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cross country road trip

Buy Experiences, Not Things: Chronicles of My Cross Country Road Trip

If you are a millennial like myself, then you already know that we are a different breed compared to previous generations. We are a...
money life wax

Meet Millennials Series with J-Haste at Money Life Wax

Thanks for checking out my guest post today as I am relatively new (90 days) to the blogging - millennial money - tracking for...
profit anywhere blog

Meet the Millennial Behind The Profit Anywhere Blog

I’m a real estate analyst at a hedge fund by day and a blogger by night at the Profit Anywhere Blog. This is where I...
The Millennial Snowflake

The Millennial Snowflake: How #FakeNews Made Satire And Alternative Facts Trendy

The term “fake news” was popularized in 2016 during the presidential election when Donald Trump used it to discredit CNN and other mainstream outlets,...
letter to my 16 year old self

A Letter to My 16 Year Old Self About Personal Finance

Here's my letter to my 16 year old self: Dear 16 Year old me, In the coming years, you will see many changes in the financial...
millennials living at home

Millennials Living at Home: Pros and Cons

Millennials Living at Home - Pros and Cons: After graduating college, my employment opportunities reached a dead end. I spent my final semester in school...
150k in student loan debt

Surviving With Over $150K in Student Loan and Consumer Debt

Today, we learn about Ava, a consultant with over 150k in student loan debt and consumer debt but she has a plan to pay...
Newlywed Finances

How Newlyweds Paid Off $33,000 of Debt in 18 Months

My name is Holly and this is my story on how my husband and I have paid off $33000 worth of debt. My story is...

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