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4 Tips to Save Money on Cosmetics, Makeup & Beauty Products

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Millennials have a true lust for beauty products, far greater than that of their parents. The boom of online YouTube make-up professionals means that everyone knows how to prime, highlight, and contour, but are we spending too much in the name of beauty?

Millennials are the driving force behind the rise of the cosmetics industry. According to research firm NPD, they are buying almost a quarter more cosmetics than they were two years ago and many use six or more products to beautify themselves daily. TABS Analytics, meanwhile, has found that millennial women are the heaviest consumers of beauty products, accounting for 47% of all ‘heavy buys’.

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4 Tips to Save Money on Cosmetics, Makeup, and Beauty Products

Looking to save money on makeup, toiletries, and other beauty products? Use our 4 tips outlined here to cut down on your cosmetics budget, and save.

1. Do Your Research on Cheap Makeup

Millennials may bespending big-time on make-up, but they are savvy buyers who aim to take home the most for their buck. A Harris Study showed that 85% of 18-to-34-year-olds research their products heavily, finding the product they want but looking at various sites and stores until they find the best price.

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As noted by PYMNTS, millennials are also the most likely to purchase items from direct-to-consumer brands like Glossier, Stowaway, or Bevel. These companies are also saving on advertising, by relying on social media and influencer content to garner interest in their products. Therefore, millennials are already doing well in so far as finding the best price for cherished products are concerned.

2. Testing Comestics is Key

When was the last time you bought an expensive foundation online that didn’t quite match your shade? Or the time you spent $40 on a highlighter that falls off your face in seconds? Vloggers are a huge help when it comes to seeing how good products look on the face, but they can be of less help in terms of longevity of products, which varies according to skin type. Those with oily skin, for instance, fan find that glittery, sparkly products (both for the face and eyes) can be very short-lived.

To avoid wastage, it is key to try out products, either at stores such as Ulta, or by asking for samples. Most large beauty stores pop a couple of samples in your bag when you purchase make-up or perfume. Don’t be shy about asking for a sample of a particular sample you are interested in. Sometimes, samples end up on the shelf past expiry date because they are unsuitable for your skin type.

3. Make the Most of the Makeup You Have

If millennial beauty buffs are using six products daily, is there a way to save on any of these? It is key to make a list of items you just cannot do without. This might be a pore refining primer, a 24-hour matte foundation, or a make-up setting spray. Some products, however, have a ‘feel-good’ finish but can be easily replaced by household products that cost a negligible amount of money.

Baby powder is considered safe for the complexion and can be applied with a big brush to reduce the appearance of oiliness throughout the day. Simple rolling paper or brown recycled paper does just as good a job as brand name blotting paper. Coconut oil works beautifully to smoothen cracked lips.

4. Get Free Make Up Samples

Some beauty stores (including Sephora, Smashbox and The Body Shop) seen you free make-up samples when you buy items online. Take your time to look well through beauty sties when purchasing so you don’t miss out on freebies. Other companies offer free make-up samples when you follow them on social media. Still others give out samples of products they are testing. Groups to approach include Swaggable, InStyle Trendsetters, and Elle Inner Circle.

Make-up is a well-deserved luxury for modern millennials, who like skin to look slick and smooth all day long. Although women in this age group are certainly thinking before they shop, those wishing to save more every month should consider ways to reduce their make-up expenditure. Ideal ways include trying out products at stores, testing new products, and trying free samples. ‘Try before you buy’ is an optimal way to discover whether or not a new products is truly a ‘must-have’.

Do you have any tips on how to save money on makeup, cosmetics, or toiletries? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jennifer Scott
Jennifer Scott
Jennifer Scott is a freelance finance writer who’s always looking for a way to save money on her path to FIRE.

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