Meet Millennials Series (Submissions)

What’s Your Story Like?

Everyone has a story to tell about personal finance, whether it’s living a luxurious life with a six-figure salary or being drowned in student debt and barely saving anything.

I want to hear what really happened, beyond the statistics and the generalized essays about millennials. Your piece will be posted in the Meet Millennials series so the more you speak to the honesty of your experience, the better. 


No topic is too serious or not serious enough. If you save money by packing your lunch every day to work that’s all part of making fiscally smart decisions. Made a mistake with money or living beyond your means? We want to hear about that too, because they are lessons learned that help us get better.

We are interested in your experience with money within bounds of these following categories: Personal Finance, Career and Education, Tackling Student Loans and Consumer Debt, Entrepreneurship, Your Side Hustles, Savings, & Anything Our Readers Would Enjoy Reading!

Meet Millennials Series (examples)

Here are some successful submissions to the Meet Millennials Series:

Got Writer’s Block?

When in doubt, you can always provide your answer to the following questions:

  • Whats your story? (Please describe/introduce yourself in a short paragraph.) When in doubt, keep it finance focused, but introduce yourself however you want! This paragraph will start off the blog post, after a brief intro about what the series is.
  • How would you describe your current financial situation? (This can be as specific or as vague as you want. Talk about your expense breakdown, your budgeting plan, or even what your relationship is with money/finances.)
  • Do you consider yourself to be money-savvy?
  • What financial advice would you have wished to hear when you started working?
  • What financial achievement are you most proud of?
  • What expense can you not live without?
  • What expenses could you cut down on?
  • What are your long-term financial goals?
  • What are your short-term financial goals?
  • Do you have any side hustles or ways to gain supplemental income?
  • How do you manage paying off student loans and/or consumer debt? Any tips?
  • What career path would you choose if money was not an issue?
  • Closing thoughts?

Some Tips

Be as honest as possible, and own your mistakes. Be funny, smart, open, and honest. Don’t take it so seriously, we are here to discuss money and be honest about our experience with it. Also, try and include a picture or two of yourself if you can.

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