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Are You a Millennial Game Developer? Monetize Your Craft With Cloud Moolah

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These days, you don’t have to work for a major video game publisher to become a game developer. Instead, an increasing number of millennials are choosing to become “indie” game developers. Rather than working with big teams and massive budgets, these talented individuals work alone or in small groups, using their passion (and often much of their free time) to craft exciting, innovative games.

The larger gaming world is taking notice. Indie games are readily available on major gaming consoles and smartphones alike. Gaming giant Nintendo has even credited some of the success of its record-breaking Switch console to the system’s growing library of indie games. Titles like Stardew Valley have sold millions of copies — but at the same time, other indie game projects have gone overlooked and forgotten.

Simply put, not everyone has been lucky enough to become the next Stardew Valley. But achieving financial independence as an up-and-coming millennial game developer is possible — and Cloud Moolah is hoping to make that a reality for a much larger number of developers.

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the world of game development or looking for ways to better monetize your craft, Cloud Moolah looks to be the next big step in fueling the success of independent developers across the globe.

Leveraging the Power of the Blockchain

future of blockchain

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Blockchain technology is a key part of Cloud Moolah’s potential. Though cryptocurrencies may no longer be dominating headlines like they were a few months ago, one thing is certain: this alternative to traditional investing is here to stay. This opens up major possibilities for millennial game developers, because it dramatically expands the size of their potential audience.

The lack of a universally accepted payment option has long created barriers in the distribution of digital games. International gamers don’t always have access to a credit card. In fact, in many Southeast Asian countries, credit card penetration rates are well below 5 percent. When combined with other barriers like currency exchanges, hefty payment processing fees and processing delays, international purchases can become nearly impossible.

Blockchain, on the other hand allows users to avoid many of these complications. There is no middleman involved when making a purchase through the blockchain, and readily available cryptocurrency wallets allow users to keep their money safe.

As with other blockchain platforms, Cloud Moolah makes it easy to complete transactions by allowing purchases to be made with tokens. Users can exchange currency from anywhere in the world for these tokens, which can then be used to download games or make in-game purchases.

Even more importantly, users don’t need to transfer money from a credit card or bank account (a common barrier in Southeast Asia and other regions). Instead, Cloud Moolah’s platform also accepts prepaid cards, top-up cards and other local payment methods. Expanding the list of acceptable payment options allows developers to make sales to gamers in any part of the world.

New Distribution Opportunities

Of course, giving someone the ability to buy your freshly-developed game doesn’t necessarily mean that international gamers will discover your project. Cloud Moolah’s team has also worked to address this important issue by partnering with Unity, one of the world’s biggest game development platforms. This partnership and others make it much easier for developers to get their projects onto Cloud Moolah’s “MOO Store” distribution network.

Fully integrating the store with Unity ensures the creation of a developer-friendly system. Millennial developers can seamlessly upload their content to the MOO Store and manage their listing in a way that will best help them achieve their revenue goals. Because Cloud Moolah operates the store, developers don’t have to worry about cancellations and chargebacks — instead, the MOO Store will leverage user data to provide appropriate payments to the game developers.

The store itself is fully localized in several countries, catering to the linguistic needs and gaming interests of different communities. Simple, easily-navigable listings allow both published games and Kickstarter-style fundraisers to gain the financial support they need to achieve success. This can be especially beneficial for games where the gameplay experience doesn’t depend on the users’ ability to speak English.

This streamlined distribution model not only makes it easier for gamers in different countries to find great new independent games, it also reduces much of the marketing and logistics burden on the developers themselves. Simplifying distribution allows millennial developers to earn even more money by giving them time to focus on what matters most — making great games.

Making Games and Making Money

Becoming a full-time game developer seems like little more than a dream for many millennials, but it doesn’t have to be. With the help of Cloud Moolah, more developers can leverage the blockchain to reach gamers around the world, increasing their sales and ensuring that they can make a profit.

With Cloud Moolah’s technology, you don’t need a multimillion dollar budget or a stroke of luck to successfully launch your own indie games. Soon, even more millennial developers will be able to make an impact on one of the fastest-growing arenas in the world of digital entertainment.

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