,000 – $10 Grocery Gift Card
40,000 – $10 Cash
900,000 – $5 Grocery Gift Card
900,000 – $5 Cash

Found common, semi-rare, and/or rare game pieces? Feel free to comment below to help us build the list and find other rare Safeway monopoly pieces.

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