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How To Get Free Diapers Near Me?

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As a mom, one of the necessary items of baby gear is diapers. Between cloth and disposable diapers, the cost can add up, and you may find yourself wondering if you can find free diapers somewhere. This article is the answer to your prayers.

Where To Find Free Diapers

Wondering how to get free diapers for low-income families or free diapers in general? We share 6 legit ways to get free diapers near you.

1. EverydayFamily

You can get free baby stuff at It’s pretty easy too! Just register with EverydayFamily today and you will receive free diapers, stage based pregnancy and baby email newsletters, offers, and weekly coupon alerts as well as access to free baby samples, baby coupons, baby magazines and more.

You can join for free and new members are entered to win free diapers for a year!

2. Join a Parent Group

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With the convenience of social media, joining a parent group is super easy! Babies grow so quickly that sometimes you won’t make it through a package of diapers, and returning them isn’t always an option. This is where parent groups can be extremely helpful because some parents are more than happy to pass on their unused diapers! You can even find parents willing to trade smaller sizes for bigger sizes, and vice versa. Just make those connections!

3. Ask Your Pediatrician

Hospitals and doctor offices near you have connections to programs that can help out new parents, or parents in need. They can get you diapers to try, at no cost!

4. Call the National Diaper Bank Network

The National Diaper Bank Network believes all babies deserve diapers and helps families in need get access to really cheap or free diapers. Just give them a call to see if they can help you.

5. Have a Baby Shower

Before your little bundle of joy comes, one of the greatest ways to get a bunch of diapers for free is to have a baby shower! You can do a diaper raffle, which is basically asking guests to bring a package of diapers, and they will be entered into a raffle and can win a prize. The point is to get as many diapers as possible! You can also put diapers on your registry, and chances are, you’ll be gifted them as well. And you get to celebrate your coming baby at the same time!

6. Ask for Samples

Most disposable diaper companies want parents to use their brand and will give out samples to those that ask. The samples are only a couple diapers, but with all the brands out there, the savings add up. Companies to check out are Luvs, Huggies, Pampers, Honest Company, Babyganics, and Earth’s Best.

7. Coupon for Free Diapers

Did you know that you can coupon and get free diapers? Just watch the video below and stick around until the end to get an exact outline of how to get free diapers from Rite Aid!

If you really want to learn how to coupon for just about anything else, check out how to save money on your groceries.

7. Register with Brands

When you sign up for an account with diaper companies, you can get coupons and may even receive free diapers. Brands that offer this are Luvs, Huggies, Pampers, and the Honest Company. Some of these companies have reward programs that you can save points to get free or discounted diapers. Make sure you use those points to your advantage!

Where to Get Free Cloth Diapers

The bottom line is your best bet is sign up with EverydayFamily today and you will receive stage based pregnancy and baby email newsletters, offers, and weekly coupon alerts as well as access to free baby samples, baby coupons, baby magazines and more. You can join for free and new members are entered to win Free Diapers for a Year!

Some families want to use cloth diapers, simply because they can help save money. A simple way to get these diapers free would be to put them on your baby shower registry. You can try making your own with tutorials available online. You can even search parent groups, ask friends or family members for hand me downs! Used does not mean damaged, especially in the case of cloth diapers.

Whatever your diaper preferences, there is help out there, and they’re a lot of ways to get free stuff online or near you. People are always willing to help babies get free diapers!

Good luck!

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Adriana Flores
Adriana Flores
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