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How to Grow Your Shopify Store: 6 Tips for E-Commerce Shop Growth

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shopify logoLooking for Shopify tips to grow your store? No matter what size one business may be, small, medium or big, all of them are increasingly relying on the latest and most innovative tech solutions to increase and improve their customer engagement activities and marketing but also to strengthen their product development.

Adopting technology is the most effective way to gain an advantage over the harsh competition in a very overcrowded online business landscape. This trend is especially present among small businesses, as the internet and computer technologies greatly help these companies grow and expand.

When it comes to a Shopify store owner, every person has pretty much the same goal: to get more customers in order to sell more. With that in mind, here are six tech solutions that can help make a great difference in the online business world and put your online Shopify store on the global map.

1. Make Your Store Mobile

In North America, mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones, are responsible for 60% of all internet use, and Europe is not far behind.

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So if your Shopify store isn’t optimized for mobile you are likely losing sales. Consider using a Shopify theme that is optimized for mobile and you should be all set!

2.  Use Live Chat

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If you want to run a successful online business, you need to be aware of exactly how modern tech solutions can work to your advantage. Live chat can help you grow your eCommerce business by increasing conversion rates, driving more traffic or, shall we say, interested customers to your online shop.

Using the live chat on your website helps improve customer service and convert more visitors into consumers. Creating a memorable customer experience is crucial in winning over more shoppers to your online store. Live chat offers a lot of benefits for online shops such as:

  • Instant customer service – today’s customers want everything, and they want it now. If your online shop isn’t capable of delivering an instant service, they will find one that can. That’s where live chat kicks in, as it can provide instant answers and help customers get what they want.
  • Live chat allows you to serve several customers at once – one of the biggest advantages of live chat over other communication forms. Most live chat apps come with lots of useful features to help live chat agents respond quickly to several customers, reducing the waiting time, which improves customer satisfaction.
  • Clearly visible chat window – the moment one customer starts browsing your website, a chat window pops up, providing the necessary pieces of information.
  • Automated greeting messages – an automated message that greets each customer in the most pleasant way, offering assistance.
  • Personalized service – live chat apps provide all necessary information regarding sales to each visitor, which helps you provide the best customer experience.

Live chat helps increase conversions, provide the best customer experience, and bring more traffic to your online shop.

3. Chatbots

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Chatbots are still the hottest topic in the business industry along with artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning. Their potential is simply enormous. First of all, they are crucial for the growth of any online business simply because they are available 24/7/365.

Then, there’s their ability to literally handle a thousand customers at once. They can take away all the repetitive work and easily replace a whole team of live chat agents. Chatbots aren’t here to replace human interaction, they are here to improve it and make a significant difference that gives online business a competitive advantage.

With the most intuitive chatbot platforms such as, you can program your chatbot any way you like it. You can teach it to recognize situations and adjust conversations accordingly. They are excellent in solving common problems and helping customers find what they want.

On top of all that, it’s possible to build a free chatbot that will ideally fit your business strategy by being there for your customers when they expect help. Today, there’s no online business that doesn’t use chatbots to handle their customers on a daily basis.

4. CRM

E-commerce simply can’t do without Customer Relationship Management or CRM. CRM helps collect valuable data regarding customers’ needs and wants, and it helps online businesses manage customer relationships.

With high-quality CRM software, you can manage contact and automate procedures to increase efficacy. On the other hand, CRM provides an abundant source of information about your online business.

Put simply, CRM allows you to determine your weaknesses and strengths and see if your business strategy is really working to your advantage.

CRM helps grow sales but it also helps gather valuable information about your customers. It also allows businesses to engage sales and marketing teams to work together and create a better sale and marketing strategy to increase the number of customers.

5. Analytics

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E-commerce analytics is an extremely valuable tool that provides online shops with access to vast customer information but, more importantly, it helps transform all that data into a means to significantly increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

The trick is to know which metrics to focus on, but the best practice is to focus on the most important stages of the customers’ journey:

  1. Traffic – visitor frequency analytics, marketing channel, and site search analysis.
  2. Conversion – funnel performance and product performance analysis.
  3. Retention – user retention and social analysis.

By focusing on these three stages, online shops can greatly improve the quality of the driven traffic, monitor how many people visit their online shop, analyze visitors’ behavior, capture new prospects instantly, reward loyal customers, identify their target market, convert more visitors into customers, and so much more.

6. Social Media Automatic

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Social media automation tools help online businesses do more in less time. These tools help companies grow their following across multiple social channels to increase sales. Instagram can actually help you grow your business, for example. An online business can use these tools to:

  • automate engagement with customers
  • target specific audiences and locations
  • automate direct messages
  • send direct messages
  • drive new traffic
  • improve interaction with the potential prospects
  • measure follower growth
  • track the competition and their performance
  • gather valuable information on followers and their online behavior
  • create multiple ads and specify ads to save money

Still, automating social media engagement requires precision and accuracy if it is to work to your advantage, but if it’s done properly, growth is guaranteed.

The Bottom Line

E-commerce and Shopify is still evolving, as it’s more or less an ever-changing market where there’s always room for improvement. Better retention and customer purchases are all part of that rapid development.

The important thing is to always stay on top of the latest trends, as that’s where the future of e-commerce is.

So, every online business needs constant upgrading to make sure not to lose customers and stay profitable. While all these technological solutions seemed so complicated when they first came out, today’s technology is mostly simple to handle while providing incredible results. The best thing to do is to go with the flow and develop with the trends.

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