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What do you get when you cross a seasoned startup professional, a finance executive, and a cybersecurity and blockchain technology expert? The answer in the case of Max Lyadvinsky, Emile Osumba, and Alexey Raevsky, respectively, is Bloomio—a successful company on the brink of a venture capitalist revolution.

When the three founders came together at the Executive IMD MBA program, they realized that while they shared a similar desire to enter the exciting world of venture capitalist investment, they also recognized several key issues. In the traditional venture capital process, one is forced to face the risks that come from illiquidity, lack of capital, limited quality information, and fraud. As three extremely experienced business professionals, they decided to take on the task of addressing these seemingly irreparable holes in the process. And, with the secure crowdfunding platform Bloomio, that’s exactly what they did.


With their blockchain powered equity crowdfunding platform, any startup that is approved by an unbiased board of financial professionals can begin to raise investment capital.

Conversely, any person can start investing in companies that they believe in with as little as 50 dollars. Their policy of allowing 50 dollars as a minimum investment completely dismantles the idea that only angel investors of venture capitalist firms can participate in the cutting-edge market.

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This user-friendly platform signals a tonal shift in the traditional venture capitalist market—Bloomio is saying “so long!” to the cutthroat, connection-based world that startup owners were forced to navigate in order to succeed in the past. You no longer need to “know someone” to get into investing; you need to convince a crowd of investors about your chances to scale the business and to return profit to investors.

With their rigorous process of due diligence, they came up with a balanced scoring system to assess startup potential:


Interesting to note that this assessment is made by 3rd party experts. While other companies offer a due diligence process, they are conducted internal and this raise concerns on conflict of interest. Can you really trust an assessment made by the same organization benefiting from the sales of share of that startup? That’s what Bloomio founders should have thought implementing this unbiased approach.

Furthermore, although Bloomio advises startups to create compelling campaign videos and plans, it remains uninvolved with each campaign. This keeps the company fully impartial, even after due diligence is completed. A level playing field is integral to Bloomio’s platform and is maintained throughout the crowdfunding process.

This in itself is revolutionary in the venture capitalist market, as it has been stereotyped as a boys’ club exclusive to wealthy and experienced investors. When combined with the secure blockchain platform that allows for online currency exchange, the innovation of Bloomio becomes off the charts. After a company is evaluated by the third party, it receives an online campaign profile with a rating out of five. Startups that are interested in using Bloomio to crowdfund are given the unique option of choosing between paying either 5 percent of their funds raised, or 0.5 percent of equity offered. Once the choice is made, the company’s equity is tokenized by Bloomio.

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Bloomio is committed to ensuring financial integrity on their burgeoning platform, and has continued to take steps that strive for only the very best results. In November, MME partner Dr. Luka Müller joined Bloomio’s Board of Advisors in order to aid with ensuring regulatory compliance, advancing blockchain technology, and developing strategies against money laundering and corruption.

What’s next?

After a crowdfunding campaign ends, that does not mean the startup is left high and dry, either. Bloomio comes equipped with a broad network of partners that fully support a startup’s acceleration, from the initial crowdfunding phases all the way through the end of the campaign. After a campaign—which can last anywhere between one and four weeks—is completed, Bloomio continues to act as a custodian of the company’s shares sold on the platform and investors are able to proceed with the buying and trading of tokens.

If you’re starting to think that this sounds too good to be true, then you are sorely mistaken. The company has already successfully completed the first seeding round, raising CHF 700 thousand from founders and private investors. While Bloomio’s first fundraising campaigns are set to go live in Q2/Q3 of 2018, the website is already live with a diverse portfolio of businesses listed on its homepage. So, what are you waiting for?

Of his company, CEO Lyadvinsky said,

“I have been involved in many successful startups, but this is the thing! Many people are keen to invest in startups and to access investments with higher return. We offer them a trustworthy platform to do it.”

It is clear that this is an honest company founded by professionals who are not only experts in their fields, but also visionaries.

To find out more about the company, visit their website at

Happy investing!

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